Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, President / CEO, Children's Services Council of Broward

Institution that serves
children, families and finance
more than a hundred programs
that assist 1 in 3 children
in broward

As we toured various Broward County institutions, we wanted to learn about the effect Covid-19 has had on the Children's Services Council programs and activities in our community, as well as the services they provide to children and families in the county. And this time, we contacted its President / CEO Cindy Arenberg Seltzer.

What do you want the community to know most about the services provided by the Children's Services Council?
Our institution funds services for children and families in Broward County in the amount of $ 100 million dollars. The source of our funding comes from property taxes.
The Children's Services Council funds more than 100 programs that serve 1 in 3 children. Its programs span the gamut from before birth to 22 years of age for youth with special needs or those who age outside of the foster care system.
On the other hand, it caught our attention to know some of the programs, especially their favorites and the most popular, and how people can participate, and he replied that one of them is after school programming because it touches the lives of thousands of children.
But how has Covid-19 affected its services in the community?
CSC staff has been working continuously, primarily from home, some in the office and in the field, to ensure minimal or no gaps in funded services.
"Our funds have supported the distribution of thousands of pounds of food to families in need," he said.
He added that his funds have purchased and supported the distribution of PPE for organizations that continue to provide in-person services to children and families, as well as directly to families through food distribution activities.
"We have also supported our providers as they have restructured and redesigned their service models to meet these families' needs during these unprecedented times," he emphasized.
The executive said that the COVID pandemic has created unprecedented needs for many families. "CSC is a primary funder of the Broward Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program." He noted that due to the social distancing requirement, Hispanic Unity, funded by CSC and other community partners, has reorganized to provide virtual services to hundreds of working Broward families, ensuring they can receive the necessary reimbursements during this time of crisis.
And anticipating that thousands of families will need support with back-to-school supplies, shoes, and uniforms, she reported that the CSC, in collaboration with Broward County School Social Workers, HandsOn Browrd and other partners, will participate in 10 distribution events across the country before the school year begins.
“At our June Council meeting, LEAP High and STEP funds, renewals for other programs involving housing for aging youth outside of the foster care system, $ 96,000 more in funding from the DeLuca Foundation for programming were approved Youth Force, and $ 100,000 from the Jim Moran Foundation for our back-to-school efforts, ”emphasized the President / CEO of the Children's Services Council of Broward, Cindy Arenberg Seltzer.

"The Covid pandemic has created unprecedented needs for many families, and the Children's Services Council is a major funder of the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program in Broward

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