Chris Walton, Director, Broward County Department of Transportation

With the suspension of tariffs,
reduction in the number
and services,
BCT maintains
the routes for your users

"As a result of a significant decrease in passenger numbers, we reduced service," he tells us. He explained that in order to minimize passenger contact with drivers, they implemented the entrance and exit of the back door. "We require the mask for passengers and we limit the occupation of the bus to 50 percent to allow social distancing. We are also disinfecting buses thoroughly every night and cleaning them throughout the day, ”said the executive.
In addition to all those regulations, they provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for their bus operators: face masks / protectors, hand sanitizer, gloves, plus a plastic ceiling-to-floor protector behind the bus operators, and also They are in the process of installing ionizers on each bus.
Have they had to eliminate routes, reduce hours of service on some or all routes?
Routes have not been removed, but we have reduced services to approximately 75 percent of that regularly scheduled.
What changes have you made regarding bus fares?
Bus fares have been suspended until further notice.
When asked about the use of the mask by all users of the service, she answered that a Broward County executive order requires that everyone in public facilities wear masks. "Overall, compliance has been very good," he emphasized.
If people are concerned about touching surfaces, do you recommend that they bring hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes to clean them?
I certainly recommend using hand sanitizer at all times, and our passengers should feel free to bring their own wipes.
Do you think this experience will transform transit service in the county?
Yes. I think more people will work from home and in the short term we may lose some people who have the option to drive.
What words of encouragement can you convey to the public?
Broward County Transit (BCT) has employed all of the security measures used by transit systems across the country and, in many instances, has exceeded those measures.
"I know that right now I cannot stimulate unnecessary travel on our buses, and I firmly believe that, over time, public transport users will return and possibly exceed previous levels. I say this because residents recently approved a residential surcharge that will allow us to build one of the best and safest public transportation systems in the nation, ”he stressed.
"I would also like to acknowledge all the brave men and women of BCT for their commitment and dedication as they serve on the front lines of this pandemic," he concluded.

This time, we interviewed the Director of the Broward Department of Transportation, Chris Walton, in relation to those changes experienced since the month of March of this year by the pandemic.

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