At sunrise

Auto Collision celebrates 30 years
serving in the community

Roberto Amortegui, owner of Auto Collision, arrived from Bogota, Colombia with his family when he was just 3 years old. On that occasion they moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1968. They emigrated to this country with very little money and thus, Roberto began his life as a foreigner as a child taking his first steps in school.
He tells us that he started his work in dealerships but that before acquiring his Auto Collision business they had no other.
During all these 30 years serving the Broward community, especially the Sunrise community where you are located, what do you think is the main obstacle you have faced to stay afloat?
The biggest obstacle in our business was starting to make a plan, permits, licenses, as well as expenses to start in one of the cities.
What has been your formula to stay through so many years?
Our business has been successful because we know our product. We have years of experience, and we try to help our clients understand how Insurance works. We teach them the process of when to use it and when it is not recommended to use it. We educate them because they are important to us. I personally think that the greatest attribute for our company is INTEGRITY.
What percentage of employees have been operating with this coronavirus pandemic?
We are with 80% of employees and have remained open during this pandemic.
And when we asked him how his daily work will change, as well as his life with this pandemic, he told us that he will be more vigilant about the use of the mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance.
And in relation to what has most attracted him to this country where he has lived since childhood, he told us that it was the variety of different people he always knew.
And what recommendation do you give to those who have just arrived in the country trying to make their way in business?
My best recommendation is that they be themselves, genuine people, who also think of others. “We live by following some rules and that we are here to serve others,” emphasized Roberto.

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