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By Effort of the Biden Administration

Families in the United States
they will receive $ 300 a month for each of their children

Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and Representatives Mario Díaz-Balart, Carlos Giménez, and María Elvira Salazar, did not support these payments, did not vote for them, and did not approve the delivery of this money to needy families with children.

Starting this July 15, millions of families in the United States will receive up to $ 300 a month for each of their children under the effort of the Biden administration to help families with difficulties. To assist potential recipients of this money, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently launched several online sites to help make the process of receiving that amount as easy as possible.
The Biden Administration's American Rescue Plan, which approved these payments for children, was signed into law by President Joseph R. Biden on March 11, 2021.
It had previously been approved in the US House of Representatives by 219 votes to 212, with no Republican members of the House to approve these payments.
It was later approved in the United States Senate by 50 votes to 49, once again with none of the Republican senators voting in favor of the plan.
That means that Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott and Representatives Mario Díaz-Balart, Carlos Giménez and María Elvira Salazar did not support these payments, did not vote for them and did not approve the delivery of this money to families with children.
Overall, it is estimated that payments will be made to 92 percent of families with minor children. For these payments to continue into the future, Democrats will likely need to maintain control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress, although once passed, measures like this that have been previously enacted by the Democratic Party, such as Social Security and Medicare, has proven extremely popular with American citizens.
Under the American Rescue Plan, the child tax credit was temporarily extended for tax year 2021 to an annual total of $ 3,600 for children ages 5 and under and $ 3,000 for those ages 6 to 17. The credit for qualifying children is fully refundable, which means that taxpayers can benefit even if they have no earned income or do not owe income taxes. A family with three young children could potentially receive up to $ 10,500.
The IRS is paying the money upfront to help families get funds faster, because the credit is for 2021. In general, the money distributed during the last six months of 2021 will be half the amount that is projected to be parents are eligible to claim when they file their 2021 federal returns next year. Parents of children under the age of 5 can receive up to $ 300 per month. For parents of children ages 6 to 17, it's up to $ 250 a month. These payments will be made to all married couples who earn $ 150,000 or less annually, or $ 112,500 annually in the case of a head of household. Above those levels, payments will be phased out.
If you are someone who qualifies for these payments, find out more. If you know someone who qualifies, but may not know this is being done, tell them so and provide information on how they can receive these payments.
The first payments will be due on July 15 and will be automatically deposited into the bank accounts of anyone who has established direct deposit with the IRS and has filed and paid taxes in the last two years. Those without direct deposit will need to take steps to receive monthly payments. Subsequent electronic deposits of these child payments will be made on August 13, September 15, October 15, November 15, and December 15. If the IRS has to mail a check, it may take longer to receive the monthly payment due to delays in mail delivery by the US Postal Service.


To view more information on these payments, visit
To determine if someone is eligible to receive payments, visit The Advance Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant at It will help people determine if they are eligible to receive payments.

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