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In Coral Square Mall

Total Scents, a perfumery
that focuses on counseling
and connection between fragrance
and his personality

“Perfume is the most intimate connection that a human can experience because it goes on the skin and runs through its layers until it reacts in his being. While many sell, we advise and seek that connection. "

Total Scents has been changing the concept of perfumeries a bit, leaning more towards what the customer, due to their taste and personality, should wear on their skin. They advise and seek that connection with their own fragrance.
Since 2015 they began operations with their brand in Coral Square Mall-Coral Springs-although the perfumery as such has been in that mall for 18 years.
"At this time, sales have suffered a lot from the pandemic and the increase in sales online," says Nena Rivas, owner of the perfumery, also stressing that independent businesses offer job opportunities and generate part of the tax engine. of cities.

How difficult is it for a perfumery to stay afloat in the midst of large department stores that compete voraciously with small businesses?
It is difficult if you do not differentiate between your audience and the target. There is always room for all sizes of businesses.

What do you recommend or advise to those who want to start a business in the same field?
That they try to differentiate themselves. That they are honest and loyal to their clientele

Did you carry out the same activity or business in your native country that you have in Florida?
No, I am a specialist in Advertising and Marketing at a corporate level
Do you have an anecdote or experience about your business that you would like to share with our readers?
Daily contact with the public brings you many learnings and experiences. Perhaps the one I like the most is when people leave with a smile and come back to thank you for your guidance. I feel that perfumes run through my veins, and my mission is to help each of our clients, to connect with their own fragrance, and not to focus so much on what is in fashion, but to allow their body to define his style, his personality.
"Perfume is the most intimate connection that a human can experience since it goes on the skin and goes through its layers until it reacts in its being,"

Had you not started the perfume business, what would have been your other option?
A florist
Upon retirement, would you like to return to your place of origin or stay in this country?
When you leave your country, there is always the nostalgia of who you were, lived and your dreams that remained to be done. However, I feel very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to develop in this country that opened its doors to me, as well as to many of my compatriots.
“I want to thank each of our regular customers who for so many years have been loyal to us. And I extend it to customers who are about to meet us, to give us the opportunity to serve and help them just as they help the small business and its employees.
Our interviewee wanted to share with the readers her passion for perfumes and the love that her mother delegated to her. “My mother had a collection of fabulous perfumes (of the time) whose bottles were simply fascinating and their scents permeated the environment.
I remember walking around her dresser and always spraying myself with a different perfume, when she was not around, and enjoying the beauty of forms and essences, ”she confesses. "This is how my childhood years passed, always curious about the latest launches and perfumes on the market," stressed Nena Rivas, another of our consistent advertisers to whom we dedicate this month of encouragement.

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