Ernesto Morales Alpízar and the presentation of his new book

Moments before 
to burst

Our writer, Ernesto Morales Alpízar, who has maintained his column “Between Quotes” for many years, presented his new book Moments before Exploding. The event was promoted by The Cove/Rincón, an organization that brings together writers, poets, painters, and creative people in the literary and art world in South Florida, under the direction of Marily A. Reyes.
The celebration, which took place in the halls of Florida International University FIU, was held on April 8 with the presence of a large audience made up of literary artists, friends, followers and relatives of our writer.
During the event, Ernesto Morales Alpízar addressed a few words of thanks to the attendees, giving a brief description of his new book. The author then proceeded to sign his work with a dedication to the people who approached with love and respect to acquire their copies.
Before the presentation of the book, various literary artists had the opportunity to present and publicize their work, which was to the delight and admiration of those present.
Here is a synopsis of Moments Before Bursting

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