In the central Cordillera of Colombia

Armenia quindio,
a destination that connects
with the immensity
of their real landscapes
and disconnects it
of the daily happen

Anchored in the central Cordillera of Colombia, we see an Armenia, capital of the Department of Quindío, surrounded by mountains, and loaded with the smell of a fertile land and a real field impregnated with coffee. Its approximate population is about 300,000 inhabitants

Its Coffee Park, country houses, farms, the majesty of its postcard views that are lost in the distance, make Armenia the ideal place away from the bustle of traditional tourist destinations. But above all its attractions, there is the kindness and spirit of service that has always identified the Colombian. And that is what the visitor records in his mind and brings it up every time he mentions that destination.
Last May, our newspaper En USA toured Armenia, Quindío and understood the pride of Colombians towards that miraculous land. But our visit had a very special reason - the family reunion and the preparations for my daughter's wedding in the coming months, and what better setting to celebrate it.
Its country houses are attractive and fascinating, with their mirror or infinity pools, and complemented by an enviable panorama, as well as relaxation and comfort when contemplating nature so close.
And entering its city, Armenia has shopping centers with a modern structure, where its local designers from various cities in Colombia proudly display their creations, giving it that tasteful regionalist touch that attracts the visitor so much. Regarding its restaurants, from the most typical and humble, to those that are inclined to elegance, they accommodate the client's palate with the variety of their dishes, quality and attention to their guests. Any food place offers natural juices with that original earthy flavor.

And since it comes from the coffee region, everything is infused with its smell and flavor - its sweets, drinks, liqueurs (there is even coffee-based wine), creams, and stop counting!
In all the invitations to eat at home, roast meat, pork, pork rinds, red beans, among others, seem to be the main dish, accompanied by their arepitas, sliced-style bananas, their fritters, custard, bono bread, cheese , as well as its much sought after cheese seven leathers.
The city center has a large commerce with shops, jewelers, supermarkets, restaurants and everything that makes up the heart of the business area. As we walked through its up and down streets, we could contemplate the movement of its city, how easy and fast it is to move from one point to another. Everything is close!
For the residents of our Broward County, especially Colombians, and those who wish to travel to the picturesque, fertile and coffee-growing region of Armenia, Quindío, the direct flight of Spirit Airlines takes you from Fort Lauderdale to that destination of unforgettable scenery.

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