Mass in honor of Bernarda Irene Torres Buenaño, Legionnaire, exemplary and vibrant woman
in the Catholic community of Margate

On the occasion of honoring the Memory for her tireless work as an exemplary woman and mother, her children, family and friends offered a Mass for Bernarda Irene Torres Buenaño on July 24, who died in April in her native Ecuador.  After the rigorous procedures, his loved ones were able to transfer his ashes to Margate, where he lived until his last days.
Those of us lucky enough to meet and work with her learned of her kindness, her gift of giving, and the joy she brought to so many children from countless homes in Margate and surrounding areas, during the toy delivery in  the great Feast of the  Three Kings, an activity that he created and maintained for several years.
Her work as president of  The Legion of Mary, Praesidium Vírgen Purísima de Fátima, was of learning and teaching for all its members who are part of that spiritual group, for the kindness and affection that he always poured as he passed, as well as the respect for his brothers (as ) Legionaries.
The Junco family, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, are grateful for having accompanied them in grief over the departure of this great woman.

Held at St. Vincent Catholic Church, Margate
Familia Bernarda.png

Andrea Huertas y Judith Padrón, Legionarias de larga trayectoria y experiencia junto a Pedro Junco, ex-esposo de Bernarda y padre de todos sus hijos