Dreams, Values and Principles
that will take their place again

And continuing with what one day brought us to this country of opportunities, packing customs, smells, memories and dreams, and looking towards a better future, we suddenly find ourselves with situations that we could hardly have imagined in a nation of respect, norms, regulations. , laws, and monitoring of the Constitution. At all times, and long before embarking on our journey, they instructed us about the admirable nature of this destination where promptness, order, cleanliness and discipline splash us upon arrival.
All that exists, is there, and is fulfilled, until someone, with pretensions of superiority and abuse of power, departs from the civility and normal behavior of the citizen born and raised here under those norms.
So that's where we pause and ask ourselves: is this America where we want to fulfill our dreams and raise a family? what happened? Where have those values gone and why is a country championed by democracy and freedom so divided? At the time, just a glance at the White House was enough to reach our own conclusion.
But now, with the blessing that this beautiful and noble country received on November 3, 2020, with a new and experienced leadership, its values and principles will be imposed again, and we can feel the relief and hope to continue with our dreams that one day We pack with so much faith in this nation

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