Juan Carlos Quintero, better known as Monaguillo, came to this country about 18 years ago full of enthusiasm and trying to transfer humor, music and traditions to South Florida from his native Colombia. Luckily, he resides in Broward County where we had the opportunity to discover him and meet him in one of his presentations.
As he develops as a comedian and troubadour, we also see him driving his “chiva,” a picturesque bus decorated with images and products from his country.
How do you define yourself in the world of entertainment?
"Well, I perform making music, trova and picaresque humor, malicious, in the good sense of the word, in a healthy and clean way," he clarifies.
For those of us who are not from Colombia and are not familiar with the “chiva,” what does this bus mean for you?
“It is a Colombian heritage like the Flag, the Shield, the coffee. The "chiva" is a national heritage. This car, this device, this wonder has contributed to the economic growth of the country for many years, ”he says proudly. “Here mountain families, food, animals and others have been loaded. This "goat" has taken on such a cultural importance that they made it heritage. In addition, the "chiva" has its own name. For example, this is called the Red Trompi, Paisita, ”he emphasized.
When he invited us to the "goat" he told us that we would do so in compliance with all relevant health regulations regarding the virus, and so we took a tour of the park where we developed our funny dialogue, with laughter and the natural humor that identifies it.
Juan Carlos's “chiva” Trompi Rojo has a capacity for 24 people, “and with me it would be 25,” he clarifies. "Here we had a tasty, delicious, rich, all wonderful within this cultural artifact," he stressed.
But without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the hiring of their walks and celebrations. “This situation has us all screwed up but, well, nevertheless, we have had birthdays in caravans, arriving at the houses, the people without getting off the cars, the birthday boy there waiting for us, he greets us, we give him that love, that affection, through the caravan, thanks to the “chiva”, with music, and a great rumba, and here we go, ”he says.
And as for the time that people hire for their events, he says that the minimum is about two hours but that they stay longer than that because people go crazy in the "chiva" and want to enjoy more. "We have celebrated Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, and even divorces," she says mischievously.
Florida being a popular and diverse tourist destination, how has the “goat” been received in other communities?
“Just seeing this visually colorful car steals attention, especially in children. You saw those children go crazy in this car, and the American community sees this very attractive vehicle; the colors, the Latin music, its decoration, and they are infected with what we Latinos have, tasty, having a good time, in something very healthy such as "chiva."
Apart from his walks in the "chiva", Juan Carlos Quintero, Monaguillo, on normal days, makes humorous and troubadour presentations at private parties, and also remains active in the community participating in events and activities developed in our cities promoting its picturesque and traditional “chiva,” Trompi Rojo, Paisita.

Juan Carlos Quintero, Altar boy, and his picturesque “chiva” Trompi Rojo, another pride of Hispanic entertainment

When humor

and traditions
revive our roots

"I perform making music, trova and picaresque humor, malicious, in the good sense of the word, in a healthy and clean way"

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