Some 97 years well lived and enjoyed thanks to his good humor

But what motivates us to write this note?
We met Alvaro just arrived in Coral Springs from his native Colombia in August 2000, in the middle of a dilemma because he could not communicate in English with the maintenance man in the building where he resided. And so began my dialogue of cooperation with an immigrant who, at his age, deserved respect and attention. Then the years passed and that friendship grew, consolidated, and we discovered his passion for celebrating his birthdays, the enthusiasm for dancing, making improvised jokes, surrounding himself with people younger than him (who did not complain so much about pain) and live each moment as if it were your last. He really liked dressing up and giving surprises. He was a businessman in Colombia, and here he remained active, driving and leading an independent life, until his reflexes alerted him and his health deteriorated.
Alvaro is survived by his wife, his other children from his first marriage Olga Lucia, Miriam, Yolanda, Carlos Alberto, Luisa Fernanda (a daughter he recognized) and Alvarito from his last marriage.
Rest in peace!

Alvaro Campuzano Victoria would have turned 98 this September 27 but his health stopped time and he left on Sunday August 16 at his home, together with his wife Socorro, and his youngest son, Alvarito José.

Coral Springs loses one of its residents
longest living and happiest in the community

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