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Argentine Film Festival dedicated to Latin American cinematography

Adriana Bianco, founder and fundamental pillar of her organization, tells us about its beginnings and its consolidation

“Cinema is not just watching the movie, the cinema summons writers, music, dance, costumes, scenery, actors, scriptwriters, producers, photography, history and life. Cinema is a reflection of our society and our epic as individuals and nations. "

The Argentine Film Festival bears his name because it started by projecting Argentine cinema and now it is dedicated to a Latin American country every year.

His trajectory
Adrianita Bianco, as she has been known since she began her acting life as a child, considered herself the Shirley Temple of the Southern Cone. One of his best known films, La Niña del Gato, among others such as La Melodia Perdida, Ritmo, Amor y Picardia. He also made theater, radio, television and even children's records. “The famous director Vittorio de Sica wanted to make a movie with me. For this reason General Perón, then President of Argentina, gave me a motorcycle. Go figure!" remember Adriana
And in that journey of his career, in 2004 in Buenos Aires, the Academy of Cinematography awarded him the Silver Condor Lifetime Achievement Award, the Argentine Oscar. And at the ceremony the producers and directors encouraged her to present Argentine films in Miami. "I had already started to do it with my films and those of Carlos Gardel, but when they gave me such good films, the cycle took on importance," he said.
How long has the Argentine Film Festival been in Broward and where did it start?
I am celebrating 20 years of holding this festival, first at the Tower Cinema in Miami, then at the Broward Libraries, for which I received the Award for Cultural Excellence. I have been doing it for 10 years at Nova Southeastern University in Davie.
How do you select the films to be shown during the festival?
I watch a lot of movies. The Instituto de Cine de Argentina-INCAA, helps me and the directors, Antin, Subiela, Carnevale, Olivera, Jussid, and others, have authorized their films because I respect copyright. I curate focusing on the quality of the film and its theme.
How does the country select whom the festival honors each year?
Actually, it was the public who asked me for films from their countries. Argentina makes co-productions with Latin America, a flourishing film industry that must be supported.
Adriana highlighted that the former president of the Dominican Republic Dr. Leonel Fernández has created a Foundation to promote the cinema of his country. “With their support, I made a festival dedicated to Dominican cinema and had the presence of Dr. Fernández. It was a great encouragement. The Puerto Rico Cultural Center also helped to present Puerto Rican films and they are always enthusiastic about music and coffee. The maestro Eduardo Marturet of the Miami MISO Symphony, supported me with Venezuela, the director Malena Roncayolo, the producer Arnaldo Limansky and the actress Lupita Ferrer helped me with the films and Venezuela shone in style, ”he acknowledged
The North American Academy of the Spanish Language, of which he is a corresponding member, sponsors him, presents the Academy magazine, Nagari, publishers and writers who talk about his books, such as Armando Caicedo, Hernán Orrego, Armando de Armas, Chascas Valenzuela, Enrique Córdoba, and Luis Miranda, among others.
Nova Southeastern University offers its Art Gallery and together with the festival it holds the exhibition of Latin American artists. With the participation of Latin American talents ad honorem, the Argentine-Latin Art and Film Festival is achieved. “It is a joint effort. It is wonderful!" aim.
Where do you get the funds to finance the festival being free to the public?
I have no funds. The Nova University generously provides the auditorium, the technicians, the posters, the directors support me with their films, and I put in my work, the coordination to make the event the best possible. The Consulates of Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, also sponsor the chambers of commerce, cultural entities and musical groups.
How has the festival been maintained for so many years? What has that formula been?
Work, dedication and efficient support from Nova Southeastern University
He assures that in these events the enthusiasm of directors, producers, talents, writers and the public joins, because it is an event for Hispanics with the participation of all, showing our culture and our Latin power.

Judith Crocker

This year the coronavirus pandemic postponed the festival until 2021, after 20 years of activity on Sundays in September.

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