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Vote for José “Joe” Morera on November 5, 2024

IT'S OFFICIAL! We have left our documentation and paid the corresponding amount! We will now appear on the November 2024 ballot as a qualified candidate. BUT WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Receive more with Morera.

Experience that counts.

Leadership you can trust.

Now more than ever, we need your support and assistance to reach our goal of electing me as your next Coral Springs City Commissioner, Seat 5. I am the only candidate endorsed by FOUR sitting commissioners, plus a former mayor and lieutenant of mayor.

I have been an active community leader for decades, serving on numerous city boards and committees and volunteering for numerous causes, including those that help our children. I'm running to use my vast experience and leadership skills to make a difference on issues we all care about, including: improving our schools, protecting taxpayers, combating trafficking, improving public safety, and more.

Please spread the word and help me achieve this goal. I need volunteers and financial support to run a successful campaign. Please contact my website,  if you can help, have questions or concerns, or for financial support at any level.

Being linked to your community for more than 25 years as a volunteer in various events in Coral Springs is an open passport to opting for a government position in your city.

And that is precisely what Jose “Joe” Morera wants to achieve: to become commissioner of Coral Springs where he has lived, raised his children and raised his family.  


He has served as a volunteer on various committees in his city such as the Multicultural, Arts Festival, acting as president, just to name a few on his long list, and continues to be part of other organizations in favor of his municipality. His experience and commitment accredit him for good leadership that his residents can trust.

Within his plans in the educational sector, he would fight for Coral Springs schools to once again become “A” classification. Regarding Public Safety, it is committed to ensuring that police officers and firefighters have the best safety equipment and the highest level of training to keep the community safe. Economically and its growth, based on his experience and in collaboration with his fellow commissioners, he would work to bring in new industries, create jobs and stimulate the local economy. Regarding parks and recreation places, it would ensure that they are optimally maintained and that they are accessible to everyone (children, young people and older adults). Regarding sustainability, I would advocate for policies that promote clean energy initiatives, the creation of green spaces and reduction in our environmental impact. And on cultural diversity, it would celebrate differences, ensuring that each resident feels at home.


“I am committed, dedicated, informed and trained. I understand that with the process and opportunity offered, I will have the privilege of representing our residents.”


And with its slogan You'll get more with Morera! We wish you good luck in the November 2024 elections

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