On this occasion, In the USA it took the pulse of professionals in various fields and activities in South Florida, and other destinations internationally for being a global pandemic, to know what they have experienced in this quarantine and social distancing; some working from their homes, others with their businesses running half way to only cover basic expenses, and those with less luck did not receive wages for the closure of the companies where they provided their services.

Djinji La Belle Crocker, Operations Analyst
International SBA Communications Corporation
-Boca Raton, Palm Beach

For me, I have loved working from home. I feel a lot of peace and silence since since I don't have children yet, I am alone during the day. My faithful companion at work is my little dog Bellito every day.
Working from home has saved me almost 2 hours a day commuting. I've had time to cook more and try different cooking recipes. It has also allowed me to clean and organize every space in my house, and to enjoy more of nature in my neighborhood while I run or ride my bike.

Ciro Boiano and Lucy - Milan, Italy
Ciro Boiano works at the Scientific Research Institute

in the field of Nuclear Physics
Lucila Urbina, his wife, works as an interpreter

from Spanish to Italian in the courts of Milano

“For Ciro economically, the confinement did not change much in his professional part because he is a Public employee and he has kept working and receiving his salary, less the travel expenses for research trips around the world,” says Lucy
"On the other hand, my income affected me because they pay me when they call me to attend a translation case," he says.
“Our lifestyle has changed for us, since in the city where we live, Milano, it is very normal every afternoon before returning home, finding friends and having the“ Aperitivo ”which is a tradition of this city. Since the beginning of May we started to go out keeping the social distance that is not common for us, because it is as if we are missing something. In the 3 months of quarantine, we only had to make visits and the "Appetizer" with our friends via online. We had an appointment in the afternoon and we settled in front of the computer with our drinks and mincemeat, and so the evening was more enjoyable, "he stresses.
He emphasized that returning to normal will take a long time since this nightmare does not end. "We were the first western country to suffer the covid-19 emergency that took us by surprise, especially at hospitals in the Lombardy region." He stressed. He says that the places of infection were hospitals and old people's homes because it was not known how to face the pandemic and many people died; health personnel, entire families who were all infected at the same time
Lucy also explains to us that there have been cases of elderly people who have preferred to be cured at home and who have died, but they have done so because at least they are surrounded by the family, because if they were taken to the hospital, their relatives could not see them anymore. They just had to resign themselves to receiving the call from the health center with the fatal news of his death. The state took care of the body and gave the ashes to the relatives.
But he tells us that in the midst of this uncertainty “we have learned the value that our neighbors have. We appreciate solidarity, we looked out on the balcony to sing and strengthen ourselves. It was very nice that contact at a distance from all the supporter; appreciating love for family, for the couple, having shared the pleasant moments with time to prepare delicious recipes, especially my husband Ciro who makes the bread and this time we ate it homemade, "she says very convinced.
Another of the points that Lucy pointed out was the volunteering that was formed to help those who needed it most and who hoped that this experience would continue since it was unforgettable, as well as being able to spend more time as a couple without being distracted in other things .
Lucy thanks God that in her family there were no misfortunes or infections due to Covid-19 as a step with others who lost their loved ones. However, he fears that during the winter a second wave of infections will return to Italy, and that is why they must remain on guard and respect the rules, wash their hands, follow social distancing, wear a mask, gloves, and avoid places of high concentration of people.

Guillermo Andres Galeano
-Merchant -Bogota, Colombia

Justin Halladay, Founder

and President
by Project Baseball

based in Bogota, Colombia

Guillermo has an import company for air filters, oil and fuel filters for vehicles in the city of Bogota. "As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, we had to close for two months, which were decreed by the government since no type of work could be carried out at that time," he said. "But despite the fact that the product in general terms is not of first necessity, it turned out to be of great importance for the transport sector, especially those that carry food because these vehicles need regular maintenance such as changing oil and filters, ”Clarified the merchant.
Guillermo told us that the regulations in Colombia against the covid-19 were strict and respected by a large part of the population, despite the fact that others did not maintain the quarantine in a responsible way, especially those dedicated to the informal economy who live from day to day. day and digging for daily sustenance.
"This pandemic has affected the company's revenues because they were reduced by more than 80% than usual, which led to structural changes within it," he said. He explains that they had new projects to execute and they had to be postponed while having a better perception, or at least that there is not so much uncertainty in the market.
"And personally, with the coronavirus pandemic I have learned that the world or people are always pending in most of the material and we forget that we also have an obligation to respect the environment, and in the same way the animals, ”concluded our respondent Guillermo Galeano from Bogota, Colombia.

It is a baseball foundation for children in vulnerable communities that provides opportunities through sports and education.
How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your foundation?
"The quarantine in Colombia has completely stopped our operations of delivering baseball and softball donations to communities and doing educational activities, including exchanges with the United States and integration programs with migrant Venezuelans in Colombia," said Justin.
He points out that at the beginning of the crisis it was evident that his allies, volunteers and beneficiary communities in Colombia were going to be in a critical situation when losing their jobs and income. This is how one of his community allies began raising food for the most vulnerable and needy people in their communities. "That initiative inspired us to create the Immediate Aid Program to help those allies, their communities and Venezuelan migrants in crisis," emphasized.
"Since April we have focused only on this program and we have managed to feed and give virus protection implements to 120 families (42,000 meals to 480 people) in 6 cities for a month. It has been a beautiful experience to collaborate with allies and volunteers from Colombia and the USA to benefit so many people at this difficult time, "he reported.
And regarding the effect of coronavirus on his personal life, he told us that it has been difficult to adapt to the quarantine measures, as well as for everyone worldwide. "I've tried to stay positive, exercise as much as possible, cook and eat healthy. I've also been able to connect with old friends during this time, and that pleases me," he said.
Justin Halladay also highlighted that the work he is doing with his Project Baseball foundation has given him purpose and an approach to distract himself from the difficulties of quarantine, and for this he feels blessed.

Camlux-Video Production Company

As a company dedicated to video creations and productions, we continue to mainly support our clients who require our services.
What has changed the most at work level is the way we interact with our clients. As a business we think that normality will come in a more creative way, because people are reinventing new ways and strategies to expose their businesses.

At the labor level, he reaffirmed the importance of knowing how to use the different media as a tool for all types of companies and the positive impact of their proper management.

This time that we have been protected has allowed us to work on improving our business and on the facilities of our studio open to the public.

I have an Occupational Medicine center for service companies and product manufacturing in the Aragua State - Venezuela.
How has your life and business changed with the pandemic and how do you think it will be when we return to normal?
To tell the truth, my life remains the same, only it has allowed me to review, analyze and put personal and family aspects in order that with the excessive work dynamics, before the pandemic, I paid little attention to them. It has been a very favorable learning, taken advantage of in all these days of confinement by the Covid-19.
As for my health company, creativity in the design of new strategies has been a must.
The impact on activities in most companies -clients that were not excepted, caused services to decrease to such an extent that now is when we are gradually restarting activities, attending to occupational health requirements two days a week, after scheduling and coordination with human resources managers. This, of course, until normal operations are achieved.
I think that in the face of all this uncertainty, you have to have faith in God and science, so that everything returns to normality in months or one to two years.
What I have learned in these days of confinement is to further strengthen humility, patience, hope and harmony to better focus on how to cope with the ups and downs of life. To value more everything that we have and that surrounds us, to look for and to enjoy with more vitality the daily life and those pleasant moments that appear to us.
On the other hand, that available time has allowed me to take guitar lessons, almost impossible to dedicate on normal days, as well as reading good books that were waiting to be taken into account.
Professionally, it has taught me that we must continue to strive for continuity in the excellent provision of services to companies that trust in our occupational medicine, through our professional work team.

Juan De Dios Espinoza -Entrepreneur-

Health Center -Maracay, Aragua. Venezuela

Olga Estrada -
Services Manager

to the family-
Kraeer Funeral



from Broward

Uno de los lugares que se ha mantenido con las puertas abiertas ha sido la Funeraria Kraeer por su propio negocio de poder atender familias, sobre todo en momentos de crisis como la que vivimos con la pandemia de coronavirus. “ Estamos en el negocio de proteger familias antes de que suceda  una muerte y no podemos cerrar durante este dificil tiempo de Covid-19,” dijo Olga.
 Destacó de que su vida ha cambiado mucho por el distanciamiento social ya que en momentos de dolor los familiares necesitan de ese acercamiento y compasión, y el no poder tener ese contacto hace la situacion más  triste y dolorosa. “Es muy dificil hablar sobre este tema sabiendo que hay  tantas personas en peligro de morir por el contagio, y la incertidumbre de no poder determinar cuándo volveremos a la normalidad,” nos dijo la ejecutiva.
 Lo que si nos dejó saber es que con la pandemia de coronavirus aprendió  que lo que está pasando en el mundo entero es real y necesitamos protegernos. 

Juan Gyulai Szabo
Buenos Aires,

Pandemic synonymous with distance; distance from loved ones, distance from friends, distance from work.
I think Argentina is the first country in the world with the longest quarantine. We are already going for more than 65 days, at the time of writing this note.
In my case, with 75 years, here he is considered a "Risk Person", it means, living locked up in my apartment, therefore avoiding possible contagions.
Because of my job, salon vendor in a multinational company (Home Depot type) and because I am in permanent contact with clients, I must avoid them, stay protected at home, but this does not mean that I stop receiving my salary monthly. On the other hand, the government of the City of Buenos Aires assigned me an assistant who carries out the purchases, procedures, etc.
Each country, each city, each individual has a different reality. I have no reason to complain. In my case, I am lucky, only the separation is felt by the "distances". If God wants, everything will return to normal. You have to have strength and a little patience. They say: "There is no evil that lasts 100 years." The only problem is that I can't visit my hairdresser!

Nelly Chakian -Lawyer-
Margarita Island, Venezuela

I am a lawyer and I have not been able to work because since we quarantined in Venezuela the public offices and the courts are not working. In this country everything is paralyzed except for supermarkets and pharmacies.
Here in Venezuela, at least before the pandemic, we could share with friends in a café to get a little out of the daily routine. We can no longer do that, or go to the beach to enjoy nature; This situation has been aggravated by the lack of gasoline in the country since the start of the pandemic.
I think that when we return to ´´normality´´, we will have to continue complying with all care and hygiene protocols as a habit or way of life, until science can give us the definitive solution to Covid-19, which I hope will be soon because we humans are sociable beings and we need to interact with the people around us. I in particular like to have direct contact with people and not through a screen.
In the midst of this worry and uncertainty I have learned to cultivate calm and patience and knowing how to adapt to new circumstances, letting myself be carried away by the tide but also with faith in God and the certainty that we will get out of this bad moment. Always try to think positive and believe that in the end good will always triumph over evil.
I have further deepened my beliefs towards the value of family, good friends, the blessing of being in good health, being humble before God and thanking him every day for what we are and have, and of course carry that message and apply it to me. profession, as I have always practiced, with humility and empathy, since by example you can teach others.
And meanwhile, at home and with the help of the internet and social networks I have communicated more with my daughter who is in Spain and with friends who have emigrated from the country. I have also practiced physical exercises and yoga that have contributed to my health and well-being.

Apolonio Cedeño
-Lauderhill - Broward

Postnet, is a company that provides PRINTING AND SHIPPING services. They have been open during the pandemic for providing an essential service to the community such as SHIIPPING AND PACKING.
How has your life and business changed with the pandemic and how do you think it will be when we return to normal?
Our life is going to change radically and so, the business. It will bring us closer to the family, better money management both personally and commercially.
Even though we have been able to open and come to the store every day at PostNet, that routine is also tiring, since it becomes monotonous, but it taught us to be more creative, to listen to customers about their needs, to take care of details in the service, as I said before, knowing how to appreciate and manage money, and personally I realized that at the end of the day the material is only material and that with such a difficult situation there is no nation above God.

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