Maradona and his pious traps

By Carlos Madama Hernández
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maradona always played soccer and always played pious cheats.
He did it in the middle of the World Cup, in the mythical Aztec stadium playing against England, when from the magical galley that he carried with him, he made the "Hand of God" appear to make a different goal and what he wants to do to any enemy. After a while and to clear any doubts about his powers, he cheated five or six defenders to score the best goal of all time. And it was not the only ...
He also cheated the supporters of all the Argentine teams by making them hug disconsolately beyond their jerseys and their colors and their eternal rivalries and their selfish pettiness that are of no use but to fight. And to achieve that miracle, it was enough to put on the albiceleste shirt with the "10" on the back and throw pipes, dribbles and sing the National Anthem with tears in the veins.
Diego Maradona, throughout his tumultuous life, piously cheated politicians, presidents, high pontiffs, officials and leaders of any rank, position and country and anyone who was believed to be using his image. He made fun of putting on the T-shirts with their faces and he got personal benefits and for his friends, which he had left over, especially in his prime.
He also cheated piously on himself, making himself believe that he could give up drugs and alcohol whenever he wanted, and to top it all, he believed it for years. His whims and his constant rebellion led him to a state of frequent ostracism and to lie about limits and excesses, which were inevitably taking him to the end of his steps. With attitudes of self-flagellation and personal saturation. But there he also played lies and cheated death, coming out of whatever hospital had him as an extreme inhabitant
Maradona, throughout his life, cheated piously on a pile of credulous women of his promises of love and gave them children, which after a long time, he recognized and whom he planned to sit around his table to celebrate his 60th birthday. , which due to the pandemic, could not specify.
"I don't want to be an example of anything," he said once and kept playing the game he felt comfortable with and paid the consequences. Let's face it, no one with such a history can come out unscathed ...
You are going to be missed. To his person, to the passport that it represented to name him anywhere in the world, to his unexpected appearances in the most unexpected places yet and to all the last-minute news that he brought to life.
There will be ways to remember it, of course. Reviewing their goals, their stories and in each of the tributes that will be repeated as the days go by. Some have already happened, such as the name change of the Napoli stadium, which will no longer be called San Paolo, but will now be Diego Armando Maradona stadium and also the street that passes in front of the hospital where he was born in his native Villa Fiorito, which will also carry your name.

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