Argentina, the country
where nobody knows anything

By Carlos Madama Hernández
Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the month of April 2020, the president of the Argentines tried to justify the continuous lapses of quarantine with a phrase that in the end would be totally unfortunate. That time, Alberto Fernández said through all the media "I prefer to have 10 percent more poor and not 100,000 dead." The harsh reality punishes him today with a poverty rate that is close to 8 points and the unfortunate news of having reached the much feared figure, which shows the terrible failure of the policies to prevent the pandemic and the mismanagement of the economy that has left traces that will be impossible to erase.
In those days, between the president and his Minister of Health, Ginés González García, they designed a work strategy wanting to make believe  citizens that the dreaded virus had no chance of reaching these latitudes. The news from Europe that spoke of deaths and massive infections, were minimized as they were transcended. "We have everything under control" they said and lied, because with the evidence in hand, it is clear that they never knew what to do with an enemy that did arrive in the country and that was causing damage from the first moment.
In the middle of the story, there were a lot of victims left in every way. Economically speaking, hundreds of businesses and small and medium-sized companies had to close their doors due to the impossibility of generating work due to the continuous and extensive “quarantines” that the government required. Thousands of people were left on the street without work and without income and poverty grew day by day, minute by minute, despite the claims of those who saw their family integrity undermined in the face of the silence of  the unions complicit in the government that justified the measures by looking at reality with only one eye: that of the convenience of their personal interests.
The suspension of classes throughout the country was another consequence of these measures. It is known that populist governments are not interested in children being educated, they prefer them meek and devoted to their future unscrupulous operations. A boy who thinks is a danger to those who prefer them ignorant.
As for the victims, the case is worse. More than the 100,000 deaths that Fernández exaggerated and the worst thing is that the issue did not end. Today, Argentina ranks fifth among the countries with the most daily deaths from COVID. The health facilities are saturated, the health professionals devastated by work and bad payments, a poor and rogue vaccination with children and doctors and only 11 percent of the population of the country vaccinated with a second dose, speaks clearly of what badly done that was and is everything.
Whoever said that the virus would never reach the country, is no more. These days, he was on a walk through the liberated Spain and was seen sitting very calm, drinking spilled cider and eating some tasty things, while the Argentines were dying. The president continues to promise things that he will never fulfill and uncertainty continues to reign in a country where only the constitution of the lists for the next elections matters.
We are in the country where nobody knows anything, where nobody warns and where everyone betrays.