The war dead

By Carlos Madama Hernandez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The newspapers of the world show the images of the madness. Images without faces and without parts of their bodies; images of the innocent victims of the mental debauchery of a blind and deaf person who insists on continuing to play soldier like when he was a child and bombing the supposed city he had invented in a part of his living room with marbles. The difference is that back then the war ended when his mother called him to wash his hands and go to lunch. Just there the little iron soldiers went to a special box  where they fit perfectly accommodated, while the plastic ones went to another, to a common box, where they were stacked one on top of the other regardless of the conditions.
Henry Miller, an American writer, once said that "Every war is a destruction of the human spirit" and the photos on the front page of the newspapers and that the information agencies distribute to the entire planet, do nothing more than ratify that thought, which is current again.
It is obvious that Putin is not interested in the fact that the man who appears lying in the middle of a bombed-out street anywhere in Ukraine was an exemplary family man, who worked eight hours a day so that his house (now destroyed, as his wife and two teenage children) will not lack anything. Nor does this serial killer care that that other man who appears dead inside his vehicle, has studied Engineering or Law or Medicine or any other career that was enabling him to have a good economic life and that he had even put together some savings to visit his family in Argentina or those of his beautiful wife who are precisely suffering on the other side of the border.
Much less does he care that the world condemns him and that the doors of the economy are closing on him and not even the consequences that writers, athletes, professionals and all those who, for the simple fact of being Russian, must suffer
  prohibitions and censorship, even if they have nothing to do with the thought of the despot of its president.
Neither Putin nor his henchmen nor
  The international organizations that bear acronyms are interested in the condition of the hundreds of bodies that were thrown into mass graves and did not even have the privilege of being fired by their family or acquaintances. Nor their names or surnames, or their social status or anything. The slogan is to kill and destroy and play war as if it were one of the amusements that abound in game consoles.
The photos speak. The photos cry. The photos clearly show that Henry Miller was right, and show at the same time that men become murderous and cynical and savage when power overwhelms them. And to top it off, his mother no longer lives to call him to lunch.