The other Argentina

By Carlos Madama Hernández
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentine is a very special person. In times of crisis (like the one we are currently experiencing), he complains, curses and even makes plans to go as far as possible to start a new life. The United States, Spain and Australia, in that order, are usually the places chosen by the majority. There are those who achieve their mission and those who try a thousand times to achieve it. Of course, between the two, there is a general coincidence that is shouted from the rooftops: There is no country like Argentina.
The general feeling knows differences. He understands that the current situation is not the fault of the country, but of the rulers who passed through the pre and post-democracy years. That is the main reason for emigration and no other.
For this reason, the Argentine cries when in any of the places where destiny took him, a tango or any melody from the suburb is heard. The same tango that continues to be heard in the Buenos Aires still lifes, in the cafes on Corrientes Street or in the colorful nooks and crannies of the Boca neighborhood, with magical dancers and shadows of Quinquela Martín circling through the air stale with sentiment.
He also gets a knot in his chest when he hears about the Julio Cortázar square and the infinite number of possibilities to sit at a table in the mythical fast food bars with peanuts with shells on the floor and everyone's craft beer. colors. Return with the furious thought of longing for Las Cañitas, the Japanese Park, the Planetarium, the forests of Palermo and its mysteries, the Luna Park of unimaginable recitals, the River Plate and Boca Juniors courts, two of the most famous soccer teams of the world.
What tourist wouldn't want to get lost in the narrow streets of San Telmo? What Argentine would not want to tread those same streets again? What Argentine would not want to sit again in any of the famous and unique restaurants that many foreign lovers of good cuisine enjoy today?
The theory goes, that whoever goes to another country begins with their strangeness in the same waiting hall at the airport. And that is why they turn so many times to see the ground for the last time and breathe familiar and familiar air. And they also aspire for the plane to take flight to the North and let them see the Obelisk and the Plaza de Mayo and the diagonals, before getting into the endless Río de la Plata, which would become salty if the tears on board reached it. .
Argentina is magical, beautiful wherever you look at it, pity the rulers who did so badly to it and continue to do it for their own good and for the ill of those who inhabit it.



Nothing is lost, everything transforms


By Carlos Madama Hernández
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The perpendicular idea of a large number of Argentines for emigrating to other countries, has not been lost, on the contrary. And as if respecting the statistics, the first country chosen to lay new foundations is the United States.
A recent survey carried out by the consulting firm Taquión Research Strategy indicates that the malaise of Argentines is growing in intensity and affirms that 8 out of 10 inhabitants would not hesitate to leave the country if circumstances permit.
The coincidence about the reasons lies in the fact that the survey participants are "pessimistic" about the chances of economic recovery in the remainder of the year, as well as social instability, lack of work and abuse permanent government in the creation of new taxes and conditions very difficult to bear.
The transformation at this time and which is proving the main impediment, is none other than COVID, and the dangerousness of contagions at the borders. Another reason why people do not repeat the 2001 phenomenon is because of the restrictions that the same US Embassy has imposed on those who have the idea of migrating, even temporarily, in search of a future beyond six months of legal permission. . Likewise, the restlessness does not go away.
But unlike in those times, now emigration is no longer an individual aspiration. The endless quarantine (unusual and without positive results) and the constant tax pressure from the government towards SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and multinationals, have caused a lot of unemployment and that dozens of companies begin to assess the possibility of seeking new horizons.
Different commercial consultants specializing in business immigration, do not stop receiving requests for advice regarding investments on US soil. The generality speaks of the sale of liabilities and the possibility of settling in a land that respects those who adapt and accept the established instructions.
Leonardo Vitale is an Argentine citizen who tells us about his case in the first person. "It hurts me to say it, but in my country I have no more possibilities of anything, the time has come to make a resolution that allows me to grow, or at least not to continue falling.
After years of work, Vitale had to close his shop. He sold the furniture, his house, his car and took the plane that deposited him in Miami, where he is closing a commercial investment that allows him to start over. "Evil that is left, well-being that is coming" he says, while dreaming of better economic landscapes.
The Argentine reality, unfortunately, permanently invites us to emigrate as thousands of Argentines did, who today bury a past of suffering in their memory, enjoy a dream present and are heading towards a dignified and fruitful future for themselves and their descendants.