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Soccer, distraction 
of crowds

By Carlos Madama Hernandez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, in a television interview they asked the Minister of Labor of the Argentine Nation Raquel  “Kelly” Olmos how she was going to solve the immense number of problems that there was in the country and she answered "No, now the priority is the World Cup and for Argentina to win." 
That premonition,  not by chance stopped being very useful to the government, which more than three months after that final between Argentina and France, still continues to take advantage of the cloud of glory that Lionel Messi and his boys formed . 
It is known that the more distracted the people are, the more garbage can be swept under the rug. President Alberto Fernández and his cabinet have taken due note of these circumstances and have taken the opportunity to try to go unnoticed in the face of a situation that is becoming more difficult every day for those of us who have the joy of living in this beautiful country.
To the immense rift within the ruling party itself between President Fernández and Vice Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, those who respond to one another have joined, generating uncertainty a few months after a new election and where the ruling party already feels like a loser. . 
These people have neglected the reins of the country and everything has spilled over. Annual inflation of 107 percent placed Argentina in the fourth worst place in the world, behind Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Lebanon. And the consequences of this economic disaster is reflected in the costs of mass consumption products that have increased beyond the foreseeable values. 
The failure of the new economic plan implemented by the super minister Sergio Massa (Will he be the next presidential candidate for Peronism?) has sunk the country even more; the lack of dollars (which at a private level is close to 400 pesos), the terrified flight of companies in search of new winds, the recession in every sense, the high rates of robberies and murders just because, have turned the country into one of the most uncomfortable places to invest and even to live.
Some notes ago we said that Argentina is the only country where you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, you do not need to consult the newspapers or watch the news to know that you are worse than yesterday. 
For this, the opposition does not add in the least. They lose their opportunity fighting among themselves for the vacant positions on the lists that they must put together to compete and try to save the situation. 
And meanwhile, the town continues with the festivities that hide the misery. They continue to shout about Messi's goals, the saves by “Dibu” Martínez and the tributes paid to them anywhere in the world, as well as enjoying the praise for having been awarded as the best fans in the world cup. All very pathetic.

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