New Woman

by Noris Capin

The Holy Spirit and the Lamb's wife say: 
"Come!" And whoever listens, say: "Come!" 
And whoever is thirsty, and wants, come and drink from the water 
of life without costing you anything.

Revelation 22:17

Stress kills us

Getting to the bottom of the soul and spirit is difficult especially if the person is not in communion with his soul and with his spirit. Trying to summarize a moment in life in a moment of stress is easy since most of the incidents in this world are flooded with stress. 
Why is that? Why do we have to suffer from anxiety and restlessness every day over and over again? Is it that we do not understand what God exists to heal and transform life, to make it more bearable and also so that we understand that we are not alone?
We are not alone in this world of imperfections, we are not alone in the campaign to live so as not to die crucified, but, rather, we are here to learn more about ourselves and learn how to deflect the fiery outcomes of anxiety and its consequences. 
Many times we feel that life is too severe and strict, excessive in fatigue, enormous to continue moving forward to be able to do the possible and the impossible and thus save ourselves. It is, to say the least, exasperating in its entirety of life when stress invades and destroys us. 
Our life is covered with floods, suffocated by so many smokes perpetrating our thoughts, making them sleep in the room of pain since, after feeling that life embraces us with devotion with so many blessings, suddenly, we are struck by the occasional flash through the back that takes us away from the peace we want to embrace. 
Life is like an accordion that exhales and emits salutes of fire with the difference that there is no music. I mean, the voice of the soul is not heard, the voice of faith, the voice of feelings that trace some hint of peace and divinity through the conduits of existence. 
However, there is hope, there is illusion, there is certainty that there is waiting for all that is meek to come, for all that will come to sanctify the mind, body and spirit.
One good day - and I have done it - you have to say to yourself: "Enough, it's good now, no more problems, no more uncertainty and let the rest come." No more of what does not come from us, no more of what others leave lying on the ground and we believe that it is our duty to pick up the pieces of destiny and make injustices ours. No more assuming responsibilities that create anguish; Enough with the uneasiness that pain and shock bring us, enough already, girls. 
Stress alters our being and turns it into a container full of disturbing loads. We fill to the top everything that we do not know where to put, we internalize each situation or disaster and we leave, in the end, evicted and lifeless from suffering so much. Enough, friends, of everything that generates anxiety, enough crying, no more shocks that tremble inside the body, enough ...
I have come to the conclusion that the hysterics of other people should be put aside, far from me. That does not mean that we ignore the pains of others, that is impossible, but we must not forget that we owe ourselves peace. We already have enough with our own worries and sleeplessness, enough with our concerns and alarms to carry on our shoulders the concerns of others that we cannot really resolve or mitigate.
That is what God is for, to face with us, at every minute, the troubles that accompany us daily. For that there is prayer, so that we get up before the Lord and ask for mercy, help, divinity and goodness towards us. We are lost if we do not go to the prayer that transports us to the courts of God in humility and devotion. He listens to us.
Due to stress, we suffer from all kinds of diseases and, depending on how we adjust to the internal and external environment of each situation, we are victorious or defeated. Statistics say that 45% of adults suffer from stress and panic attacks; and not only adults, but also adolescents who also receive a dose of anxiety that is still worrying since they do not know how to face the consequences of their actions. 
What is that for god? Why do we succumb to what leads us to death, to what affects the spirit and the body? Why don't we dive into the Word of God that tells us so many things, to daily prayer in spirit and truth? Don't we know that God takes away our weariness and worries when we put our problems in his hands?
The Word of God says in Matthew 11: 28-30: Come to me, all of you who are weary of your works and burdens, and I will give you rest. Accept the yoke that I put on you, and learn from me, who am patient and with a humble heart; so they will find rest. Because the yoke that I put on them and the load that I give them to carry are light.  

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