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By Noris Capin

Let's celebrate mothers

Who better are we going to celebrate but our mothers, that woman who was the lighthouse and guide of our childhood nights and days? The saint who didn't let us go to sleep without a bite in our mouths; the beautiful creature that God put us in his arms: the energetic and strong, the woman who did not sleep in sleeplessness, the maiden who chose to laugh so as not to cry, the lady who taught us the essentials to be able to walk through the world without fear, in holiness.

The woman who watched our dreams at night, the lady who sheltered us in times of cold winter, the one who cried for our sufferings, the only queen of the home: the actress, the damsel of the stories, the funny little girl who danced in the middle of the room: the bet, the stylized, the illustrious mother of ours.

On this day we celebrate her as she deserves, with the faith that walks with us, even in these moments of maturity and immaturity; that affable princess who decided to be a shadow so that we could live in the light; the gentle one, the great one that was seen in the moments of darkness, the one that began the day singing: the delicate flower, the fine one of words and thoughts.

I don't know how to exalt more his internal beauty except by telling his talents and proverbs in a single writing, without leaving any detail hidden or lost: without a muzzle, without pretensions, without sentences that would extinguish the virtue of his desire to lead us to good, his ideas and morals are still true. Mother!

On this day of joy we thank you for your luminous offerings, for the magnificent teaching of life that served as a guide in times of indecision, that playmate who taught us to laugh: the noble servant of God, the worker, the salaried worker. woman who came out at dawn to bring our daily bread: the housewife, the cook, the one who donated her womb to protect us: the root of the home, the motivator, the girl who was one day, the girl who fell in love with life, the adult who accompanied time to be time, the modest star of the south and north, the goddess of the air, the divine girl of the mountains, the heroine of our story, the diva of youth, the lilting figure of dances, the author of a thousand stories, the one of loving details: Mother!

A mother is patience, absolute dedication, sacrifice, forgiveness, company, love, blessing, care and presence. The spine, the key that opens and closes the path we walk, the mother who expects nothing from us, the one who is not offended by everything we do or say: the greatest gift from God.

The Word of God says in Psalm 139 of 15-16 the following: The development of my body was not hidden from you while I was formed in secret, while I was formed in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my body in formation; All that was written in your book. You had pointed out the days of my life when none of them existed yet.

And so, with the simplest words in the vocabulary of humanity, I tell you to honor your mothers, no matter that she was the complete opposite, the one who never breastfed you, the one who gave you up for adoption, the one who never listened to your complaints, the one who did not hear your eternal cry, it does not matter.

Today, thank her, think about her: forgive her, smile with her, do not punish her, do not condemn her, love her, absolve her of any guilt, bless her heart and, where there is no flower, plant it.

Happy Mother's Day to all the little mothers in the history of love, and may there always be a thought of divinity, of comfort without guilt, without mistakes, without faults. Love her as you love yourself today and always. And the Psalmist, who is the one who sings the Word of God, says: There are many good women, but you are the best of all. Proverbs 31:19.


Noris Capin

You were the one who formed my entire body; you formed me in my mother's womb. Psalm 139:13

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