New Woman

by Noris Capin

Look, I'm going to create a new heaven and a new earth. The past will be forgotten, no one will ever remember it again. Be filled with joy and gladness forever.

Isaiah 65: 17-18

You have to wake up

It is necessary to wake up from the deep sleep in which we have been living. It is important to wake up, to have a happy morning, full of light, to open your eyes to a new day. A day that will be flooded with good and hope to subsist with gratitude for the simple fact of breathing, feeling and enjoying everything around us.
But you have to wake up right now: without fear, without fear of the past or apprehension of the future. We must open our eyes to find out that the day exists covering part of the Universe with its cloak of light and darkness, in perfect harmony, revolving around us.
Waking up from the eternal dream of fantasy rooted in our own history is waking up to the present full of stimuli and plans to carry out. To wake up is to forget our saddened face, plunged into a disturbing wakefulness for not having been able to touch the top of the world when the peak was achievable and not feared. Because, being asleep in the fullness of time, the vertiginous course of the river was diverted, which fled fearfully from our own shadow.
But you have to wake up right now from that little dream of illusions and plans not forged by what we have to live. We must revive ourselves after the sleeping pill that overshadowed our projects that have always been nested in the depths of the soul; One must wake up so as not to idealize only in dreams what did not come true after a sleepless night: long, contemplative time that became a prisoner of darkness and a fugitive of the day.
Waking up is paying high fees to life, for not having made up for the moments of fragility and discontent as a result of the disappointments suffered. It is forgiving destiny for forgetting to give us the courage to face painful events, the repercussion of which unbalanced the tranquility of the soul.
For having felt disappointed and frustrated when life smiled at us in the past when we were sunk in our own anguish; So, by being distracted and confident in other less important situations, the time of Grace given by God was erased.
To wake up is to chase away the lie that hardened our path by being naive and disinterested by accepting the lie as true and by joining the false hubbub of the world for being innocent contestants in the unstable game of life — that is also why we had to wake up.
We have to wake up from the long sleep that triggered fatigue and that is now part of ourselves, because we get used to being lazy and not knowing how to distinguish between the notion of time and guilt; guilt that was unconsciously planted in the cavernous areas of our mind and that, without realizing it, we do not understand that sleeping in the breadth of time is not recommended.
To wake up is to commit oneself not to return in excess, the emptiness that has left a mark on the margins of our short or long existence. Waking up is trying to rescue a star so that it illuminates the footprints that we left one day in the sand: details that the wind could not erase with its embrasure thirsty for challenges and struggles.
To wake up is to remove the impossible dream of what could have been and was not; it is to open our eyes to the reality that dazzles our eyes because the light is the one that illuminates a hundred longings waiting to be lived, waiting to be expressed and those that became nightmares because they were full of illusions too youthful to be true.
Waking up is becoming aware of oneself, it is being a presence where there is an absence of possibilities to be approached in the fullness of dawn. It is waking up to remember that life is the peak of all that is expected and of all that is dear, it is the peak that revives the song of all times and the eve of the silence that will be heard.
But we must wake up right now from the stubborn concert of voices strangled in the desert of our difficulties and resignations. Waking up is avoiding the fears that have unbalanced the comfort of our own initiatives and claims, to change what is said and not agree to what will be said.
To wake up is to walk straight along the imperceptible line of the tightrope, it is to be able to watch the dawn show its languid spells, so that reality agrees with the present that does not have to remain speechless by the desire to say what is true ...
It will be enough for us to wake up from that dream, which will culminate when day comes and will rest again at nightfall; because dawn and dusk are treacherous and at the same time accurate: their constant appearance on the pavement disturbs and mutilates us, although it reminds us that each day is a wonderful gift from God.
To wake up is to open a world of perfect possibilities full of hope and illusions, which have taken over to ward off sadness, dismantling the aggressions that come in buckets full of grievances and in fruitless sequels those that persistently attack us every day.
And there is nothing more impressive in life than knowing that God has been able to open our eyes to what remains of our existence. God, with His infinite love, shakes us from head to toe and tells us that there is a tomorrow to come and a beautiful future looming on the horizon.
He allows us to reflect on the weariness and laziness that encamped in our lives and the ingratitude in not appreciating the moments designated by Him, those that were ignored by our own vanity and pride. God wants us to wake up from that peaceful sleep that displaces the hope of a better future, full of spiritual riches and love.
God, by His eternal mercy, alerts us that there are plenitudes to come and rewards to collect just around the corner. Because God is like this: rich in songs of the soul, beautiful in His incomparable goodness towards us, majestic in giving blessings throughout the height, length and breadth of our lives: distributing compassion and mercy to live with dignity and clarity every day.

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