New Woman

by Noris Capin

Rather, be kind and compassionate to one another, and forgive each other, just as God forgave you in Christ.

Ephesians 4:12

love in time
of reconciliation

Trying to scrutinize the perfect meaning of the word "reconciliation", I find myself in the need to expand the theme and bring the effervescence of its luminous feeling to the surface. It is to go step by step, until reaching a resolution, ending "the time of anger" -which we talked about last month-. Although reconciliation encompasses endless renewals tied to the heart and life, it is also necessary to know that in it the spirit is stabilized and thoughts and doubts are pacified to become an oasis of calm and self-initiation. 
The proper preparation of the person is nothing more than telling oneself that everything can be done in the powerful name of Jesus - who is the one who says the last word - to resume and heal a relationship on fertile ground.
But it is by no means easy to get out of the hole, and many elements are needed to undo what has been walked, what has been lived and suffered. It is necessary to have courage and a degree of good sense attached to the complete liberation of the person, to get ahead.
They say that after the storm comes calm, and in a certain way it is convenient to detail that when expressing how the person prospers, in the matter of reaching an agreement with himself, it is also necessary to welcome humility to start from the same spirit. Although it is known that reconciliation -which most of the time needs a push- it is also significant to have a selfless and magnanimous temper, I mean, selfless and generous to replace anger to achieve appeasement and tranquility.
However, it is very difficult to reach a resolution when there have been mistrust and hurtful words when addressing your partner if there is no sense of commitment and dedication towards the other person. Although it is crucial to address the issue of cheating, it is imperative to learn to forgive from the heart -or radically- so that the decision to continue walking hand in hand with the partner comes to rest in a spring of fresh water. 
There is no other way to repair the damage caused by trickery of deception, it is difficult to erase thoughts and hesitations without being in an intimate relationship with God. I would say that it is almost unsustainable -but not impossible- the stabilization of feelings overnight, without the soul surrendering first, after the failure...
But there is no harm in the good -according to the popular saying- to keep intact the desire to keep the marriage and a home in order without ever forgetting the priorities and where love lies.
It is important to know that the reconciliation between two beings does not happen by magic but, it must be solidified, to go hand in hand and not stare at the horizon without an answer through time. 
The modification is done every day, it is a duty of the human being to reach an agreement where love wins all battles. It is imperative to stop arrogance, vanity and arrogance so that the two negative feelings become part of good and mercy. 
The Gospel says that: So that they tolerate each other and forgive each other if anyone has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord forgave you, forgive you too. Colossians 3:13.
Despite the word “tolerate” that Almighty God recommends to us, it is not feasible for me to carry on a relationship. The correct word must be "love" because without love there is no possible reconciliation. But I respect the Word of God that defends us from the devices of the evil one, I cannot change its meaning and I accept it. But living "tolerating" a person is absolutely a continuous dying in my dictionary.
The reconciliation of being not only unfolds and revolves around love, but we know that in it there is peace and abundance of being and it goes further until reaching a pact with oneself. The reconciliation of the person is an essential component to maintain peace, justice, the realization of feasible ideas, to establish a relationship with God who protects us from committing infractions that are harmful to the spirit.
Reconcile with the past, throw it out, avoid feeling it close or crying about its intemperance and look forward with hope, passion for life, with the fullness that leads to all possible reconciliations -carrying the torch of victory- and faith in the face of evil attacks.  

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