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New Woman

by Noris Capin

of light

The Lord laid his hand on me, and brought me out full of His power, and placed me in a valley that was full of bones."

Ezekiel 37:1

When you meditate on the Old Testament readings you will find a hidden treasure on every page. Each reading declares a set of canonical books written in the Bible where the existence of God is ratified through the prophecies inspired by the experiences of the Jewish people when introducing the sources of Christian revelation.
But by analyzing the essence that emanates from the depth that each prophetic writing contains with messages and recommendations from the Holy Scriptures, they will be able to find the spiritual food that prepares the human being to know more about the Word of God, which became flesh in the New Testament through the coming of Jesus Christ.
The prophet Ezekiel was a man of deep faith and brilliant wisdom; he perceived innumerable divine revelations in the form of visions and used many symbolic actions to impart and express the messages that are in the Sacred Book. 
Many years ago there was a reading in the Old Testament that had an amazing impact on my life, and when I read it, by chance, I began to give signs of life, of that refreshing breath that enlivened every cell of my being. And that reading is found in Ezekiel Chapter 37: Dry Bones.
When I reread the divine and implausible title, I had no choice but to sit down and carefully read the message that Ezequiel left behind. Somehow that reading made a sound impact on my existence, so much so that its content was in charge of bringing me back to life and arming me with courage.
I share this reading with you because I want you to discover it, break it down and understand it in the pages of the Old Testament. This letter of hope was in charge of filling my life with a warm breath of love and hope since it is a message that stores a series of words of subsistence and not of death. 
Breath of Life!: breath of the soul: breath, encouragement, impulse, emanation, internal vertigo, wind. Life, Life, Life... When reading that reading -slowly and contemplatively-, with the seriousness of a dedicated student, I was trying to understand the writing as if a voice transported me to meditate deeply on the prophetic message reaching an intimate dialogue with God full of light and divine harmony.
The Word of God says: The Lord laid his hand on me, and made me come out full of his power, and placed me in a valley that was full of bones. The Lord made me go through it in all directions; the bones covered the valley, they were very many and they were completely dry. Then he said to me: "Do you believe that these bones can have life again?" I replied: "Lord, only you know."
However, to understand this announcement with the transparency that each stanza deserves, I had to place myself in the middle of the same valley "full of dry bones" and as I began to read all the verses corresponding to the reading, I began to experience and feel that my bones were completely hollow, dry and lifeless, exactly as the great prophet announced.
But this reading, far from leaving me ready to close the Bible and forget it, prepared me to continue reading, delving deeply into its content. I truly felt that I was hearing the voice of God offering me hope.
The Lord told me: "Speak in my name to those dry bones. Tell them: "Dry bones, listen to this message from the Lord: I am going to enter into you the breath of life so that you may revive. I will put sinews on them, I will stuff them with meat, I will cover them with skin so that they may revive." Ezekiel 37:4-6
And that was precisely what I perceived when my eyes stopped at that healing reading: my body was composed of dry and weak bones, devoid of protective skin and full of flaccid and inert tendons. From so much walking on the paths of suffering, everything in me had broken: my legs, my arms, my youth and my desire to live a happy life.
However, the Word of God revives and strengthens, renews and exalts the fallen with the withering breath of His power, drawing out of the dark and humid pits those who put their faith and trust in God. 
I do not want to detail the message more, but I want and invite you to open your Bibles and look for the whisper of God in the Holy Word of Ezekiel.
Then the Lord told me: "Speak in my name to the breath of life and tell it: Thus says the Lord: breath of life, come from the four cardinal points and give life to these dead bodies. I spoke in the name of the Lord, as He commanded me and the breath of life came and entered them." Ezekiel 37:9-10

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