New Woman

by Noris Capin

I feel in my soul a sadness of death. Stay here, and stay awake with me.

Matt 26:38

Know your soul

Dear friends in the Lord:
We are living in times of change, of crazy ideas. The human being is usually different, they have been transformed into automatons and mannequins that follow exactly the coldness that awaits them. We are in a time when we all listen more to the ringing of the telephone than to the murmur of the soul, to the shrill noise of the radio than to the whisper of the spirit and the honest pumping of the heart.
We are tied to a kind of spiritual deafness, to a virtual muteness that breaks down the walls of existence and, as a consequence, we have lost the habit of speaking, listening and yes, yes, laughing. We can almost converse by sign or mimic what we want to say to communicate. That's not fair.
It is not fair because we have the condition of manifesting life to the end of our thoughts and aspirations. If that does not happen, it is because there is an internal loneliness that coexists in the soul and does not allow us to express ourselves in a correct, delicate or civil way. We are not honest with ourselves either.
Let us awaken our souls and do not let the contours of our skin darken and rust! Let's not allow hope and the reality of life to be wasted through the bustle or silence that exists in this world.
Let us become friends with our own being, since we, without knowing, are making use of being in contact with our minds and we are not giving the spirit the opportunity to communicate, to participate, to announce and declare how we feel. There is something else inside our bodies called SOUL and you have to know it in order to learn to be in contact with it.
God has put the soul within man for the salvation of existence. Imagine if we did not have a soul, how could we testify that there is goodness and feelings, ideas, the feeling of peace and harmony that reigns in our being? Are we capable of recognizing who we are and knowing why we make the decisions that we do without the help of the soul that tells us the plain truth? Is it that we have lost our "I" within commitments, problems and situations of pain?
Let us awaken our souls and dust, with the Spirit of God, let us enliven the recesses that are asleep in the areas and corners of our being!
There is no need to fear when looking into the soul -which is the mirror of being- you and me. It is essential to feel that we can recognize and examine it and, although it cannot be touched or seen with the naked eye, the soul feels vibrating within the body and warns us that there is its throbbing.
The soul of the human being does not understand heaviness or boredom, nor impertinences or regrets. For the soul everything has to be perfect, truly simple, without complications and without obstacles. Every hindrance that presents itself saddens the soul; every iniquity and stumbling block takes it to the grave, leads it to consume the gall and leaves it crippled forever.
That is why we must cultivate the gift of intimate understanding, the virtue of making the soul the altar of our body - the body of Christ - to protect it from the mistreatments and scourges of life. Our actions are an act of faith that solidify personal happiness, complacency, optimism, the well-being of the spirit so much that, suddenly, we feel the peace that we absorb through the soul that tells us it is time to honor and praise it as the very image of God who lives in us.
The Word of God says: I have much more to say to you, but right now it would be too much for you. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth; because he will not speak on his own, but he will say everything he hears, and he will let you know the things that are going to happen. John 16: 12,14

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Thank you.