New Woman

by Noris Capin

«I, the Lord, swear on my life
that all of them will be like jewels that you will wear,
like the ornaments of a bride. "

Isaiah 49:18

Mercy, Lord,

by the year 2021

Dear friends in Jesus:
Happy New Year to all of you, friends, I hope that this coming twelve-month period will be pleasant to you and to God, so that your plans and journeys may be blessed and consecrated to Him with faith and hope.
As the new year arrives, all we must ask of God is mercy, benevolence, understanding, and discernment. We all need God's mercy to live life in His Grace and Divinity. We all need benevolence, which is tolerance with the faults that we can see in ourselves and in others. We require understanding and understanding to see our mistakes and correct them, so that the decisions and conclusions we make are judged and forgiven at God's command. We need discernment, too, so that our projects and thoughts agree and be a blessing for others and for our good.
We are living in difficult times, times of great daze and infinite consternation. Today's life does not allow a person to enter an internal, deep phase, where one can return to the initiation of being, to the consecration of the basics and the persistence of the primordial, which is definitely the way of God.
The human being has become a dry, empty vessel, which is usually the container through which the water that God poured out at the time of man's birth has been filtered. Unintentionally, the human being dives, daily, into the sea of confusion and evil.
The values that our parents instilled in us have been lost, we have let them go after the gods who do not allow us to be ourselves. Gods with proper names - not of flesh and blood - but names that take us away from many things that have nothing to do with the spirit and the soul, such as money, envy, resentment and corruption.
There is a lot of coldness in the people, a lot of misery adrift and, those gods, who are presented to us day by day, do not have the equivalent of God: our Lord Jesus and does not provide us with the truth of our existence since they pull us towards a grave steeped in anguish and desolation.
In this new year, which has already begun, we must make it our own, conceive things according to God's mercy, which is the maximum we can ask of him in our prayers.
And we have to say "off" to the stresses that lead to depression and anxiety attacks that are so popular in these times, and we must cradle the indispensable, the deep, the ineffable that comes from God for our salvation.
And is it that we do not realize, friends, that the good we enjoy comes only from God?
Do we not understand that material things are greeds and desires for consumerism, of pretentious tendencies that last only a moment and go away?
In heaven the mercy of God reigns who does not see the color of your skin or the accent with which you pronounce His name. He does not notice your clothes or notice your footwear, he only looks at your infinite and sincere love.
The Lord listens to your requests and grants you, according to his will, your orders and supplications in extensive benevolence, in broad understanding and fidelity so that you may discern and understand. He gives you, of course, according to His criteria and according to your perseverance, your humble character and your perseverance of heart.
The Word of God says in Revelation 15: 3 the following: «Great and wonderful is all that you have done, Lord God almighty; upright and true are your ways, O King of nations. "

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