New Woman

by Noris Capin

love in time of abuse

Abuse of any kind that comes into your life, either from another person or from yourself, is considered an assault on life, the law of God and society. Abuse, in its absolute and unworthy capacity to reach the limits of the human being, has the power to destroy from the destruction of the mind to the death of the spirit.
It is without a doubt, the most horrendous outrage that a person cannot bear, accept or allow is the offense. The abuse of another human being, especially the spouse, implies the manipulation of a being that emerges from the center of evil to control, harm and tear another person, and not from the heart.
Love in its power to correct any type of abuse or other problems, strives to protect the loved one to guard and safeguard the consequences of injustice or abuse of others. However, many times, the person who is supposed to be the one who deflects or drives away the attack and the insult of others, or of themselves, is usually the husband or wife who ignores the majesty of the magisterium of marriage.
There are many types of abuse in the world of the daring, of those who dare to cross the line of respect, those human beings who make life hell for others. There are many examples that I can highlight, however the abuse comes disguised in many facets and different colors that are not visible to the naked eye or ever. The types of abuse, to name a few are: sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, emotional and verbal abuse, financial abuse and abuse of trust, among others…
Deception hits hard in the soul, try to get away from infidelity, from being part of a game where no one wins, and everyone loses the beautiful sustenance of loving. 
Says the Word of God in Malachi 2:16 warns us: Take care therefore of your own spirit, and do not be unfaithful; Well, I hate the one who divorces his wife and stains himself by committing that evil!
Women, treat your husbands well, take care of them, make your home a friendly place, a place of peace, divinity and good. Have courtesies, don't stop encouraging them, urging them to do good deeds and lift their spirits. There are women who mistreat their husbands, put them against the wall of their possibilities and impossibilities, criticize them, condemn them, spur them on until they bleed. Let your husbands be your idols, the blue prince of all stories, the captain of the ship, let him speak, ease the burden of life, that's what your husband is for.
Men be affectionate with your wives, have patience when speaking, stop imposing acts, appreciate your life partners and give the best of yourself.
The most terrible thing a woman and a man can do is verbal abuse against their partner, I have lived that experience and I do not accept it nor will I ever accept it because of how painful its poison and bloody potion usually are._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Instead, everyone be docile, cling to God, pray together, communicate, make plans, have fun, go out to dinner, play with the family, smile, because when you smile, the doors of the firmament open.
Love in times of abuse is a fateful time, bitter in the eyes of Holy God and begin to breathe pure air -the air that gives off love and respect- and begin to drink from the spring from which the first shoots of the love and begin to give a new turn to the relationship so that God leads you along the right path of life, hand in hand with your spouse, with your partner forever, with your love...
Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. Amen.