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By Djinji Crocker

The State of Florida’s “Hometown Heroes”
housing program is back!

Attention everyone who is waiting to buy a home!

Starting July 1, the Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program is here to make homeownership a reality for you. Florida Housing will receive a $100 million allocation on July 1, 2024. Which means the state will provide this money to this program that provides crucial down payment and closing cost assistance of up to $35,000 to homebuyers per first time they qualify based on their income. 

Offers a competitive first mortgage rate and special benefits to those who serve our communities and our country. The program offers interest-free loans for down payment and closing costs, with payment deferred until sale, transfer, refinancing or if the home is no longer your primary residence.


The requirements are the following:

• The property must be your primary residence – with the intent to occupy the property as your primary residence within 60 days of closing.

• Must be employed full-time by a Florida-based employer, unless exempt as a veteran.

• Must have a credit score of 640 or higher.

• First-time home buyers must not have owned a home in the last three years, unless they are in a specific area or are veterans.

• Must complete a program-approved pre-purchase homebuyer education course.


Reservations have already begun and funds are expected to be exhausted between October and November 2024. 

Act fast to secure your spot!

Don't wait to apply. Contact me today to connect you with a lender and see if you qualify for this great help!


Sincerely, Your Real Estate Expert, 

Djinji Crocker

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