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by Luis Miranda

Censorship and ban
of books and freedom 
no restrictions to buy 
and carry high caliber weapons

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Republican Security Agenda to protect our children: Censorship and book ban and unrestricted freedom to buy and carry high caliber weapons.
What countries and what kind of political regimes have banned books throughout history? 
The Catholic Church, for example, during the Middle Ages, prohibited the work of Galileo Galiley who stated that the earth is round and revolves around the sun, Don Miguel de Servetus, who discovered the circulation of the blood, was also persecuted, because these These discoveries detracted from the credibility of religious theories that allowed the powerful to maintain their  privileges under monarchies of authoritarian dictatorships.
The French Revolution had to happen in 1789, so that the ideas of freedom, equality and fraternity would allow the existence of a new nation like the United States where a democracy was founded that in some way has been a paradigm of modern states, in the 19th centuries. and XX in what has been called Western civilization.
The industrial revolution took place at the same time that the liberal ideas of the encyclopedists gave way to modern societies that got rid of monarchical regimes and for good or bad, in Europe and Latin America the parameters and principles on which current democracies are based have been followed. . 
In fact, there is an evolution of thought and great ideological and philosophical struggles that granted freedoms that we enjoy today and institutions that allow us to survive as a democracy.
We live in an electoral regime where there are principles that, of course, are liberal ideas of respect for human rights, freedom of thought and expression, the various religious beliefs without interference from one over the other and totally remote and independent. of the State, principles enshrined in the Constitution and the laws of this nation.
The political agenda of the current governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, and of others such as that of Texas; Republican congressmen like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, among others, who have no idea of what democracy is or what Western thought represents, are confronted with what the advancement and development of society represents. The ideas they defend and promote do not correspond, at all, to any fundamental democratic principle.
The proposals and laws promoted by this state government and by Republican congressmen who have taken power in Florida are imbued with ideas that threaten democracy and individual rights. 
Book censorship is being exercised in this State, typical of dictatorial regimes such as the Hitlerian one, which managed to deceive a cultured people in the tragic adventure of the Second World War, with arguments such as the superiority of the non-existent Aryan race.
What does exist and we know is the record of the millions of human beings around the world who lost their lives and experienced terrifying scenes of violence and cruelty based on those ideas.
The governor's anti-democratic agenda is very dangerous, and this month, there have been repressive consequences and attacks against freedom of expression, when a film about civil rights was withdrawn and a school principal was forced to leave her job due to the issue of nudity in a classic work of art, neither more nor less than a work acclaimed and recognized for centuries in the world; Michelangelo's David. Both occurred after complaints based on ignorance from some parents who, emboldened by state laws, demanded "curricular transparency" in schools.
The Republican governor has been at the forefront of a national campaign to restrict what is taught in schools, generally focused on eliminating books that deal with race, sexuality or gender that are often written by authors from so-called Latino, African-descendant or minority minorities. to LGBTQ communities.
This campaign reveals the absolute ignorance of the governor about the world of art and literature. These Republican politicians are proof of the total lack of a humanistic education.
Of course, they do not have the slightest idea of the advances in science such as psychology, they do not know what the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud means in the history of human thought, much less have they heard of Jean Piaget, Jacques Lacan or Carl Jung and, immersed in that caveman ignorance, intend to set a chair on education. 
The function of the school is to educate not only children and adolescents but also parents through their children, as an integral part of the community. 
It is the function of schools, universities and libraries; EDUCATE an evolving society. Parents generally teach family values, sibling love, manners, and habits, schools show the evolution of thought, history, philosophy, literature, and critical thinking.
The proposed laws are obscurantist, a return to the Middle Ages and the age of cavemen. 
It is not permissible that the more science and technology advance, the knowledge is limited to increase the serious conflicts generated by ignorance.
A law passed last year that talks about “required transparency in curriculum and library options, in school districts” has led to the removal of hundreds of books from the shelves to review them and make sure they do not “violate” any of the governor's new educational policies. 
The book ban includes "The Bluest Eye," by Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison. 
To the twenty books by author Jodi Picoult being recalled in Martin County, she responded with a Daily Beast op-ed:
“The books banned from these lists are not obscene or revolutionary.” 
“Kids are really exposed to lives that are different from their own and mindsets that are different from their own, which creates compassion and empathy in them. In other cases, children are exposed to ideas and mindsets exactly like their own, which provides representation and validity and a sense of belonging. We know categorically that kids who feel marginalized and who read books with characters like them end up feeling less marginalized.”
Earlier this year, the state government forced changes to an AP African American studies course after rejecting the initial curriculum. 
Bills have been signed banning the teaching of critical race theory, a scholarly study of systemic racism in the country. It also seeks to ban the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity until high school graduation, an expansion of last year's "Don't Say Gay" bill, which banned the teaching of those subjects starting in kindergarten. up to third grade. 
Due to a law passed last year that "requires transparency" in curriculum and library options, school districts have pulled hundreds of books off shelves to review them to make sure they don't violate any of the new "policy educational” of the governor.
The legislation is intended to "preserve the rights of parents to make decisions about what materials their children are exposed to at school," according to a news release from the governor's office.
In a House speech last Thursday, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., highlighted some of the banned books, including Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner," which covers the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and "The The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, a dystopian novel about a right-wing misogynist regime. Raskin contrasted views on the absurdity of Republican claims to keep children safe by banning books.
These bans on books alleging safety for children contrast sharply with the proposals to increase arms sales and eliminate the restrictions that prevent the terrifying massacres of children and adolescents, such as those in Uvalde, Tennessee, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. , among many others.
Customary massacres that all kinds of mentally ill and social misfits cause every day, fueled by the false rhetoric of the second amendment. 
Books educate, feed the heart, enrich the spirit, lubricate our brains; weapons physically explode neurons,  destroy hearts, annihilate the faith and hope of human beings.
No father or mother of a family, no grandparent, or sister or brother, or uncle, is calm in the United States when their children or relatives, whether they are students, teachers or workers, enter a school for a normal day because we have a Republican congress sold to arms manufacturers. 
In modern cities where there are professional police departments with smartphones, state-of-the-art computers, home video security cameras,  supermarkets, malls, and on hundreds of thousands of street corners, traffic lights, no ordinary citizen needs to have or carry weapons. 
The second amendment was valid 200 years ago, not today.
It seems that many Republican congressmen, rather than congressmen dedicated to working for the welfare of their constituents, were NRA sales agents, paid and maintained by them to continue feeding their million-dollar business at the expense of the blood of our children, _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_youth,  adolescents and adults, all deceived with the false propaganda of the peddlers of violence and terror. 
Every arms dealer should have at least a little bit of conscience and remorse for all the victims caused by their activity, each and every one of them has their hands stained with blood every time a human being is killed by gun bullets. they should not be circulating free in the market.

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