by Luis Miranda

Biden bets on unity

Trying to fulfill his progressive agenda and his campaign promises, which represent various sectors of his Democratic Party; President Biden bets on unity. 
What is at stake is the need to carry out a profound economic, social and political transformation at a critical moment in history, because we have been living under a pandemic that has affected not only the United States of America but all countries. countries of the world. 
President Biden is trying to implement an agenda of unity necessary to face situations like the one we are currently experiencing; unfortunately, a majority of unconscious Republican congressmen continue to be blinded by promulgating conspiracy theories and blatant lies proven as such by electoral institutions, many of them by officials of the same political affiliation.
These Republican positions jeopardize the approval of important packages to transform the country's spent infrastructure and to meet the challenges of global warming.
The themes that have been central in recent decades are, among others, immigration, women's rights, inextricably linked to abortion; global warming, replacement of energy sources. The change in the exploitation of coal and oil, highly polluting, by sources such as solar energy. All this added to the rights of black voters, Latinos and minorities, in general. 
On all these issues there is a growing polarization among Republicans, especially those at the backward extremes, who refuse to acknowledge the opinion of scientists and the undeniable facts recognized by the entire world. 
On the other side are the Liberals or Democrats who favor the programs that marked the modern and futuristic vision of President Barack Obama that they hope to continue under the Biden administration.
Democrats have also shown a genuine concern for civil rights, for the protection of immigrants who continue to be victims of laws established in the previous government, for the right to vote, for the rights for women to decide over their own bodies.
Republicans have maintained a racist, anti-immigrant agenda, loaded with fanaticism, ignoring the independence of public powers and the separation between religious beliefs, churches and the state. 
The immigration crisis and massive anxiety among immigrants, DACA youth, and many different social groups, foundations, and organizations that defend the environment and immigrants are appalled at the absurd refusal of Republicans to get in tune with the demands of the real world. 
The protests over the irrational attitudes and policies of the Republicans grow and spread in the face of the apparent indolence and stubborn denial of the facts by many congressmen and their customary aulicos.
Latinos continue to protest to face uncertainty and make the voice of a people and communities heard that want to look to the future full of hope and refuse to return to a past of slavery and discrimination.
Only time will tell, how the great nation of which we are an integral part, adjusts to overcome injustices and look to the future with optimism. 
For now, we hope that President Biden will achieve the necessary number of votes by making all opponents fall into the account of the moment in which we live, a sufficient number of congressmen from both parties who have in their hands the possibility of a prosperous future or that of a nation divided and embroiled in useless discussions that do not recognize the importance of being united to progress. 

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