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by Luis Miranda

The reality is that the party 
Democrat is not socialism or communism.

The year 2022 was a very complicated one in the political field of the United States. It began with the parties in full electoral campaign for the congress in the so-called mid-term elections that had been characterized in the past by giving the victory to the party that is in opposition. According to pro-Republican media such as FOX, the South Florida media and the party's own spokespersons, they assured that they were going to sweep and win widely in what they called "the red wave."
Fortunately for the country, the Democrats managed to win a majority in the Senate and by only a very few votes they will not manage the chamber. All this happened, despite the bad omens and the constant campaign of smears and false conspiracy theories attacking President Biden, in addition to the constant rigged polls without showing the president's achievements. The voters did not believe the lies of the extremists, the MAGA agents and their mediocre leader.
Definitely, the electoral result was a triumph for President Biden, which has allowed him to put into practice his vast experience of decades working with Congress and has achieved what no Democratic or Republican president had achieved in the past; reach agreement between bipartisan majorities to advance important projects   and convert them into laws that will favor ordinary citizens who work and fight to improve their living conditions every day.
In this way, the political possibilities of President Joe Biden to run in the next presidential elections in 2024 are strengthened with the support, even, of some who criticized him before the midterm elections on November 8, 2022.
Among the greatest achievements of fundamental laws that mean general and political progress for the entire country, we can mainly list the following:
1) Enacted the Inflation Reduction Law.
2) Passed First Major Gun Control Legislation in Decades
3) Achieved historic job growth
4) The most advanced unemployment law in the history of the country 
5) signed the so-called CHIPS (Act to promote the manufacture of semiconductors in the USA) and the Law of Sciences, turning them into law of the nation.
6) He nominated and confirmed the first African-American justice for the Supreme Court of Justice, the lawyer  ketanji Brown Jackson
7) Strengthened and expanded the alliance with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to protect European countries from invasions.
8) Gathered our allies in support of Ukraine
9) He signed the PACT Law that expands health care and benefits for  veterans.
10) Issued executive orders to safeguard access to reproductive health care
11) Achieved Affordable Care Act Enrollment Records
12) Historic Funding for HBCU Scholarships and Long-Term Campus Improvements at Historic Black Colleges and Universities
13) Updated and signed the law on violence against women
14) Signed as a Law of the nation, Respect for Equal Marriage between people of different genders and communities such as LGBTQ and interracial marriage.
He had previously achieved the Infrastructure Law that builds bridges and highways throughout the country, while giving employment to millions of workers and contractors. 
President Joe Biden is definitely the man of the year. At his age with decades of experience as a senator, knowledgeable congressional pundit and seasoned vice president for 8 years he has accomplished what no other president in modern times has accomplished.
Let's hope that the Republicans can reconsider and return to sanity because they have been inciting an Insurrection (as they already did) against the democratic institutions that have maintained this democracy for more than 2 centuries.
They have promised to continue sabotaging President Biden, but they have no real chance.  In any case, they manage to divert public opinion from the country's important issues to continue promoting their lies and falsehoods, although the electoral defeats and legal trials faced by their former president have divided them. The real problem with the Republican Party is that it does not have an agenda geared towards solving the problems of this nation. Its sole objective is to protect the interests of large investors and large national and multinational corporations who are only interested in increasing their profits at any price. 
They do not consider the problems of the pandemic, or global warming, nor do they care about the protection of the environment, and they are less interested in the health and living conditions of the middle and lower classes.
The application of all these achievements of President Biden augurs a 2023 with a reduction in inflation and gasoline prices and consequently a social environment with better coexistence and a general improvement in the economy. The big challenges will continue to be the Russian war against the Ukraine and the falsehoods that the far-right congressmen in the House of Representatives will try to impose by promoting the destruction of democratic institutions and attacking the most important politicians of the Democratic party.
Latinos cannot continue to be deceived by the media and the news, especially in South Florida, especially in Miami, which repeat extreme right-wing slogans. The reality is that the Democratic party is not socialism or communism.
The other battlefront that they exploit is immigration. After the pandemic, agriculture, food packaging companies, national transportation and many industries are suffering from a very large shortage of personnel, so that these people, who flee their countries and seek refuge, as soon as they cross the border they begin to consume and pay taxes. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the economy in the short and long term; What is required is a Congress whose members put themselves above their own interests and privileges, who think about the true needs of the country and decide to formulate and approve an Immigration Reform in accordance with the true needs of a globalized world and a country with the greatest ethnic, social and cultural diversity that must coexist in a civilized manner and respecting the civic institutions that characterize a modern, democratic and leading society in today's world in the third decade of the 21st century._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
It is time to put the country in tune with the human and technological progress that has been imposed throughout the planet with some exceptions, which commits us to the decision to build a better world by reaching new levels of production in the midst of a social contract of respect. to diversity without xenophobia or racism.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 to all our readers wishing them peace, prosperity and respect for our democratic institutions.

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