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By Luis Miranda

Democracy or apocalypse, your vote counts

In 1558 Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England. Shakespeare was born in 1564 and during the following decades – three or four – the Renaissance spirit of the time brought with it the rescue of the fundamental values ​​of Greek culture; It coincided with a boom in popular stories from England at the time. 

At that time, many works emerged based on the lives of saints, on mysteries of the afterlife, taken from biblical passages, popular stories and farces typical of the Middle Ages that stimulated the emergence of dozens of actors and a growing audience equal to the permanent growth of the city of London. During these decades William Shakespeare managed to produce his 154 sonnets and other long poems, as well as his 37 plays that from then until today continue to be celebrated as wonders of universal literature.

These artistic expressions contributed in a special way to delving into the nature of the human spirit.


That Renaissance spirit took up Greek tragedy, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Anaximander mainly and the Roman legacy of Seneca, Terence, Cicero, Virgil, Ovid and Horace among others.  Surely if Shakespeare had lived in another time he would not have been able to produce what the historical circumstances of that moment offered him.


I bring up this historical review of Shakespeare's life because it was a unique and extraordinary historical period where all this flowering of art took place, which gives value and meaning to the lives of human beings. However, it was not exempt from a negative factor that opposed it and that seems forgotten by scholars and historians.

Despite all this vitality and growth of the public and private productions that flourished, these theater companies were permanently subjected to the ferocious and indiscriminate attack of what could be called the 'ultra-right' of that time, those communities of puritans and religious extremists who condemned theater as something sinful and harmful, in the manner of today's MAGA movement in the United States and all the irrationality that spreads throughout the Western world, trying to destroy liberal values ​​and principles, the same ones that allowed the French Revolution and the birth of democracies across the planet.

Those Puritans of Shakespeare's time spent almost a century attacking the theater until they managed to eliminate it completely in 1642. 

At the rate we are going, that is what awaits us with neo-fascists throughout the Western world and in Latin America with people like Milei in Argentina. People who not only condemn theater, cinema, and artistic expressions, but as is already happening in many States of the American Union; It prohibits books and adapts education to ideological purposes and old theories that hide the real desire, which is to keep the majority in ignorance to safeguard the privileges of the powerful who have appropriated material wealth at the cost of ruthless exploitation of the environment. environment with the endorsement of unsuspecting masses who unconsciously repeat the lies injected into them by the media sold to the highest bidder.

That same movement that allowed the rise of Adolf Hitler's National Socialism stalks us. 

People fall again and again into the trap of ignorance and forget or ignore the lessons of history. 

The positions and arguments of MAGA and its candidate reflect exactly how the facts and arguments of Trump's Republican Party coincide with the circumstances that gave rise to Hitler's National Socialism and his rise to power. 

In Shakespeare's England they put an end to the theatre; In today's United States they ended Roe and Wade and are coming for Medicare, Social Security and pensions. They accommodated with tricks the Supreme Court of Justice, which is losing respect because it has become an instrument of MAGA at the service of those who attack democratic institutions, the justice system and in general the institutions of this nation.   

The most important process in human history consists of the passage from worldviews to reason. At the beginning of thought, men had created cosmic visions of the world, attributing magical and capricious powers to animals and natural phenomena to satisfy general taste and to allow rulers to maintain their privileges, justifying themselves in the numerous gods they created.

The Egyptians, for example, believed that cats were sacred and gave divine properties even to the onion. 

The development of Greek thought produces a revolution by bequeathing us reason, the ability to understand how human knowledge works thanks to the objective observation of the world around us and the understanding of reality that is composed of primordial elements, such as water, fire, air and ultimately atoms. 

Now our mental capacity allows us to discover how the world around us works, from the point of view of science.

The great achievement and importance of this is allowing us to reach the technological moment where we can use computers, cell phones, satellites and all the advances in medicine such as X-rays and ultrasounds. MRIs, etc., etc., etc., 

The other great legacy of Greece was the creation of the idea of ​​democracy, which through numerous revolutions and wars, took shape in the modern world. The liberal ideas that led to the French Revolution allowed the creation of democracies such as the United States of America. However, technological processes have led us to global warming and now we find ourselves in the need to find and use other forms of clean energy, to modernize the democratic design and coexistence of all countries. The same as international trade, the balance of social classes, respect for diverse beliefs, religions and the regulation of all scientific advances, seeking the survival of our species.

All of these issues require serious decisions based on rigorous research and scientific studies using reason and applying it in the evolution of science that has allowed us as a species to reach this moment in the 21st century.

That is why education is a fundamental factor to save the planet and to save democracy.  

Ideas that respect science, human rights, social needs and the freedom of individuals so that they can contribute to their societies and improve the lives of all are fundamental.  

If reason is not applied, today's world is in danger especially in what directly concerns us; the United States.

Summarizing; Ancient Greece represented the discovery and application of reason and the break with the great myths of antiquity and has allowed us to reach today, but a mental virus, a product of ignorance and educational shortcomings, hangs over our heads. 

We have in our hands the power to combat movements like MAGA that want to plunge us into obscurantism. The vote against the rollback is within our reach.

We cannot allow a character who has violated all the rules and the law to harm us. 

Someone lacking a humanistic education of true values ​​that make the moral and ethical wealth of the human being; it cannot lead us to anything other than disaster.

The Republican followers of MAGA want to set us back by selling us their own Worldview, their mental poverty and their lies, ignoring again and again the value of democratic institutions, science and knowledge, as well as all human values.

The primitive language of those who conspired against the Capitol, against the judges and the justice system, appealing to historical falsehood while disrespecting others, is definitely a setback of thousands of years, an attempt to make us return to the elemental world.  

A people confused with lies and speeches that appeal to base human instincts can condemn us to disaster by voting for the ignorant or can reconsider by saving reason, science and democracy. It can also return us to the past where autocracy, authoritarianism and dictatorship would be confirmation of the disaster or it can take the lead and vote for progress and intelligence. 

Sci-fi movies show us returning to the world of Neanderthals armed with psychedelic rifles in an apocalyptic future and we can't bequeath that to our children and grandchildren.  

Each voter has in their power the option of democracy and reason or the option of plunging into the apocalypse and dictatorship. 

If English ignorance put an end to the wonder of theater in 1642 and blocked it for a long period: if the extreme right produced Mussolini and Adolf Hitler's Nazism with his third 'Reich', causing the Second World War and millions of deaths and has produced great massacres and genocides around the world. We cannot allow it to be imposed in the United States.  

We cannot allow them to destroy the leadership, institutions and against democracy in general in this country. 

We cannot allow it and only a conscious vote can save us from the apocalypse.


Luis Miranda

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