by Luis Miranda

The Republican Party:
a threat
it would be for democracy

Six months after leaving the White House, scandals from the previous administration and the shadowy predecessor of Joe Biden continue to surface. A new portfolio of documents released last week by congressmen Democrats lets us appreciate how the Trump White House tried unsuccessfully to pressure Justice Department officials to invent evidence that would allow them to uphold the unfounded lies of voter fraud. .
The insurrection in the Capitol on January 6 failed. Donald Trump is no longer the president, but in state instances, the Republican war against the elections is registering surprising levels that the Democratic party cannot ignore and must fight at any cost.
They are trying to do what Trump could not: manipulate the elections to suit them and maintain the illegitimate power they have achieved, using antidemocratic tactics such as Gerrymandering, and creating obstacles to Democratic voters especially among black, Latino and Asian minorities.
A new report from three voting rights groups found that 24 laws have been passed in 14 states this year that will allow their legislatures to "politicize, criminalize and interfere with the electoral administration." A May analysis by the Brennan Center found that Republican-controlled legislatures in 14 states passed 22 laws that make voting difficult, and dozens of others are currently in the legislative process.
Highly manipulated Republican state legislatures in key states pass laws that give them more power in their attempt to deter and interfere with Democratic-leaning groups from exercising their legitimate right to vote. With this they intend to guarantee the possibility of nullifying legitimate votes and changing the results of the elections as they aspired to do on January 6. Most serious of all, they are backed by Republican-dominated courts.
All this happens while President Biden in a race against the clock, tries to fix the serious problems inherited after 4 years of lies and false conspiracy theories that created a disastrous environment in the political world of the polarized country, leaving it as if we had returned to the years of the civil war.
The United States has become a dystopian country. The Babel of misinformation. Lack of trust in everyone and everything. This world of lies fueled by journalists charged with the extreme right such as Fox News: the legacy of Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson among others, at the national level, added to the stations run by exiled Cubans in South Florida For decades, they have been feeding a false popular unconscious with lies and absurd lines like the one that the democrats would turn the country into another Venezuela or another Cuba.
With an immense accumulation of falsehoods repeated ad nauseam in his radio and television programs; with bland banalities that create false stereotypes that naive people learn and repeat without real knowledge of historical processes, and with statements that are no more than platitudes; These feigned journalists, without any trace of ethics, lacking -of course- objectivity and decorum have done great damage to democracy and continue to affirm their lies without any shame or modesty.
It should be added that these characters are unaware of any scientific foundation and do not have a critical vision based on the reality of social, economic and political events in accordance with the evolution of time and history.
We do not have to go very far, we have a clear example in the treatment of the pandemic; a forceful reality that should have been addressed by citizens and the government, all united in a single front to combat something that goes beyond individual wills. However, the Republicans created and promoted a swarm of lies that have cost thousands of deaths in their absurd denial of the fact that they were crushing us, going so far as to turn Dr. Fauci into an enemy against whom, for example, they dare to put fences. on the highways of Miami demanding his imprisonment, without taking into account that thanks to Dr. Fauci, his sanity and knowledge, we have been able to handle the threat that still hangs over our heads and that now affects our young people who sadly obey the refusal to be vaccinated and are affected and fill the intensive care rooms with the new Delta variant.
The task of Republicans for three decades has been to undermine democracy, they are trying to destroy institutions and have violated the basic principles of civic law that we learned from elementary school: the independence of public powers.
When the executive crosses the limits and respect for the legislative and judicial and vice versa, we are facing a real threat to democracy and when the so-called fourth estate lends itself to daily outbursts and becomes the press of extreme fundamentalist ignorance and dictatorial, the prognoses on the democracy of the United States of America, acquire the character of 'total reserve'. We don't know what it will spawn.
Trust in institutions (government, press, religion, big business) is at record lows, 40 percent of Americans have little or no trust in newspapers, according to annual Gallup polls, compared to 24 percent of year 2000; About 50 percent distrust our electoral system, according to a Morning Consult poll.
Declining confidence in the election is one of Donald Trump's many ghoulish legacies.
Citizens who previously showed a certain level of respect for others are disappearing. Every day we are witnesses of aggressions that take place in the streets and towns throughout the country. The massacres have become a daily occurrence, 3, 4 and even 5 in a weekend, dozens of children killed on the roads due to traffic disputes, an airline passenger who broke the teeth of the flight attendant, the man who killed a shot at a supermarket cashier in Georgia when asked to wear the mask, a mentally ill man armed thanks to policies that lifted restrictions on the sale of weapons, who walks into a supermarket and murders a grandmother and her grandson 2 years; They are a sample of a society in accelerated decomposition thanks to an ignorant man who came to power.
The political party that is screaming the great lie of electoral fraud is a party that is enemy of our democracy. A multi-ethnic democracy that has to assume the historical duty of surviving globalization and global warming, recognizing the wealth of its inhabitants, immigrants from all corners of the planet.
President Biden has practically fulfilled his promises to vaccinate 70 percent of Americans, has changed the tone with respect to the inhuman legacy left by the previous president on the issue of immigration and is on the verge of delivering 2 multimillion-dollar packages to rebuild the country's infrastructure, to safeguard the lives of millions of citizens, but the political game of nefarious and dangerous characters such as Mitch McConnell continues to be a demonic obstacle to the success of these policies that demand the times of crisis that we live.
President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress must not allow Republicans to continue to think that they can destroy democracy. This is the time to hold back the Republicans and be adamant about the dangerous games they propose.
Global warming so denied by leaders opposed to science is right before our eyes. The collapse of the Miami Beach building is a reliable example of the rise in the sea level that forces the beaches that are washed away at night by high tide to be filled daily with sand, a phenomenon that increases day by day affecting the foundations of the constructions close to the ocean. This, added to the open secrecy of the corruption prevailing in the administrative entities that use for their own benefit and embezzle the funds of the high monthly fees that the owners contribute and that should be used in the first instance to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants and reinforce the foundations eaten away by saltpeter; they constitute the announcement of a catastrophe.
Great flaws are uncovered while contemplating the disaster and the loss of many lives.
As has come to light in the first inquiries; the cement mixes with which these luxury apartment towers were built, some of which reach the sum of one million six hundred thousand dollars; they were made with salt water that undermines the metallic structures that support them.
There is not much to speculate, the facts confirm it, the almost one hundred people who have disappeared so far and the other dead in this disastrous chapter tell us loudly that something is rotting in the business of real estate management in Florida and that still we do not know the scope, causes and consequences of this atrocious event.