by Luis Miranda

​False nationalism threatens 
democracy in the US

A kind of nihilism runs through the Republican army and threatens democracy in the United States. Something similar to what happened in Germany at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. 
When Chancellor Bismarck came to power and opened the doors to the savage capitalism brought by the English, he provoked the appearance of what some writers such as Federico Nietzsche, Kafka, Junger and Wilde, among others, denounced through their works as the appearance of " NIHILISM", that is,  the loss of the morality on which the economy and the religious and social values on which that European civilization had been built was sustained.
That disease of Europe where the lack of moral principles had created a vacuum in which the criteria did not work, caused the ability to distinguish "good from evil", "truth from falsehood" and "the beauty of reality" to be lost. ugliness".
That moral foundation that prevailed then was the basis of law and jurisprudence; of Education; of understanding and feeling; of philosophy, literature and the arts and of course, it was a structural element of the relations between the State and the Christian churches mostly. 
Thomas Man, Franz Kafka and Ernest Junger witnessed these changes in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 
Industrial capitalism provoked a Lutheran retreat to the extent that its principles pointed out that economic activity was oriented to the salvation of the soul. The economy should be governed by morality and thus austerity, sobriety, savings and proper business management were extolled, while an intense religious life was maintained. They had a moral sense of the functioning of  the economy and society.
The entry of Industrial Capitalism that led the  English  promotes and carries out new uses and practices of production and business, orienting them only to excessive accumulation. They get rid of religious and moral restraints and thus the only thing that matters is the indefinite accumulation of money. 
Not all the upper classes joined that capitalism. It didn't motivate them. These people felt very out of place and in a generalized way they became pure rentiers, disconnecting from that new society of savage capitalism and as wealthy people, these deserters settled down to live in a bubble dedicated to art, poetry,  music, and philosophy. 
Those leaders of the German upper social classes were displaced from the dynamism of the new economy because they believed in the principle that "Wealth must be at the service of man and not man at the service of wealth".
In short: in 1870 Germany enters world capitalism. New uses and economic practices fundamentally oriented to the search for indefinite accumulation without any principle, and these leaders replaced by consumerism that isolates them, fall victim to perversion and neurosis, because they let themselves be trapped by what was shown as a sign of excellence, but that hid the inability to adapt to the demands of that historical moment. 
They isolated themselves and thus ended up in the exaltation of illness and suffering. By despising capitalist materialism, they emphasized the moral illness that ended up developing National Socialism. 
Something similar has happened in the United States – keeping the differences of time and distance – because the Republicans have lost the horizon of moral and ethical values, and their politicians and congressmen have clung to protecting the indefinite accumulation of wealth, betraying the principles religious and morals that boast so much to dedicate themselves in an absurd and obstructive way to defend only their PRIVILEGES, without caring about the general well-being of society and respect for human rights.
In addition, they continue to feed false theories of the superiority of the white race, when science has emphatically and absolutely proven that there is no superior race. For defending their privileges and the indefinite accumulation of wealth from their businesses, weapons and oil, they refuse to recognize the physical and material damage caused, for example, by allowing the sale of weapons to civil society, for On the one hand, and to raise awareness of the seriousness of the environmental problems resulting from the indiscriminate use of hydrocarbons, the disappearance of species and the devastation of the planet that endangers the very subsistence of humanity. 
Statements of support or silences about the storming of the Capitol on January 6; the tacit and explicit support for the criminal behavior of the previous pseudo-president, the daily attacks on democracy through the manipulation of the media, and the delaying and obstructive tactics in Congress to sabotage all the laws that can solve social needs and economic demands of the historical moment. 
Added to the restrictive laws of the rights of the voters; the indiscriminate persecution against immigrants; false nationalism; myopia about the new social composition of the country; the frustration of their desire to return to slavery and the attacks on women's rights; They are a clear example of the neurotic path of the republicans towards a neofascism that could lead us to the end of democracy and the emergence of a populist phenomenon like the one represented by Hitler that would be comparable to that of the capitalist communists of China and the new genocidal Tsar: Vladimir Putin.