by Luis Miranda

Climate crisis and ignorance

Humanity is experiencing a very disturbing crisis that puts it in danger of disappearing or at least in the immediate future with terrible and painful consequences for the lives of billions of people throughout the planet.
Nobody will be able to escape, as we cannot do now, from the problems that  result of the so-called "global warming".
Numerous scientists have identified and verified through satellites specialized in portraying the areas of the world where water is disappearing. 
It is not only that there is a reduction of this precious liquid, but that it is disappearing in places far away from each other, as is the case in California, Germany and Australia, for example. 
A rural community in California's Central Valley was left without running water after a heat wave in June 2021 when the only working well pump broke – and may not be able to be refilled – and needed to be transported water in tanker trucks and in five-gallon bottles and containers for the 700 local residents.
In that town of Teviston the amount of water was limited to cover the needs of kitchen, bathroom and consumption. 
The drought has affected the community and they are trying to build another well. 
Thousands of wells in the San Joaquin Valley in California are in danger of drying up in these summer seasons.
The drought is destroying thousands of hectares of forests due to the forest fires it produces and that are still burning this year, not only in the United States, but also in Europe, and due to the lack of water produced by the same phenomenon of global warming.
The trees are suffering from fungi that the dryness of the bark produces, destroying them physically.
These stories are a brief account of the sad reality that humanity is experiencing.
In other regions, on the contrary, it is the intensity of the rains that in a few hours devastates communities and towns. The fury of powerful F5 category tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural phenomena; they are without a doubt, apocalyptic announcements.
Science on the 5 continents has been warning for years about the seriousness of global warming due to the effects of human activity with the use and abuse of oil, industrial plastic waste and deadly chemicals, insecticides, and atomic waste.
Undoubtedly there is awareness in a part of the world of all this problem.
There are universities and organizations created to investigate, looking for solutions to this problem in some regions of the world, but in other areas it is not a priority.
A vast majority are totally unaware of these issues. 
In other regions, the pressures of market and competitive economies, where only the profits and dividends of the investors on duty matter, do not allow the advancement of policies that save the environment.
Since the 1950s, scientists Creek and Watson produced the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and then we humans learned the natural secrets of life that today are used to cure diseases and continue learning about who we are and the world around us. .
We exist thanks to the nature and natural life of this planet called Earth and unfortunately many of the activities that we have created to live are contributing to the destruction of the environment thanks to which we enjoy life, and without which we too will disappear as species.
This that I have summarized here, is a truth of fist. It is not an ideological or religious belief. It's not a conspiracy theory, or magic, or voodoo. Nope!
It is definitely the description of the reality in the present that we experience, today, in this day and moment in which we breathe, write or read this article.
Progressive politicians and Democratic governments around the world understand this and look for possible ways and solutions. That is what the ideas and concepts of those who propose and put into practice consist of, policies tending to develop 'Clean Energies' that do not pollute the environment and that reduce the amount of industrial emissions and the abuse of physical-chemical processes that pollute or pollute. the planet.
Unfortunately, despite all these scientific truths and undeniable realities, there are many politicians who represent billionaire companies and investors who benefit from the economic gains produced by industrial processes and techniques that result in pollution and physical destruction of the environment._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The politicians who represent these interests in the world show themselves to be "conservatives" and refuse to be informed and understand how the planet is changing, out of interest in maintaining their privileges or out of ignorance. 
These politicians and those who follow and support them are blindfolded, naively believing that neither they nor their families will be affected. Big mistake that they must get out of immediately to safeguard their own interests.
From the point of view of politics, there are numerous approaches to the ways in which this climate crisis must be faced, but in practice they can be summarized in two main currents.
The first is the one promoted by democratic, progressive and socially conscious governments and political parties, the best examples of which are those of the Nordic countries, such as Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands mainly, with currents known as social democrats where there are already very strict laws and regulations on the control of emissions and the search for and implementation of new 'Non-polluting' energy sources. 
In general, the nations of the European Union and all the signatories of the Paris Agreement move in the same direction with social awareness and understanding of the climate crisis.
For their part, in the United States, the recent Democratic administrations of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as well as their supporters, are also clearly aware of the problem and are working in that direction. 
Former Vice President Al Gore, when he ran for president in 2000, waved the banner of very strong environmental protection policies and published a very famous book called An Inconvenient Truth.
The other side of the coin, are those politicians   fanatically clinging to social and religious prejudices and keeping their eyes closed and their heads buried in the sand of ignorance, these men deny the existence of the global warming to perpetuate the privileges and power of economies based on the production of energy with the exploitation of oil and coal.
The deniers of the crisis in the United States and in the world are one of the most serious examples of malicious policies and dangerous environmental effects. Their tendencies point to the destruction of the planet, we have seen them represented in the tragicomic Trump and the aulics of his party. The  exmandatario was a seasoned saboteur of the Paris treaty and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) who also left a Supreme Court of Justice that continues to attack the ability of the government and its agencies to safeguard national parks and impose ecological controls on industries. 
Despite the damage done by Trump, the worst example of the disasters caused by the fanatical extreme right has been caused by Ron de Santis in the State of Florida. 
This character denies science to win votes from sectors of the population with the lowest educational level. 
Showing the greatest contempt for life, he politicized the fight against the pandemic and ignored the minimum prevention standards such as the use of masks, even frightening some children who used them inside their school and forcing them to take them off.
Not content with that and with a growing rate of contagion caused by his actions, he attacks a scientist who has dedicated his life for more than 50 years to protecting the country from many diseases:
Doctor Anthony Fauci. He referred to him with sarcasm and contempt when the doctor announced his resignation and said: "Throw that Elf into the Potomac River".  
Clearly that barbaric language is not suitable for a governor and shows his egocentric authoritarianism, his ignorance and lack of respect for science and people in general.
This governor intends to emulate his idol Trump to dethrone him and become president and in this way end up condemning the planet to total destruction. 
The dictatorial attitude of Ron de Santis ranges from the prohibition of important books of universal literature, to attacks on minorities and the LGBTQ community. Facts that show his  dangerous attitude and the damage to an entire society if ignorance triumphs over reason.