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also his part!

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Businesses, whether in the commercial or institutional field, require a presentation and promotion in the community where they operate and develop, but this process does not come by itself. It is necessary to take it by the hand and put it to work, using the tools that give it the push and help it stay afloat.

But how can we achieve it?
Dear readers, the answer focuses on a single line:our local chambers of commerce; those who have been there for so many years, in their community, crying out to join them, to get to know them, to learn about what they do and the benefits they provide to their members, even out of curiosity.
During the last week of April, I was participating in some events and activities organized by these commercial groups. As I sat there, I looked around and wonderedWhy, given the existence of so many businesses in our Broward cities, did the attendance of members and guests not match the growing number of businesses in our municipalities?
And that is precisely where I want to go. Well, let me tell you that the chambers of commerce, at least the ones we are part of, develop countless programs and activities that range from business breakfasts and lunches, meetings and meetings after work, fairs, educational seminars, exhibitions of various firms commercial and institutional, galas, recognitions, even advice and guidance to start a business or grow the one that already exists.
But becoming a member of a chamber of commerce does not mean that they will do the work for you and bring you clients. That may be what some members hope to find. What they do do is automatically locate your business in their databases, place it by category, recommend it for membership, keep it in mind, and many other benefits that it would take me more time to describe in this space. And if you become a trustee of the chamber, sponsor of its events, part of its board of directors, ambassador, volunteer, and many other available positions, the benefits are even greater. But, "be careful," you have to let yourself be seen and participate. But in doing so, you need to blend in with others, reach out, and let them blend in with you. And if you don't own a business or represent one, contact your chamber of commerce to volunteer. You will always be welcome for the valuable help you can offer them. You might even land a lead for someone looking for a job, or even for yourself. 
I take advantage of this space so that they can also join the networking groups that have been independently formed in our communities. They also seek to attract and bring together local merchants and institutions, and little by little they have grown and are maintained thanks to the support of their members. Your presence is vital because the benefit is mutual.
The message that I wanted to convey about the chambers of commerce is that they should be your ally, your adviser and, why not, your helping hand on the best route to take for the growth and success of your company. But you also have to do your part!

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