Personality and Territory

20 años.png

For this coming month of June we will already be reaching our 20 years of publication uninterruptedly in Broward County. It sounds easy but, for many, it is not. And it is that maintaining a paper publication for so many years, enduring the vicissitudes of a digital world, is a battle that this medium has had to face. We have defended the value of paper and respect for the readers who wait for our edition every month because they know they are going to see something related to their environment, where they live and work.
During all these years I have seen parade numerous newspapers and magazines that had to close their circulation, as well as others that died in the attempt; either due to lack of advertising support, printers with solidarity prices, or due to the absence of useful content that would retain the reader, that is, the gear that would help them start and survive. The situation, especially for the little ones, worsened with the passage of the pandemic where everything took a digital turn that consumed us.
But, what is it that really helps a small print medium to maintain and consolidate itself?
Considering the survival of In the USA, the medium must have its own personality, one that defines its line, objective and distribution area. For a local and community newspaper that receives the support of small businesses from surrounding cities, pretending to cover all of South Florida and dancing from one county to another is to go down the least realistic path, with the highest risk, and little benefit to your advertisers. 
And in terms of information, our editorial line is the coverage and promotion of programs, events and activities of the municipalities that make up Broward County, as well as non-profit institutions and the private sector. But in the USA it also makes room for the common resident, the one little recognized and valued. That is the one we bring to our readers because, at some point, they could also be in our pages. We don't need to jump the fence to another county looking for stories to tell. Here we have them in our own backyard.
It is for this reason that, almost 20 years ago, we gave personality and territory to En USA by focusing on a single county - Broward.