Change the dial!

Do not follow information
false and conspiratorial

For as long as I can remember, the radio has been my company day and night. Their newscasts, with that information that echoes in our ears, remain etched like indelible ink and we share them with people around us. This is also the case with music, the sticky one, the one that we both radiate and hum for days.
But what really leads me to write about the radio, with special emphasis on those of Miami in Spanish, is the worrying display of news, especially at the political level, full of misinformation, lies, slander and conspiracies, which are being broadcast on South Florida. One thing is military and defending the doctrine of a political party, and another is raising and spreading falsehoods about the opposing party or person without a solid, sustained and reliable sources. As they say over there, such a repeated and insisted lie can end up being believed to be true.
For several months now, the alarming situation of the newscasts in most of the Miami radio stations (AM) in Spanish has been aired with concern on television programs in English, with so much unfounded political disinformation that keeps the bulk in a capsule of the Hispanic population that listens to them because of the language barrier because they have no other option.
The veracity in the world of news and what we live day by day is what allows us to educate ourselves more about this country and move forward, but unfortunately the impudence and insistence on launching affirmations without basis or investigated is what is confusing that listener with Limitations on other credible news sources.
Just take a look at the bunch of barbarities about the result of the 2020 presidential elections and all that display of falsehoods of an alleged "robbery" in the electoral process, (and many other lies) to analyze the seriousness of these accusations that the radio, especially those of this state, repeat and repeat, generating an echo in the Hispanic community.
And the most unusual thing is that journalists (some of them) with university degrees, graduates, and who went through a learning of truthfulness in the news and research in their countries from which they came, are falling so low, dragged by a cheap political belief, of insults, actions and dictatorial behavior.
And I wonder if these journalists and their listeners came fleeing the dictatorship in their countries of origin seeking freedom, or if deep down they prefer to choose the system that made them leave, seeing them commune with a figure full of lies, dictatorial behavior , unprincipled, and wrong.

Dear readers, I recommend listening to National Public Radio WLRN 91.3 FM for better documentation and political education. I also invite you to follow nomasdisinfo.com with information in English and Spanish, based on facts, not on fantasies or conspiracies.
Let's join together to create a Spanish-language radio station in Broward that represents us, reflects and defends the democracy of this beautiful country that welcomed us.