When a brother leaves!

This is the note that I would never want to write, especially when it comes to a brother whom I helped and gave him protection from a distance, perhaps because I saw him as the one who did not advance and stayed in time. His passion was horses and gambling, and he had his followers in search of accurate data.
My brother Rey, as we called him, despite his joviality and charisma, was very lonely; He always lived with my mother, took care of her, and was her companion until she left in 2016. He only had his puppy Manchi who died at the same time, leaving only the love and assistance of his brothers and closest family. He never started a family; he was satisfied that they were aware of him and that he did not lack food.
On March 5 he turned 62 years old (he looked younger) and that same month he was hospitalized for a lung infection, they managed to extract it in part, he gave signs of recovery but the lack of attention from specialists who could find his real clinical picture, worsened his situation

Chain indolence by chest specialists at the Hospital Central de Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela
Coinciding with my brothers who were close to him, the medical indolence on the part of the specialists who never took his case as critical and urgent, and did not even appear in his room, I can conclude that perhaps my brother Rey could have been saved from having had the presence and timely attention of these specialists. The level of indolence that runs through the corridors of any medical center in Venezuela is such that we can only resign ourselves and leave in the hands of God those "chest doctors" who turned their backs on a human being to save his life. lifetime. Those who were there were postgraduate medical students from the area of internal medicine.

Hospitals -pure facade
But the most unusual thing is that in this hospital, well built and with a solid structure, there is a shortage of everything (equipment, implements and supplies.) You have to carry everything - from a syringe, and stop counting. Every medicine they asked for was delivered immediately. We never spared any effort to pay them, mostly in dollars, because our goal was to save our brother's life at all risks.
In a Venezuela without leadership, and with a democracy that was buried, the strength of its basic services and its entire structure has collapsed, and thus the values and principles of its people.
Now, what remains of our brother is his eternal memory, his smile, jokes of his personality, and the sixty-two years that was the only thing that could accompany us.
See you soon brother!