An Encouragement to Our Advertisers

Dear readers of this printed medium, followers of our website and social networks. Starting in March, we will begin to publish interviews with the newspaper's active sponsors; those who with their advertising guidelines have made it possible for this medium that now rests in their hands to be produced, printed and distributed every month.
We will write about the essence of their business, origin, community support, what made them pack one day and start in this great country of opportunities, their good and bad times, their families, adaptation, integration, and what it means to develop. its business activity in a destination of laws and regulations very different from our lands of origin.
What motivates us to this encouragement is a humble way for you as readers to know more about your merchants, who they are, what they did before leaving, their feelings towards this nation that houses them, the years they want to continue spending here or if they wish to retire in their terroirs. It also motivates us to know if this is really the business where they have always wanted to be, if it was worth the investment, and the recommendations that, based on their experiences, they can give to others along the way, and in the same field.
But above all, we seek a connection between the advertiser and you, dear reader, who every month seeks our copies to inform and educate themselves. Each business expects your support for all the effort they make to offer their products and services to the community. That is why we are motivated to interview them, deepen their feelings a little and bring them a part of them every month. In this way, we will get them to become more familiar with them so that they consume their products and establish a customer-to-business relationship and vice versa.
Nothing enhances the community more than the support and support of our local business, the one that is there every day, and in our own backyard.

Judith E. Crocker

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