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By Judith Crocker

Honoring the earth in its month and the blessed soil
of freedom where we live

It sounds pleasant because of its smell of established democracy, and I hope we continue to enjoy what it is like to live where everything or almost everything is made easier.

This year, as everyone knows, is a presidential election, and only the unanimous vote of those of us who love and respect this progressive country can allow us to continue embracing and being grateful for what we have achieved.

I frequently wonder and consult with people who have been studying human behavior for years and their positions regarding one or another candidate in the political arena. Why do immigrants who come from a dictatorial regime in their countries of origin feel attracted to continuing to support those who lean towards authoritarianism, revenge, hatred and restriction of the freedom that we so admire in this great nation?

The truth is that I don't make sense of his preferences. Could it be that they like to be ruled by whipping? yell at them? mistreat them with insults and see them as unwanted people because they are immigrants? Or could it be that precisely because they come from underdeveloped countries, with restrictions, and where violence has exceeded the tolerance of ordinary citizens, they feel inferior and that is why they accept humiliation?

Nothing is further from reality. And I wonder: What motivated us to choose this fruitful soil and not another destination, perhaps closer to our lands of origin? I think the answer is very clear: live free in democracy and in a country of resources and opportunities. The choice of who progresses or not is a matter of ourselves and the path we take.

But perhaps for those who cling to a mocking candidate, who lies blatantly, without respect for institutions, individualistic, of zero reading, without experience or preparation in directing the helm of a nation of this magnitude, impregnated with different cultures, they do not see it. like this and they think that everything is a political game. Well let me tell you that this is not the case and that our democracy is at risk. If we rest on our laurels by staying at home, allowing others to get ahead of us and decide for us, we run the risk of losing it and perhaps not getting it back. It is enough to look at ourselves in the mirror of the countries that have been living oppressed for years without the hope of getting out of that regime.

Attacking a venerable institution because the balance (thanks to the voters) did not tip in our favor is not living in democracy, refusing to accept defeat is not democracy, much less doubting the integrity of a system of free elections. That's not democracy!

Believe it or not Your vote is your power!

Make it feel!

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