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A good one that leaves and another that comes better

With the beginning of a 2023 full of promises, plans, renovations, to conclude what could not be completed, and to improve what is underway, our newspaper opens another year of activities and opportunities for new and existing businesses that are encouraged to promote their products and services in the community where they live and work. 
This is how this year we want to offer you the pages of En USA (printed and digital) with 20 years of circulation in Broward, so that you can begin to publish your business in a potential market such as the Hispanic market. 
Apart from the social networks that you choose to place your ads, do not forget that there is still a considerable sector of our adult population that is thirsty and eager to touch, browse, smell and read what comes to their hands on paper, something tangible that they can fold, store and look at again for many years, just as they did before the technological avalanche.
The 2022 that left us in June left us with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication that now rests in your hands, the support of advertisers faithful to the paper, our dedicated writers, consistent readers, and others who are encouraged to join that group. . Oh! And we could not close 2022 without that World Championship in Argentina, a country that well deserved that victory.
We will always be grateful to our advertisers who have supported us for several years and are consistent with our medium. Many of them repeat their advertising guidelines every year, which makes us proud and commits us to comply even more.
In this 2023 we will continue feeding our printed version, the website and Instagram with the content required by each of these formats.
It only remains for me to say THANK YOU to those of us who make up this small work team (layout, distribution, columnists), my daughter, my husband and you, my reader friend, who follows us every month.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2023!

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