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By Ernesto Morales

Today's adolescence

Many of today's teenagers believe they are in possession of vast knowledge about various subjects, even more so than their own parents. This is not new; They have always had parallel behavior. We have all gone through that stage with greater or lesser intellectuality. It's more of

a generational thing. However, currently some adolescents would not know how to answer a classic question that is asked of those who go through that age: “Who was born first: the chicken or the egg?” Even in a joking tone, the question contains the seriousness that the reader wants

to give it.

And adolescents, as the term indicates, “lack” enough experience or wisdom to discuss or debate certain topics. Adolescence is a period of time trapped between childhood and youth and, as the word itself indicates, those who enjoy the privilege of that age still lack the maturity to immerse themselves in deep topics.

Perhaps it is because of the above that it has caught my attention that the possibility of authorizing the acquisition and possession of weapons for this group of boys is now being debated, who, unlike adults, lack sufficient common sense, knowledge or talent. , as to expertly discern between good and bad, and on the contrary consider themselves to have sufficient sanity and wisdom to make wise decisions that are related in some way to the most accurate and lucid levels of justice.

There is a multitude of opinions against boys reaching this possibility at such an early age. It is the time in which the boasts of youth, often motivated by the most absolute trifles, prevail over the most prudent and calm reasoning. We'll see what happens over the course of the days. I hope no one has to regret such a risky decision.

Although, in reality, their attitude in a large percentage of the opportunities is not their fault. On many occasions within families the abilities that children possess are evoked and without intending to do so we impose a superiority complex on them that in the long run disables them. Internet networks and television could also be partly to blame.

And it is no less true that there are teenagers who dazzle us with their discoveries in various fields of research: in science, technology and other similar disciplines, and, without realizing it, we make them believe that they are geniuses inserted in our family nucleus. But, there is nothing more harmful than these disquisitions. A teenager, unfortunately, must always have the consent of his elders to discuss any matter that deserves the participation of an experienced mind and, what better than his parents, grandparents and other elders in the family?

Young people often act by giving up control of their impulses of the moment, sometimes frantic and sometimes violent. Rarely measured. Recent history could not refute what I say: as we have witnessed the news reported by the media, there are a lot of mass shootings in the statistics where the perpetrator is precisely a teenager who, without valid reasoning to support his actions , as an immediate consequence of sometimes insignificant circumstances, blind the lives of third parties - on some occasions, children, mothers, siblings or fathers - without having stopped to reflect on the scope of such reactions. It is a shame that we do not do more to avoid these episodes full of unjustified anger, which fill multiple homes with mourning and destroy hope.

of their families.

It would not be totally fair if I did not comment that there is a large crowd of extremely pleasant, friendly young people, storytellers if there were any, who make the most boring people laugh and are the joy of the homes where they live. They are modest boys who are always surrounded by the affection of their family and friends and do not lose their temper. They are young people with whom we all want to share because we enjoy their occurrences and they are thousands of light years away from having misguided behavior like the one we discussed in previous paragraphs. Boys who use the magic words at every step: “hello, please and thank you”, learned in the heat

from homes, surrounded by family.

The difference between one and the other is often in the insertion - without a defined purpose - into some groups of disoriented friends, both from school or university, and from the neighborhood where they live. Also sometimes, their derailment lies in imitating - out of envy - the behavior of other lucky boys with girls or the bad examples provided by a member of their own family or neighbors on the block, who observe rebellious and seditious behavior, reaching to the exaltation of passions, becoming leaders of small groups of rioters. Copying them is a big mistake, but some young people fall into the most excessive imitation without stopping to think about the consequences.

And the path their psyche chooses, one day they will reach adulthood and, if they have not had unpleasant experiences during their youth, they will inevitably have them when they are older because life, in one way or another, takes its toll in the end. or before.

This is why I advise all teenagers who can read this article and all parents, grandparents, uncles and other elders in the family who read it, to sow the seed of education in the boys. Education is acquired in many ways and in many places: at home, at school or university, and at the homes of family or friends. But to obtain it, young people must be willing to receive it with open arms. Refusing to do so is like refusing to be happy and refusing to make happy their parents and other people who feel a filial, selfless and human love for them.

Do not falter in your intentions to educate adolescents in the true path of life. Far from shouting, obscene gestures, bad words, lack of respect and other attitudes that only lead to the destruction of the society in which we live. Try by all means to acquire social class through study, moderation and good sense, indispensable components of human behavior in these times. Sticking our heads in the sand like ostriches waiting for the storm to pass is a way of deceiving ourselves and unintentionally cooperating with the moral devaluation of our family and our environment.


Ernesto Morales

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