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By Ernesto Morales


In these times, if you are sensitive and impressionable, it will be almost suicidal to tune in to the radio, read a newspaper or watch television. The deaths and injuries caused by firearms, kidnappings, revenge and shootings between family members or friends, armed robberies, suicides, drugs, child abuse and many other deplorable episodes that go beyond people's pity, are capable of raising the hairs on the body of anyone who prides themselves on being perceptive in the face of such incidents. And don't doubt that tears of compassion will come to more than one's eyes.

So, you, determined not to continue abusing your eyesight and your psyche, put aside the news that has disturbed you and turn the page of the newspaper, turn the dial on the radio or change the channel on the television. And, surprise! A photo appears with an article, or a radio diatribe, or a video of a politician from any corner of the planet, arguing his political strategies, or replying to those who, he argues, are his opponents, his declared enemies, who attacked him mercilessly. for a comment misinterpreted by them, which escaped the rival politician at a recent press conference. And we ask ourselves: what is this? Could it be that aliens are already dominating the scene everywhere and we haven't noticed? Is Artificial Intelligence already taking charge of political circumstances?

Well yes. Believe it or not, it seems that we are in the hands of characters capable of anything to win the approval of their followers, in an attempt - sometimes failed, sometimes not - to add an audience to their campaign and, in the process, increase their personal wealth. What a coincidence! Both achievements at the same time.

Corruption has no time to end. And it is not an invention of now. There are plenty of examples in history that speak of these abuses: from the Italian Cardinal Richelieu, who allied himself with the Protestants to fight against the dynasty and thus bring his team of coreligionists to power. Likewise, there are the Corsican emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Minister of the Interior José Fouché and the French chancellor, Charles Maurice Talleyrand, all allies according to the circumstances and personal conveniences of each one, to fight battles and rise to power.

Throughout the centuries, politicking has been understood as a means to dominate the people whom leaders, officials and egomaniacs say and should represent. Politics is “the art of the possible”, as the Italian philosopher, writer and diplomat, Nicolas Machiavelli, defined at the time in his famous novel: “The Prince”.

It was not in vain that Henry of Bourbon - better known then as Henry III -, the controversial Huguenot king of Navarre, granted the Catholics, who disputed his aspirations in the French monarchy of the time, the opportunity to debate with him as equals, a time he renounced Protestantism to convert to Catholicism, making legendary the phrase: “Paris is worth a mass.” Thus, apparently giving ground, he became Henry IV, king of France.

And the democracy designed by Pericles -5th century BC- provides fodder for all purposes: good, regular or bad. Pericles ruled Athens for more than 30 years, developed the arts and letters and brought the Hellenic concept to its maximum splendor. “Demo”, from Greek, translates as “people”. And “cracy”, like “government” or “power”. Hence the coined term “democracy” or “power of the people”, which governs most countries on the planet with a view to the future, but which is often used by freeloaders to entrench themselves on the throne and do their thing to right and left.

It is a real shame that behind each enormous intention of certain valuable and exemplary officials, to lead the good progress of society towards the future along the paths of peace and tranquility, they stumble upon the trips of ignorant people or talentless madmen who do so. The only thing they want is to enrich themselves at the expense of the same people they claim to defend, protect and help. What hypocrisy!

These are attitudes assumed by certain directors, presidents and other overvalued positions of corporations and multimillion-dollar companies who, protected by the concept devised by Pericles, contribute to filling their coffers without a hint of scruple regarding their neighbors, while hundreds of children die daily. of hunger and thirst in various corners of the globe. A tragedy that can be avoided with a minimum of mercy; Only they have to shake off the dust of ambition and fill their lungs with the oxygen that purifies the soul and restores the nobility lost in the jungle of interests through which they try to make their way at any cost.


Many of the company owners are not at all interested in the fate of others other than those who pay homage to them. They only care about your money. And the so-called "vile metal" transcends the curtains of any theater and pushes the greedy to generate any type of strategy in order to achieve their purposes, regardless of their ends.


The arms, insurance, oil, pharmaceutical, investment, construction and other industries of equal importance have the political parties of their respective countries practically trapped by the throat. They contribute large sums of money to all of them knowing that they will benefit in one way or another. Once any of the parties for which they contributed - above or below the table - wins the battle, they will owe their ascension to the front line of the government and, therefore, they will be subject to their wishes, whatever they may be. , some, or many times, even, far from honesty and dignity. This is why distrust is dormant, but latent in the minds of the population.

So, the common denominator of voters in elections feels contaminated with diverse political opinions, and, therefore, overwhelmed. All of the aforementioned opinions appear to be in line with the aspirations of society and its members, but nothing could be further from the truth. These are strategic arguments made by talented minds who master words and have the means at their disposal, because they are paid with campaign money. Such media will repeat what they are told to repeat. Many of them also don't care who wins or loses, but rather how much they have offered for their services.


Meanwhile, the common citizen bites his nails, has a headache and cannot sleep properly. The world seems to be in the wrong hands... or is it?


NOTE: This June marks 23 years since EnUSAnews brings the truth to your homes.


Ernesto Morales

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