"Between quotation marks"

by Ernesto Morales


Everywhere, any day and at any time, contemporary civilization can witness the lifestyle that seems to constantly and unconsciously conspire against those who seek to maintain the foundations of decorum and order. For example: we contemplate certain politicians who have disregarded the usual diplomacy to mask their ambitions for power and money, and now, they act bare-chested. We also hear extraordinary expressions in concerts, recitals, radio, television and the Internet, of current music, which in many cases - fortunately not all - has become an absurd spectacle, with vulgar lyrics, if not depressing or depressing. tastelessness. On the other hand, we see the fashions and trends of some designers stuck in the retina of fans through the most verbose advertising designed to persuade them, bordering on ridicule without shame, bordering on impudence and embarrassment. 
To continue along this line, we discover that, in the religious sphere, many of the self-proclaimed "committed to the faith" pontificate as if they were gospels certain irrational dogmas, far removed from what constitutes the rituals of their ceremonies, which, supposedly , they have used to their parishioners. 
In another sphere, we are first-rate witnesses of the extrapolation that has been made with sport and, it is sad to note that there are athletes with extraordinary talent in the discipline they practice, who - perhaps ill advised or influenced by a juicy contract - rant left and right laughable theories and opinions on subjects of which they do not have the slightest of ideas. 
And I will not leave aside the auctions: Have you noticed how crazy some auctions that are carried out today are? Paintings and sculptures by artists of relative renown, from a past era full of splendor in the arts, commercialized by people who, in many cases, are unaware of the history that surrounds them; ancient coins treasured by some numismatists of dubious honesty and lineage; dishonest philatelics who create false legends about the issuance of some stamps. 
In this line we also have auctions of used clothes that were part of the wardrobe of certain personalities, puppets or characters - deceased or not - and that have left their shine on the road, in some cases - few, by the way - costume pieces held by collectors of low integrity and ethical standing; and thus, other gadgets, marketed for millions of dollars, thus satisfying the ego of sellers and buyers in a gray market - to put it mildly - sometimes even semi-clandestine, spurred at times by the most outdated ambition, in spite of the hunger suffered by many people, including children, in various corners of the globe. 
How far are these rates of decline that the passing of days are forcing us to witness are going to take us? Societies are known to reach a peak of development - history is full of outstanding examples - and from there, historians argue, they begin an involuntary descent through unthinkable levels and categories; but the decadence we are dealing with and referring to is incoherent in excess of examples, if not confusing and incomprehensible. Why? Some wonder. Have we not achieved excellence in a multitude of areas of the most select civilization? Could it be that the useful play on words that came to mind a few days ago, when I was looking for information to write this article, has become evident? A picturesque phrase, incidentally, a kind of tongue twister, but no less truthful for that: "the satiety of filth in society"? Everything can be in the middle of this crowd of misunderstandings.
Young people do not excuse their parents, grandparents and other older relatives from assuming certain attitudes, and vice versa. We don't fully understand each other between generations, do we? What is really happening?
There are those who point to the natural dynamics of various sources that feed the development of humanity as the Earth revolves around the sun, that is, over the years, decades, and even centuries. 
All this began, of course, after the first beings of the species emerged from their caves and discovered fire, produced by striking two flints or rubbing two branches of wood. Then came the wheel and many centuries later his descendants invented the steam engine, the camera, the telephone, television, the computer and the Internet, among many other advances. This activity on the evolutionary scale dragged with it millions of people close to or far from the environment in which they were conceived and put into practice, but wherever they were found the magical halo of novelties attributed to the course of time reached them. 
In this way, the youngest plunged deeper into the sea of knowledge that opened before their eyes. Such was the magnitude of firsts, inventions and discoveries that reached them, that a natural predilection then arose for the hitherto unknown and which was now part of their days. It was an unforgivable sin not to inquire or worry, not to put an issue to everything innovative and novel that came to them, where I include the variants of the language and the dialects and certain deformations of the slang. 
Thus, groups of understanding were formed, clubs of all kinds, subjects in universities, training at all levels: Society had an obligation and a duty to prepare for what was to come in a short time. And the latest in technology and science arrived, the latest in social development: Knowing, knowing, not lagging behind the momentum of development!
What happened? Were the neurons of the pioneers in the sciences, the arts, and other projections of the human race saturated? Was it too much of the multitude of illustrations and wisdom pouring in at them from everywhere? And it was then that they began to slide down the slope until they fell off a cliff, plunging into a void that seems to have no bottom. 
This, dear readers, has been called "decadence", and it is our obligation to dig trenches consistent with the degree of civilization that we have reached, to defend what remains in this march towards the future, without constituting ourselves as brakes of the future. development, but arming ourselves at the same time with all the dignity that we can unite to face what could lie ahead on this route to infinity. 
I count on you!