"Between quotation marks"

by Ernesto Morales

Today, once again, the phrase has become fashionable. Blame it on Covid-19.

The light at the end of the tunnel

The phrase that gives rise to the title of this article lends itself to endless interpretations. Its origin is lost in the confines of history, in the mixture of the underlying regional cultures on the planet and in the restless tidal wave of the views of scientists. Both of them use them trying to explain situations that escape the most rigorous of their analysis.
Take for example the study published in the United Kingdom by a group of researchers who analyzed the responses of a terminally ill patient. According to these professionals, the subject, coming to his senses after a long agony navigating the interiors of his own being, referred to this light with an excessive emotion. According to scientific criteria, the observance of this light is nothing more than a deep psychological event with mystical elements, and they attribute its origin to the tension of the moment caused by physical or emotional pain, even caused by heart attacks or injuries to the cortex. cerebral.
Today, once again, the phrase has become fashionable. Blame it on Covid-19. And the fact comes to mind that, with the vaccines approved by the scientists of the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna, after passing the required tests, everything seems to indicate that the coronavirus could be about to disappear from the face of the earth. .
Viruses that produce epidemics, endemics and pandemics have cyclically plagued humanity and there is not a single century in the last two millennia in which some type of pathogen has not appeared in the environment of civilizations to spoil it. feast on homo sapiens, leaving in its wake a trail of death and desolation. Science in all ages has fought hard beyond the unheard of, trying to neutralize the chances of success of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. History collects names of super successful scientists in various subjects that we admire and of whom we are proud to belong to our species: human. The list is too long to review in this article, just citing Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Robert Kosch, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming, Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, and many more.
To the above relationship we should include doctors, nurses and health personnel and health services in general, who have been caring for the sick at all times, risking their own lives in the effort: without fear, without resigning themselves to losing battles, and providing constant breath of life to the sick, thereby offering the hope that helps people so much when they find themselves in a scenario as depressing as the fear that they may be part of the death statistics.
In the long run, it seems that the struggle of men and women who have sacrificed to the inconceivable, postponing their rest, sleeping for few hours, devoted to the task of neutralizing these microscopic entities, symbols of evil, has yielded its fruit: everything leads us to consider that experts have managed to accurately identify these pathogens that have sown the most advanced civilizations of their time with death and will soon be exterminated thanks to the vaccines authorized for their next inoculation to the public. This passage, in metaphorical terms, is our "light at the end of the tunnel."
Now I will go slowly into another issue that has kept us in check for the last few years: the right or wrong decisions of the administration in the United States. How would you suggest that we rate the management of the current government led by President 45? Do you think Donald J. Trump did a good job? Has he been imprecise on issues that he is totally unaware of -remember that he is a man who comes from finance and real estate- and due to his ignorance in politics he has made mistakes that his team cannot justify -even giving him in the analysis the benefit of the doubt, of course, that he acted with good intentions? Have you been disparaging of immigrants, Blacks and Latinos, citizens of Third World countries, women, homosexuals, the poor, agricultural workers, and low-level employees?
The list of vagueness and confusion pointed out by various reliable press media is too long to review in this short article, suffice it to say that, perhaps - involuntarily - it has dealt with racial and social conflicts with an extremely rigid control measure, in some cases lacking compassion, sometimes misrepresenting the details of some pending debate and bringing to the table of negotiations with dissimilar groups - the Black Lives Matter, for example - decisions taken quickly, without taking into account factors that could harm their trajectory and legacy.
Along this line there are also conflicts with other programs: DACA and TPS, the Affordable Insurance Act (Obamacare) and the deficient management that the Administration has carried out regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic, as reported by the main chains of national and international television, radio and press. Has President 45 really set out to generate thunderous debates on these issues within his government, or did they simply emerge on the way, between the corridors of the White House, due - according to his detractors - to his alleged tendency to improvisation? Would you add the issue of the border wall with Mexico -still in the pillory-, an agenda designed even before taking office, which has led to eternal discussions within both political parties, perhaps slowing the development of other issues of greater relevance ? It is difficult to know.
For now, the elections have taken place and, according to what is looming in the distance, the current first president has not been able to demonstrate the alleged fraud for which he claims to have lost to Democrat Joe Biden, nor have the lawsuits presented by his team had the support - not even by compromise - of competent courts in multiple states, including the Supreme Court. These avatars set the standard for a deeper reflection than we are possibly used to.
Experience forces us to wait patiently for outcomes. In politics there is nothing written to suit any ideology. And, although for writers and philosophers, "politics is the art of the possible", judging by the facts that we have witnessed, it seems that once again the stereotypical phrase becomes clear, and you can see "a light at the end of the tunnel".

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