From my window

by Mercedes Moresco

Of educators and learners

When it comes to teaching, the mouths are filled with repeated formulas, the chapter books and more chapters of what a teacher should and should not do, they are filled with how, why, and how far. The chairs of pedagogy are crammed with infallible truths and precepts, with plans and objectives to follow, with rules that must not be broken.

Finally the day arrives. Classes start. Doors open. It is the classroom. The students. Teacher. And before them a challenge: learning.

How to make a student learn what we want to teach him? How to achieve that the learning objectives are met? 

Personally, I don't believe in magic formulas, but I do  in the teacher's connection with his students, in affection, in respect, in admiration.

I believe that the basis and the seed of all learning is the desire to know the new, which originates in  that first amazement at the unknown. Since man is born he is a being who strives to discover, to explore. Just take a look at little children poking around everything in their path and you will see that I am not exaggerating.

And what happens then when this learning is neither so interesting nor so enjoyable? What has been lost along the way when children do not want to read or do not seem to want to know anything more about study, books, knowledge in general? It is, simply, that the enthusiasm has been lost, in some corner there has been that spark that made them want to discover. Sometimes the same boredom and the school routine collaborate in this loss, other times it is the mark of obligation and duty that takes away the taste of the matter, other times, the difficulty.

In my opinion, if you want to successfully complete a basic education, it is essential to combine three elements: play, effort and self-confidence. The first to not stop enjoying, to find in the study that bit of fun and enthusiasm without which everything becomes extremely boring. The effort to face the most arduous tasks, those that require practice and hours of concentration. Finally, working on self-esteem is essential when it comes to learning.

A student who believes that he cannot, surely cannot. A student who thinks he does not know will not know. It is the teacher's job to detect failures in self-esteem in their children and stimulate them to strengthen it.

Knowledge is an exciting adventure, so that no one deprives himself of the challenge of discovering it, and returning to classes this August is the best way to start it.