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From my window

by Mercedes Moresco

A fun summer in Spanish

Spring is here and the heat that is beginning to feel stronger reminds us that summer is coming soon, very soon, just around the corner. For those of us who work at Educando a América, this will be the first summer that we are offering the camp in Spanish again, which we canceled in July 2020 for reasons that do not need to be clarified.
So this will be a summer of reunions. We have many families excited about the possibility that their children will once again enjoy a summer in Spanish. 
Last weekend we attended an event called Camp Connections at Tree Tops Park. We were amazed to see the number of families that were interested in our proposal, which, academically speaking, is extremely playful and fun. Throughout these summers we have witnessed how children learn Spanish if they are offered interesting proposals, focused on learning and practicing the language. 
One of the families that caught our attention was that of a father with his nine-year-old girl. They got closer and, while the little girl played to put corks in some strategically placed boxes and answer the questions that came from there, the father told us that the girl did not want to speak Spanish and that he threatened her: "- If you don't speak to me in Spanish I'm going to send you to a summer camp where only Spanish is spoken." Of course, said like that, no child is going to want to learn Spanish. Learning a language is a decision, a choice of the families, of the student as well, never a punishment. The funniest thing is that the girl asked her father to enroll her in the camp. He had liked the dynamics of the game and that little time he had spent playing in Spanish. The camp is called: Dive into Spanish and it is a total immersion experience in the language. That is why our motto is: Live a summer in Spanish.

Many immigrant families have been concerned, and are concerned, that our children and grandchildren will lose the language of their roots. And it is important that we understand two things: one, that to learn a language it is not enough to speak it at home, formal instruction is very important. Two, that punishments and demands do not make children appreciate the language. That we as parents, or grandparents, have to make the children want the language and culture that gave rise to them. The music, the trips, the food, everything contributes to instill that love for their own land, and for their language. Educate from love. that is the way. Even if we get impatient. Even if we think it won't happen. Although we see the resistance in them. You have to keep insisting. Someday, and I'm sure of that, they will thank us. 

If you are interested in the Spanish camp:

What: Dive into Spanish
When: From June 12 to August 4
Where: Village Community Center - 
6700 SW 13th St Pembroke Pines Fl
Hours: Monday de 
Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. - 
Extended hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For information and registration: 

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