From my window

by Mercedes Moresco

If you have never participated in a writing workshop, it is time you decided to do it.

Writing workshop

This time of pandemic, confinement and recollection, has made many people turn to writing and workshops around the world have proliferated.
If you have never participated in a writing workshop, it is time you decided to do it. If you like to read and write in Spanish, if you want to express yourself better or just put your ideas on a sheet of paper, daily practice and interaction with others who write will help you improve your writing. I say this from experience.
Since I was a girl I started to write. I studied Literature in Buenos Aires and that broadened my vision of the world and universal literature. I attended many workshops with excellent writers who helped me polish my texts. Then I started giving my own workshops. I used to teach several workshops in Argentina and continued to do so upon my arrival in the United States in private or public groups offered by the Broward Libraries or the Miami Book Fair. The intense work of the Spanish school took me away from my own workshops for a while, but 2020 and the pandemic gave me extra hours, so I took advantage.
Some time ago I decided to offer the writing workshop for young people and adults again with this motto: to write, correct and write better. The idea is to offer a space for those interested in continuing to write in Spanish and share this task with others.
It happens that the job of writing is necessarily solitary, so it is very good to have a meeting place with the writing of others, where each one can in turn read and read, listen and listen to, correct and correct themselves.
What the workshop is all about? Very easy. We meet once a week, by zoom, and each workshop participant shares their own text. We all discussed it. It is really very interesting to hear the opinion of others, the interpretations, the phrases that most reach other readers and those that they do not like so much. To participate in the workshop you have to know how to listen as well as read.
We also share and read other writers, we nourish ourselves with great authors who serve as examples and inspiration. In each workshop we give a writing instruction that is used to continue writing during the week. Although, as I say, the slogan is an excuse. To fulfill it or not, too. The important thing is to write, and keep writing.
Do you have to be a writer to participate? No way. You learn to write by writing, so you just need to put pencils to work.
Today, the ability to generate your own content is a highly sought after skill in the world of work, in this technological age surrounded by social networks, websites and emails. Because we can all think, have wonderful ideas, but from thought to paper there is a verb called writing and it consists simply of that: communicating a thought in writing. And those with skill can make a big difference in whatever activity they undertake.
If you still have doubts, curious reader, write me.