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Noris Capin was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. She traveled to the United States with her family in 1969. She attended high school in Boston, Massachusetts. At Broward College, Florida, she continued her teaching studies, specializing in language, children's literature, curriculum, and fine arts. Watercolor artist, landscaper and calligrapher, Noris, carries out her works using vibrant and innumerable colors, thus managing to create her particular artistic style.


Author of two books "Woman, Get Up!" and "At the edge of dawn". Works that have been widely accepted among women for their content of support and spiritual growth. In her books, Noris expresses her opinion by exalting the integrity of the woman, the life and the solemnity of God.

She has been able to express herself in her writings in a natural and charitable way, giving a harmonious touch to each of her texts, further ennobling self-respect, appreciation of life and the indisputable essence that lives in the heart of a woman.


Noris worked as a columnist and independent correspondent for the newspaper "La Voz Católica", of the Archdiocese of Miami, for a period of three years, until its closure in 2009. She continues, every month, in her effort to honor the dignity of the woman, writing in the newspaper "En USA Spanish-language Newspaper" since 2006.

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