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In June 2002, our monthly publication En USA was created due to the need, at that time, to have a newspaper that would broadcast, in our own language, the programs, events, and activities developed in Broward County. So we decided to dust off all that useful information generated in the county cities, translate them into Spanish and publish them in a language that is simple and easy to digest by our readers.


Provide a deep understanding of the American lifestyle, its regulations and laws, to help our people adapt, integrate and love this great country.

IMG_4860 Primera edicjion Junio,  2002 E


En USA  focuses on what is happening here, in our own backyard. It is a one-stop newspaper that informs and educates the Hispanic community about programs, events, activities of local government offices, non-profit institutions, and the private sector, so that Hispanics can participate and integrate into the affairs of the cities where they live, work, and take care of their families. Generally, En USA focuses on the economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of the United States.

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