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Sunrise introduced the flavor
of your city through your local restaurants and businesses

Held on February 23 at the city's Civic Center
Taste 3.png
The event was coordinated by the city and its chamber of commerce.

As a taste sample  that the city offers with the variety of its restaurants and local businesses, Sunrise, in coordination with its chamber of commerce, held its flagship Taste of Sunrise event.
It was nice to see and feel the enthusiasm of your community returning to your face-to-face events after the interruption due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit us worldwide.
Restaurants, bakeries, health food stores, and a variety of businesses participated in the food and beverage tasting,  proudly presenting its specialties, adjusted to the palate of its guests. 
The cost of admission, which was $20, gave the large audience the opportunity to savor and enjoy dishes and drinks prepared with taste and care for a community that always expects the best from the place where they live, work and carry out their activities in family.
Taste of Sunrise featured the  presence of its Mayor Mike Ryan, elected officials, community leaders, participating business owners, and the enthusiasm of a public eager to taste and enjoy the local.

Taste 1.png
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