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His works are exhibited outdoors in different locations in Pompano Beach

Carlos Inocente González, a Venezuelan painter who is inspired by the community, the environment and nature

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We can proudly say that our talented and focused people manage to make their name and stand out in the community.  And this is the case of the painter  Carlos Inocente González, who arrived from his native Venezuela 26 years ago, of which he dedicated several of them to Pompano Beach, a city that fell in love and captivated him.
When do you start creating your paintings?
Since ever. One, the artist, is constantly creating, and I started my own paintings from the moment someone first put a pencil / brush in my hand.
"When I arrived in Pompano Beach, my first job was in the kitchen of a restaurant that was located on Atlantic Blvd, coincidentally very close to where one of my murals is exhibited today," he says. "And that is very significant to me.  professionally and emotionally, seeing my work on a wall where I passed so many times on the way to work.  It's a dream come true, ”he expresses excitedly.
How do you get to locate your painting in various locations in the city of Pompano Beach?
Broward County is like "a museum without walls."  The Cultural Division of the county develops around 90 projects a year, and constantly that office together with the Art Committee of the cities asks artists for their ideas to carry out projects, and I got involved with Pompano Beach participating in artistic activities and competitions which I eventually won.  The recognition of my work has also been perseverance, and that visibility of my work outdoors allowed me to reach a large audience that has responded favorably.
What are you inspired by when you create your works?
In the community, the environment and nature
The goldfish on display in front of the Pompano Beach Fire Department building, what is its name and where did the idea come from?
"Klimt Fish" is the name of the work. Gustav Klimt is one of my art teachers and my favorite painter.  For the competition where I participated, we had to create a design inspired by an artist, period or artistic movement,  and I chose Klimt.
Is it easier to paint or see painting as a business?
For an artist, painting is a natural exhibition. We must break with the scheme that presents La Pintura and Los Negocios as exclusive… and also with that of the search for the easy way.  There are many opportunities but perseverance and discipline are required
What do you recommend to young people who are starting in the art of painting?
Do not get carried away by the cliché of art as a not very profitable activity. We are fortunate to have various organizations and programs that support artists and finance their projects.  Public art, museums, festivals, etc.  they are ways to achieve economic stability. 
Judith Crocker

His murals, Old Town and Playtime, have the endorsement of the Art Committee of the city of Pompano Beach, as well as the figure of the gold fish in front of the Fire Department of that municipality.
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