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Each Hispanic Immigrant has their story
and that of Josefina and Glorita was one of them 

On July 11 and 12, two great friends passed away, those who cling to a real, sincere and unconditional friendship. It was something that motivated me to continue engaging that connection with them.
Josefina, who was 87 years old and died on Monday, July 11 at her home in Sunrise, was a seamstress and artisan who developed her craft with passion and creativity in her native Venezuela. He shared his experience here in workshops, teaching many along the way. He participated in fairs and shows of crafts and handicrafts. He was inspired by his creative pillows with messages of the Our Father and the Hail Mary. She cared and helped people in need even though she herself lived with limitations. Sewing was another of her skills and distractions. But her old age was lived alone, away from the embrace and family warmth that is so desired in the distance. He had come to the country more than 40 years ago, like so many immigrants, in search of opportunities. In the process of all those years of adaptation, working, discovering and experiencing her life as a foreigner in this country, things took another turn and her life changed to a level of loneliness, depression, deterioration of her health, and always with the longing of wanting to return to her homeland and embrace her family who one day saw her leave full of illusions.

I appreciate the love and trust you showed me at all times.
Rest in Peace and see you always, FRIEND!

They say that true friendship, one that lasts and is consolidated over the years, does not exist.
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Josefina 2.png
 But when we have to live it and be so close to these people, our perception changes and makes us feel more committed to helping and supporting those who have placed their trust in what they perceive as a reflection of what what they want

Another of my friends who passed away, after almost four months in Hospice at her home in Coral Springs, was Glorita Meléndez, clinging to life, embracing her inseparable Rosaries and prayers that accompanied her until her last day._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
I met Glorita many years ago at the Legion of Mary at St. Vincent Church in Margate. Since I saw her, I felt that warmth of mother and grandmother that we so much want to share from a distance when we don't have our own close. He always considered me like a daughter; She prayed for me, she reflected emotion on her face when she saw me, she hugged my photo like a spoiled daughter. In short, a love of good feelings towards me that I appreciated and valued at all times. It was such a motherly connection that it surprised me.
Glorita was Dominican and lived with one of her children. One day she had to return to her homeland where she stayed for several years until she returned to this country where she remained surrounded by love and affection for those of us who were lucky enough to meet her and share her experiences with her.
When he entered Hospice at home, he was given weeks and even days to live, but his attachment to this world gave him the supernatural strength to continue praying there, listening to his Rosary on the radio, as well as the Holy Mass. She laughed and was happy when they brought her flowers, telling her son to place them in front of the Virgin. He was very aware and recognized. 
Glorita Meléndez passed away on Tuesday, July 12 at around one in the morning at the age of 96. A lifetime giving love and praying for everyone.
Rest in peace!

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