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For his long career and work as a volunteer at Coral Springs events

​Joe Morera receives 
the lynne johnson award

At the April 20 City Commission meeting at City Hall, Coral Springs Multicultural Committee member Joe Morera was honored in the category  “Improving the quality of life for city residents,” for his volunteer work.
For many years, Joe Morera has been offering his services as a volunteer, in addition, in various other city committees, including the one that organizes the Festival of the Arts, and the Taste of Coral Springs, among others. As a member of the Coral Springs Multicultural Committee, she is part of the team that puts on the International Dinner Dance and Worldfest, to name a few. His long career and dedication have earned him this award, Lynne Johnson.
It should be remembered that in 2020, Joe Morera was a candidate for Commissioner for the city, and has always remained linked to his community.

A thousand congratulations!

Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook and Commissioner Joy Carter during the recognition ceremony.
Part of the members of the Multicultural Committee of the city who attended the event.
During the interview for our website and networks.
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