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With the presence of print media, audiovisual 
and digital of Palm Beach and Broward counties

celebrated its 30th anniversary

Under the name of Hispanic Media Night, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts celebrated its 30th anniversary, bringing the best of national and international artistic presentations throughout all these years.

During the entertainment, the media from Pam Beach and Broward shared their experience and good business relations with Kravis Center, the quality and magnitude of its shows, as well as its impressive facilities located in West Palm Beach.

Our newspaper En USA, representing Broward County, along with other media from Palm Beach, enjoyed the tour of the halls, stage, magic and elegance of this aptly named Center for Fine Arts. Congratulations! 

We invite you to visit it. In Puerto Rico, don't be surprised to run into some famous and renowned performer of  Salsa or Reggaeton, either on its streets or at the airport itself, as happened to my daughter when she met Gilberto Santa Pink.  Isle of Enchantment is worth going to!

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