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Luis Flores, an impressionist painter, stylist and musician who knows how to combine his art with passion 

Talking with an artist like Luis Flores is like opening a range of talent under a common denominator: passion. And it is that in each activity that he develops he injects the love and dedication that gives life and shape to his work, either as a painter, stylist, or as a musician. 
And although his career for many years focused as a stylist to be able to support his family, and still does, painting always motivated and passionate him. “I remember as a child when I went to school, I hardly paid attention to the teacher and I spent all my time drawing,” he highlights. "Art is a color palette where many things are mixed - music, cooking, design - everything."
When the artist arrived in Sunrise, Broward, from Valera, State of Trujillo - Venezuela, his goal was to project his work. "I would like people to really know my painting," he expresses with that desire that every artist feels for his work. You know that contacts and recommendations can help you along the way. His interest in approaching our environment to make his painting known was well received as he is a talent with a thirst for support and that is why our pages dedicate a space to his work this month.
Luis Flores defines his painting as impressionist. He is attracted to the style of many artists but develops his own technique. He sees painting as art, not as a business, and he paints out of motivation. He likes to be figurative and mix nature. It also reflects music in art, and presents it with people playing an instrument.
The presence of this artist is pleasant, he radiates friendliness, charisma, and above all a talent capable of developing three genres in art with passion and dedication. It is worth knowing his work and giving him the opportunity to achieve his projection.
Judith Crocker

See painting as art, not as a business, and paint for motivation
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