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An institution dedicated to the working and multicultural families of this country

Hispanic Unity, its programs 
and free services 
for Hispanics

If there is a non-profit institution dedicated to guiding and helping Hispanics who arrive in this country of opportunities, it is Hispanic Unity of Florida HUF.  Its 40 years of foundation have not passed in vain, nor have its 12 programs and 30 services offered to our community. 
Among the most prominent are Broward Tax Pro, which is the tax preparation service from January to April of each year, as well as previous years and amendments until September.  They also guide you to take the Citizenship test, help you fill out food stamp applications and health applications such as Medicaid and Kidscare.  Both preschool programs and immigration services are very low cost.
In the USA, he spoke with the new president of Hispanic Unity of Florida, Felipe Pinzón,  of Cali, Colombia, about the range of services that Hispanics can take advantage of, ensuring that all programs have their own requirements and that he invited them to visit his headquarters in the city of Hollywood, Broward.  The executive took office last January 2022, but has worked at the institution since 2002.

What are the main obstacles that Hispanics face when applying for one of the programs that you offer? 
Each case is unique and there is no list of impediments. In general, they come to seek to improve their current situation, either financially or for advice. 
HUF offers a variety of services,  and if we can't help you directly, we connect you with other organizations that can assist.

Do you have a location in Broward and only serve residents of this county?
We provide our services to all immigrants in South Florida. We work with public libraries, Broward colleges, and many other organizations to provide services 

Will they organize the Gala Party that they celebrated in the community for several years?
No. Our focus is to expand services – grow to help more immigrants and families who need help
What organizational plans do you have in your new position?
My vision includes expanding programs, developing innovative services in response to community needs, increasing our funding, and providing resources and tools for all of our employees so they can perform effectively and continue to serve the community._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_
Among the projects for the rest of this 2022 include:
Strengthening and growing HUF's programs and services to help more families meet their basic needs and secure good-paying jobs.
Launch a centralized database, and
Develop HUF's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan

What would you take away and what would you add to Hispanic Unity?
I would remove – nothing
I would add a larger facility to HUF in order to provide more services and serve all generations (children, adults, seniors) of Hispanic families. 
Hispanic Unity of Florida's mission is to empower immigrants and other members of the community to become self-sufficient, civically engaged, and lead productive lives.

The immigrant has in Hispanic Unity of Florida a guide on his journey towards the American dream
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