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Latino Entrepreneurs of Broward promote
institutions that help small businesses
and guide the community

If you own or represent small businesses in the community, I recommend attending the Broward Latin Entrepreneurs events and being part of that business group that meets every month (last Thursdays at 6:00 pm). They bring together and present exhibitors with various topics of interest to businessmen and the community in general.

Last Thursday, January 25, they had as guests the Broward Office of Economic and Small Business Development, as well as the Office of the Supervisor of Elections in our county. Both institutions, each in their respective roles, talked about establishing more direct contact with people in the community. The small business office, represented by Maribel Feliciano, focused on the importance and advantages of registering your business with the county and the benefits you receive by doing so. He mentioned the programs and initiatives of his office aimed at guiding those who already had their business or were planning to open one.

For its part, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections spoke about the need to register to vote and the changes that have been made in this election year so that there is no confusion and

Your vote counts.

It should be noted that your business firm can sponsor these events and thus help Latín Entrepreneurs of Broward, directed by Liza Erazo and her husband Raúl, grow and stay

in our community.

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