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By En USA news

The Hispanic Vote, a committee that allows you to meet and discuss with elected officials, candidates, judges, prosecutors and leaders of our community

Its mission is to stimulate the Hispanic vote and have greater force in the electoral process. It has no political affiliation and meets every month in different locations in Broward County. They work with the Office of the Supervisor of Elections and offer voter education seminars.


The Hispanic Vote is a nonpartisan committee that holds its events every month in various businesses and locations in Broward County.

Their goal is to bring elected officials who speak to the essence of their work, experience, and how the choice we make with our vote can influence and affect our lives.

It is a free event where all voters are invited to attend and meet the candidates competing for your vote.

The Hispanic Vote also interviews candidates running for local office and then makes recommendations on who they believe can best serve their community, regardless of their political preference, rather based on their track record and commitment to their environment.

This committee also works with the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office to offer voter education seminars and update the community on the voting process and any initiatives or changes in the legislature. What is wanted is to bring clarity and transparency to the masses and increase voter participation.

The Hispanic Vote held its regular monthly meeting on June 20 at Hurricane Grill & Wings in Coral Springs at 6:30 p.m., where Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony was a guest, who spoke about his time as an elected official. as well as the work that his office has been carrying out for the security and stability of the county, as well as our State Representative, Christine Hunschofsky, District 95, who also addressed a few words to the voters present.

Among the long-serving officials who were at the event was Lori Parrish, who is running for mayor of Southwest Ranches, but who has an admirable record of successful performance at the government and private levels. Lori was a member of the Broward School Board from 1984 to 1988, a county commissioner and mayor from 1988 to 2002, and headed the Property Appraiser office from 2002 to 2014 (during which time she contributed articles to our En USA newspaper ). With all of her experience, Lori Parrish knows the facets of her city's needs, Southwest Ranches, and operations.

And just like Lori Parrish, The Hispanic Vote offers us the opportunity to meet and talk with candidates, mayors, commissioners, State Representatives, judges, prosecutors, and leaders of our community, in order to stimulate the Hispanic Vote, apart from having a good time nice sharing with people from our community.

The Hispanic Vote is now led by Liza Erazo, who is also the head of the Broward County Latin Entrepreneurs who meet the last Thursday of each month at The View, Colony West in the city of Tamarac. We want to thank the work of the previous President of The Hispanic Vote, attorney Michael Garcia, for his plausible work in front of the committee.

The next meeting of The Hispanic Vote is Thursday, August 22 at 6:30 pm (the location will be announced later)

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