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Coral Springs held 
its 60 years of foundation 
in an environment 
friendly and familiar

The event was held on February 11 on the grounds in front of its municipality

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Coral Springs is a municipality known for its good planning, recommended schools, vision for the future in terms of growth, well-functioning public services, emblematic and educational events and, above all, its cultural mix and welcome to all its residents.

The event took place in the area surrounding its town hall, and where there was food, drinks, music, and entertainment for everyone.

Happiness and success!

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the taste of 
their community


The Sunrise Chamber of Commerce, together with the city, celebrated its annual flagship event Taste of Sunrise this past February 23rd.
The meeting took place at the Sunrise Civic Center Grand Ballroom where around 30 restaurants participated offering samples of food and drinks, as well as their specialties, pleasing the palates of their followers.
The event allowed local restaurants to publicize their products, services and to promote themselves in the community, through direct contact.
With the entrance fee of just $20 per person, diners had the opportunity to taste portions of the dishes that identify each one of the participating local businesses, while having fun and enjoying live music, inside and outside the venue. salon. 
Taste of Sunrise demonstrated once again the flavor of its community

Taste 1.png

Centers that revive 
and they make those who  feel useful
they have come a long way 
path of joys and setbacks

Without a doubt, Florida is one of the ideal and recommended destinations for the elderly to spend their golden years, those who ask us for enjoyment and gratitude, in harmony and distraction; remembering the experiences along all that path traveled.
And this is precisely where our approach wants to go. If you dedicate a day to visit all the community centers for the so-called senior citizens, you will check the substantial menu of activities to choose from that go from bingo, cards, dominoes, billiards, crafts, painting, English classes, dance, celebrations, choirs, exercises, computing, drawing, writing, even dinners, trips, walks, counseling, support groups, and assistance at home. Apart from all those programs, they have transportation within the limits of their cities.
There are large centers of government with generous budgets. There are other private ones with entertainment, various activities, and there are smaller ones that also offer programs that help their members stay active, busy and entertained.
One of the places we visited to see its members in action was the Southwest Focal Point Senior Center, located in the city of Pembroke Pines. There is no cost for membership for people over 60 years of age, only $20 a year for those under 60. You do not need to be a resident of the country to be a member, they receive daily visits from 300 to 400 people, and they are open from 8:00 am to 5 :00 pm The images speak for themselves.


With five years full time now, Yessica Evans has dedicated herself to helping Hispanic families with the guidance they should receive to stay insured.
In the time you have been promoting your services, what do you consider to be the greatest difficulty for Hispanics regarding insurance?
Very few Hispanics have an insurance culture and my job is to explain to them how important it is in the United States to be protected together with their family, and according to their needs.
What makes you different from the rest of the people who practice the same profession?
Being hand in hand with my clients is what makes us different. There are many insurance agents but few are really advisers and, sometimes, they leave the client without the knowledge they need to understand the process well, apart from those very small letters in the contracts that they cannot read.
What are your techniques used when dealing with your customers?
I like the physical treatment, that interaction to be able to get to know the person and know their needs. When they can't come in person, we use zoom or phone calls.
What has been your greatest satisfaction in the development of your work?
I get so familiar with my clients that they always leave a friendship with me and the pleasant experience that I was able to help them. That makes me proud and I have the desire to continue giving 100% of myself.
Yessica Evans is dedicated to services in the area of life insurance, health (Obamacare), Medicare, and funeral expenses, under the slogan: "Don't wait until you have an emergency with unexpected expenses."

Yessica Evans can be contacted at 561-503-5140 or via email

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