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By Carlos Madama - Argentina

Emigrate to study

Argentina has become the place chosen by hundreds of Latin American students who arrive with the dream of becoming professionals for free, something that they cannot achieve in their countries. Year after year, Argentine universities become parades of immigrants eager to start their studies, obtain a degree in the shortest possible time and return to their countries with the diploma under their arms.

According to a report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Argentina is the country in the region with the largest number of Latin American students, while the Ministry of Education reported that the estimated number of foreign students has quadrupled in recent years, reaching a record figure. The UNESCO report adds that 96% of Latin American students choose a career in Medicine and that the country that contributes the most is Brazil, a nation that displaced Peru from first place, which by hand remained in first place. The “ranking” continues with Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Argentine universities have always been free not only for local citizens, but also for foreigners of any nationality and that is an offer that no one wants to miss. Independent of this from the quality of teaching, which is classified as one of the best even worldwide.

Another reason why coincidence prevails is that economic convenience with respect to their countries and the friendly and open culture of the country are highly valued.

A survey recently carried out by the Buenos Aires University Student Center concluded in one of its points that of every two students who registered this year for the different degrees, one was a foreigner.

This report also indicated that students believed that studying in Argentina represented a letter of introduction that exalted their resumes, even beyond any private university in their countries, where in some cases they are inaccessible to the majority of them and whose teaching leaves a lot of to be desired regarding what you find here.

In Argentina, according to a work carried out by Quacquarelli Symonds in 2023, there are 57 state universities distributed throughout the country, among which the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), the National University of La Plata (UNLP), the National University of Rosario (UNR) and the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and precisely these institutions are among the top 100 of the best universities in Latin America.

Nobody knows how long this benefit for foreigners can last. The university reform that will be discussed in the coming days at the request of President Javier Milei, speaks of many changes and within the "agenda" is this point, which can be detrimental to all those who came to the country with the hope to return to their regions with a university degree under their arm...


Carlos Madama

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