Peter Mason, Executive Director of the Tamarac / North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce since 2013

Chambers of Commerce,
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Peter with elected officials from the city of North Lauderdale.

As your members participate and attend your business breakfasts, seminars, fairs and promotional activities, your businesses can grow and prosper.

However, not everything must come from those who run it, its members must also be active and take part in the events and activities organized by the chamber in the cities of Tamarac and North Lauderdale.
Peter Mason, its executive director, has been in front of the camera since 2013 and when we asked him what was the reason why some members were not still on the camera, he replied that factors such as lack of time, distraction, change of personnel, relocation of their business, or lack of participation, could be one of the reasons for this separation

Why should companies join chambers of commerce and what are the benefits?
Commitment, credibility, visibility, connections, new contacts, etc.
He also reported that the chamber offers lists of companies that increase their online ranking and presence on social networks.
He also discussed community outreach, business learning, and government affairs that that member can take advantage of by joining the chamber's activities
What should the members of the chamber do to see any advantage of belonging to the institution?
Build relationships naturally, introduce yourself to your network, get involved, attend meetings, spend a few hours getting to know your local business community.
- How do you measure success on both sides (chamber and members) activity, consistency and commitment?
Offering platforms for local entrepreneurs to promote and connect. -
What made you emigrate to this country?
Opportunity and adventure. Wanting to know different cultures. Peter is of English descent.
-Where did you work before your current position? Event planning and equipment rental.
See part of the promotions that the chamber offers for your membership during this coronavirus pandemic in the notice that appears on this page.

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