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its color and smell to the past, 
but with experiences of the present

Napoli, Naples or Naples, from whatever language you look at it, traveling to that destination in Italy is like going back to our Universal History books and starting to scrutinize what we learned back then. And it is that every corner and space smells of the past, and where everything is intense in this southern capital. The human and genuine warmth of the Neapolitan proud to show off his city – its majestic Vesuvius Volcano that can be seen from various angles, Pompeii or Pompeii, the prosperous fishing village that was buried by the layers of ash from the volcano, and where businesses were buried, buildings and private houses, its monuments, museums, ruins, culture, and its culinary art. The city where pizza was born, where the mozzarella almost melts in your mouth, as well as the incomparable flavor of its olives in their original state and of course, its rich wine, its creamy coffee, ice creams and those flavored sweets and unique variety.
With this short introduction, I want to share with you in images the learning and educational aspects that a trip beyond our borders can mean, to a destination with a more leisurely lifestyle, far from our daily life, way of life, customs and the comforts that we have here in America, as they themselves call it...
This past August, our newspaper packed up and went to Naples for a well-deserved break (albeit with extensive healthy walks) and a gift to my 20 years of publishing in Broward. The heat of the season did not motivate me much, nor did the turbulence of passengers when traveling in summer, but the city, its charms, and the meeting again with friends of so many years from my native Venezuela, especially, the Island of Margarita. . It is comforting to know that you have veteran guides and you feel safe traveling with them through the recommended streets. 

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But regardless, there is tranquility and a very familiar atmosphere that is seen in a congested and noisy Naples, despite the fact that many natives were on vacation, as well as some businesses. People take the time to live, enjoy their traditional aperitif, their coffee in the afternoon, and long conversations with the typical gesture in their hands. In short, they live, they are authentic in the way they dress, eat and act.
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