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Highlighting the  latin talent of a multifaceted professional

Miguel Moises Gomez,
an actor who perseveres and walks towards 
success with focus and discipline

Miguel Moisés Gómez is the confirmation of the saying: "Whoever wants can" and he adds "(...) but with dedication and training". Since his arrival in the US 4 years ago, he has kept his career as a professional actor growing. This Venezuelan brought a suitcase with more than 25 years of experience in audiovisual media. Today our honoree shares his achievements on the artistic path in Miami.  
His talent is demonstrated by having won, last May, a very important role in a television commercial -and cinema- for the Thomas Ashbourne brand. An advertising piece of the highest professional level together with famous figures such as: Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), John Cena -wrestler-, Playboi Carti -rapper-; and the actresses, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens. Adding thus, more than two dozen commercials in the United States. Also in recent months, he has acted for other important brands: ESPN (Deportes); NFL (Big Angus Burger); PayCom, Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank). And previously, Pepsi, Toy Story, Suelta La Sopa, Census 2020, City Bank, Clínica Las Mercedes, Billboard Awards 2019, among many others. 
As for serial productions, his career continues to bear fruit in 2022. He anticipates having recorded in a new telenovela that will soon air on Telemundo (NBC Universal) by Miguel Varoni (VP and Creative Director of Telemundo Studios and Telemundo International Studios). "I cannot give details," he added. On the same channel, he anticipates that he would be in another similar project by the end of the year. And there is still more, last April, he recorded with Vince Vaughn, Michelle Monaghan and Natalie Martínez, in the Bad Monkey series (Warner Bros. Television). And in the same month, for the Univisión Communications chain, in Despierta América. Without forgetting, his major television works: La Suerte de Loli (2021), Decisiones: Some win and others lose (2019-2020) and Betty in NY (2019). 
Asking the actor what his secret to success is, Miguel replies: "Be humble while preparing to overcome challenges, there is no big or small project." For that maxim, this year adds: two short films, a collaboration in the film Simón (Diego Vicentini) and another for a Netflix series still being recorded.
Regarding his passion as a teacher: "I want to teach at all levels to help improve our Spanish language, oral and written, it is necessary to overcome existing weaknesses." Under this premise, he continues to give workshops on Oratory, Oral Narrative and Discourse. In addition to Acting, Dramaturgy and Photography classes. His goal is to be a university professor again, his second career in the last 12 years before coming to the US, and after graduating Magna Cum Laude as a journalist (Universidad Santa María, USM. VE).  
The artist has won several national and international awards: two Mara de Oro, one Platinum and the Star of Venezuela, among others. Result of his participation in more than 17 successful dramatic productions for Venezuelan television, telenovelas broadcast by Venevisión, RCTV and Televen.
On his future projects: "I'm organizing a big theater event in Miami, as well as a couple of productions in New York with the company Corezone NYC." Our honoree  ends with a reflection: “To succeed you must open your mind, work hard, always study, identify positive people and drive away bad energy; but, above all… thank God for being alive and having one more day to do good”. 
We say goodbye to this special work of the twentieth anniversary with this award-winning actor, renowned broadcaster, teacher, journalist and art lover: Miguel Moisés Gómez.

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