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Sunrise inaugurates its new City Hall

With the presence of Mayor Mike Ryan, his commissioners, elected officials, officials who held positions in the city in the past, residents and the general public, Sunrise inaugurated

its new city hall on January 20.

The city's first magistrate offered an account of what Sunrise had been and has become with renowned companies and projects, while its commissioners Individually, they made a historical journey since its foundation and the evolution it has experienced to the pride of its community.

The spacious and modern five-story building unites various departments, their staff and respective services, under one roof. Additional to the municipal complex will be built

a garage with capacity for 500 vehicles, as well as the expansion of its amphitheater.

Sunrise City Hall is located on Oakland Park Blvd. in the area where other institutions are concentrated such as the library, its senior center, the city police, its civic center with its various facilities, the amphitheater, the ballroom, and its hall. of cultural exhibitions, among others.


The inaugural event offered live music, food, a tour of its new facilities, information on city services for its residents, and gifts.



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