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Highlighting the talent and innovation of two young Hispanics

Top 10 Tips
to avoid an infestation
of iguanas
in private properties 

Hispanic Directory Promotion
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When navigating between two cultures

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Coral Square Mall Tour

Animal Care opens a new pet care clinic

Colony West Golf Club inaugurates its new
and renovated facilities in Tamarac

The Health Foundation
of the Americas
launches a fund for community programs with the support
by Centene Charitable Foundation

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Every Thursday starting
from 3:45 pm, free and in Spanish

Coral Springs Medical & Dental offers geriatric activities for residents

by Coral Springs

Starting every Thursday at 3:45 pm, that medical center will have classes for stretching, flexibility and support group for caregivers and all residents of Coral Springs and its surroundings. They are free and in Spanish.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and is led by an instructor. In addition, and for a limited time, you can get a completely free dental exam and x-ray. To participate, you must attend a 10-minute talk before the start of the activity

Caregiver Support Group

The support group is for families, couples, and other caregivers of adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, brain damage, and other chronic health conditions. The group provides a safe place to discuss the obstacles and benefits of caring for a sick loved one.

Stretching and Flexibility Class for beginners: (Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Stella)

A class that is safe, healthy for your heart, and gentle on your joints. You will enjoy sitting and standing exercises that are designed to increase your balance, flexibility and range of motion, with the support of chairs that will be at your disposal.

To confirm your participation please contact Dr. James Cassidy 954-362-5456 or via email

Resource guide

for the family



Ernesto Morales


Ernesto Morales

From the most remote time that is known, drugs have wreaked significant havoc on the population of different countries for different reasons and causes. And although adolescents and young people are the most affected due to their inexperience, older adults and even the elderly are not excluded from the statistics. 

Norys Campis

Norys Capin

When you meditate on the Old Testament readings you will find a hidden treasure on every page. Each reading declares a set of canonical books written in the Bible where the existence of God is ratified through the prophecies inspired by the experiences of the Jewish people when introducing the sources of Christian revelation.

Mercedes Moresco


Spring is here and the heat that is beginning to feel stronger reminds us that summer is coming soon, very soon, just around the corner. For those of us who work at Educando a América, this will be the first summer that we are offering the camp in Spanish again, which we canceled in July 2020 for reasons that do not need to be clarified.

Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda

Republican Security Agenda to protect our children: Censorship and book ban and unrestricted freedom to buy and carry high caliber weapons.

Carlos Madama


A few days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, in a television interview they asked the Minister of Labor of the Argentine Nation Raquel  “Kelly” Olmos how she was going to solve the immense number of problems that there was in the country and she answered "No, now the priority is the soccer world cup and that Argentina wins the title". 


In our Printed Medium you can also read:

of the woman
in the 
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Just four months before the pandemic began, the Broward County Commission passed a critical ordinance for women: Ordinance 2019-35.  It adopted the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), often known as the "Bill of Rights" of women.
CEDAW was adopted in December 1979 by the UN General Assembly. To date, 187 of the 193 member states of the United Nations have ratified CEDAW. The United States is one of six countries, along with Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Palau, and Tonga, that have not ratified CEDAW. Although the United States signed CEDAW in 1980, CEDAW ratification has never been brought to the full Senate for a vote. This is not too surprising since the US has only ratified 5 of the 18 UN treaties, and the US still does not have an Equal Rights Amendment.
Because the US Senate did not ratify CEDAW, a movement began for local governments to adopt the convention. In Florida, Miami-Dade County was the first to adopt a CEDAW ordinance.
Included in the Broward ordinance is a requirement that the County Auditor provide a biennial Gender Equity Data report to the Commission, focused on economic development, education, health and safety. FIU's Jorge M. Pérez Metropolitan Center was contracted to produce the first report, which was delivered in March 2021. Read the full report:
For me, the most disturbing part of the report was the gender pay gap. Across all occupations, the earnings gap between full-time working women and men was 12.6%. That gap increased to 24.0% if a woman had a bachelor's degree and increased to 33.4% if a woman had a graduate or professional degree.
Since a report will be issued every two years to the County Commission, I am looking forward to this year's report to find out how women are doing in Broward County.

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Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
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Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Kings Point in the City of Tamarac, October 2021
Latin Connection Event- October 2021
Interview with singer “Orlando Contreras” at “Bites n Sips” in Coral Springs, Oct. twenty-one
First Business Fair, Post Pandemic.
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Tamarac Senior Center durante la celebracion de su Primer Aniversario
City of Sunrise- Event dedicated to Hispanic Heritage month, October 2021
Miramar Latin Music Festival, celebrating Hispanic Heritage month- October 2021
Carlos Gonzalez interview
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