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Broward county
offers rental assistance
for qualifying residents
affected by Covid-19

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Broward county
offers rental assistance
for qualifying residents
affected by Covid-19

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Help families in extreme poverty in Latin America
and the Caribbean
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Food For The Poor (FFTP), one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the United States

Food For The Poor sirve a personas que viven con necesidades urgentes en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Y para hacerlo, suministran alimentos que salvan vidas, viviendas seguras, agua limpia, atención médica, ayuda de emergencia, apoyan proyectos de microempresas y facilitan oportunidades educativas a familias en extrema pobreza.

Su creación
Food For The Poor se fundó en 1982, en Jamaica. Actualmente sirve a personas en situación de pobreza principalmente en 17 países de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Gracias a sus  fieles donantes, pueden proporcionar  esa ayuda.
Su fe los inspira a ser una organización basada en la compasión y motivada por el amor. Su misión es llevar alivio a quienes viven en medio de la pobreza más extrema en los países donde sirven.

Su misión es vincular a las iglesias del Primer Mundo con las iglesias del Tercer Mundo de una manera que ayude tanto a los materialmente pobres como a los pobres de espíritu.
Los materialmente pobres son servidos por iglesias, cleros y líderes laicos locales que han sido empoderados y provistos de recursos por FFTP.
Los pobres de espíritu son renovados por su servicio hacia quienes viven en la pobreza material a través de nuestra misión directa de enseñanzas, estímulo y oración.
Para más información visite

Food For The Poor está ubicado  en la ciudad de Coconut Creek, condado de Broward

Remembering Bernadette
one year after his departure

Paying tribute to one year since his physical departure, family and friends attended a Mass offered on April 23 at St. Vincent Catholic Church in the city of Margate.

It should be remembered that Bernadette was President of the Church's Legion of Mary and was active in her community by organizing the popular Three Kings Festival for the resident children of Margate and members of the Parish, as well as in various activities of the Legion in Broward County.

But, on April 25, just days after the Mass in his honor was celebrated, Father Volmar Scaravelli, of Brazilian origin, who had the honor of presiding over it, died of a heart attack. Father Scaravelli had also given the blessing to the legionnaire in her Hospice bed, Glorita, and who is still clinging to life.

Peace to the Remains of Bernadette and Father Scaravelli!

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Featuring Broward Small Business and Economic Development Director Sandy-Michael McDonald

Broward County Latin Entrepreneurs 
held its meeting of professionals 

University of Miami Graduates Most Hispanic Psychologists in Florida


Carlos Innocent
a painter 
that is inspired 
in the community, 
and nature

Highlighting the talent and innovation of two young Hispanics
Un premio bien merecido
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-01 at 6.18.26 AM.jpeg
La directora del Directorio Hispano, Miriam Rodríguez, fue galardonada con el premio Raízes por su larga trayectoria y dedicación a la comunidad hispana a través de su medio de comunicación. Felicidades!

The helpless
your space
in the paint

We have always seen in painters their creativity focused on mountain landscapes, seas, rivers, structures, figures, abstract images, sunsets, and sunrises, among other inspirational themes, and they have managed to establish themselves in their genre.
But there is an artist who has dedicated herself to painting the homeless of Miami, all those rejected people with whom no one talks or shares. It seems strange and out of the ordinary but it is so. It's about Vered Pasternak.
“I feel like the homeless are invisible in our society and I want to give them a voice, and be visible,” says Vered. “I make friends with them, they are people from my neighborhood. When they see my painting they ask me who are the homeless people I paint and I really make friends with them to get to know them better. With this I do not intend to remove them from their world, but rather to talk with them and listen to them, ”the painter tells us. 
We met Vered during an exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of the Arts and with whom we had the opportunity to chat.

Top 10 Tips
to avoid an infestation
of iguanas
in private properties 

Hispanic Directory Promotion
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When navigating between two cultures

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Coral Square Mall Tour

Hallandale Beach joins the global movement
to chart the path to net zero emissions by 2050

Animal Care opens a new pet care clinic

Colony West Golf Club inaugurates its new
and renovated facilities in Tamarac

The Health Foundation
of the Americas
launches a fund for community programs with the support
by Centene Charitable Foundation

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Every Thursday starting
from 3:45 pm, free and in Spanish

Coral Springs Medical & Dental offers geriatric activities for residents

by Coral Springs

Starting every Thursday at 3:45 pm, that medical center will have classes for stretching, flexibility and support group for caregivers and all residents of Coral Springs and its surroundings. They are free and in Spanish.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and is led by an instructor. In addition, and for a limited time, you can get a completely free dental exam and x-ray. To participate, you must attend a 10-minute talk before the start of the activity

Caregiver Support Group

The support group is for families, couples, and other caregivers of adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, brain damage, and other chronic health conditions. The group provides a safe place to discuss the obstacles and benefits of caring for a sick loved one.

Stretching and Flexibility Class for beginners: (Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Stella)

A class that is safe, healthy for your heart, and gentle on your joints. You will enjoy sitting and standing exercises that are designed to increase your balance, flexibility and range of motion, with the support of chairs that will be at your disposal.

To confirm your participation please contact Dr. James Cassidy 954-362-5456 or via email

Sandy-Michael McDonald, Director of the Broward County Office of Small Business and Economic Development

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

From the Reinfeld / Cabrera / Tison Law Firm

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

The new crazy 20s: “After
a time may come from the pandemic
of sexual debauchery and economic waste "

Resource guide

for the family


Ernesto Morales


Ernesto Morales

Educational establishments are buildings built to house the bread of teaching and offer it left and right among the students. There is nothing comparable to the spectacle of seeing hundreds of children and/or adolescents, chatting animatedly in the spaces designated for recreation during breaks between classes; the germ of innocence in all its splendor. 

Norys Campis

Norys Capin

If there is something true in this life, it is that nobody is perfect. It is impossible for the perfection of the human being to approach or exceed the perfection of God. We already know that each person, at the time of birth, was assigned gifts, talents, aptitudes and thoughts that go back to perfection or resemble the exquisiteness of God in certain areas of their existence. It is enough that they highlight those graces, so that they are capable of being different, but not perfect; The favors or gifts given by God must be known to value them so that their inestimable benefit is pleasing to God.

Mercedes Moresco


For more than twenty years I have lived between two languages: Spanish and English. I started studying English as a teenager, in a British academy in Buenos Aires where I learned that “Arthur Newton lives in Middleford. He lives at 21 Gladston Avenue.” 

Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda

The South Regional Broward College Library invited our columnist Luis A. Miranda to give a lecture on the History of Colombia on January 14 of this year and to promote his books at ARTLIT on February 4._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Carlos Madama


A study carried out recently by the Colsecor Foundation  warns that pessimism among young Argentines has grown ostensibly and that 8 out of 10 would go to live abroad._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


In our Printed Medium you can also read:

The benefits of sunbathing for the heart, mood and immune system
(and for how long it is recommended to do it)

Basically, without direct sunlight, our bodies cannot produce vitamin D, a substance that performs a number of important functions in our bodies.
Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen. But the truth is that our bodies need sun.
Sunlight can improve our mood, lower blood pressure, strengthen our bones, muscles, and even our immune system. And a brief exposure is enough to reap all these benefits.
the power of the sun
"When the sun shines on the skin, the radiation hits a molecule of 7-dehydrocholesterol. It converts the 7-dehydrocholesterol into previtamin D.  It then takes several minutes for previtamin D to convert to vitamin D. It's your body temperature that does this second transformation," explains Ann Webb, professor of atmospheric radiation at the University of Manchester, UK.
We need vitamin D, for example, for our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphate from food; both minerals are vital for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. And it doesn't matter your age.  A recent study even showed that taking vitamin D improved muscle strength in athletes, possibly by stimulating muscle cell growth.
But the benefits of vitamin D go beyond strengthening our bones and muscles.
"There appears to be some evidence that it contributes to the immune system, as well as helping to protect against some forms of cancer and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis," adds Webb.
Research also shows that people with very low levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Vitamin D is so essential to our survival that it may help explain the appearance of fair skin.
When our ancestors left Africa, they had dark skin to protect themselves from the high incidence of sunlight in the region. But as they expanded into the cooler, darker Northern Hemisphere, their skin became lighter through evolution, probably because they had adapted to needing less sunlight to make vitamin D. The further north you go, the lighter it tends to be. to be skin tone, with the exception of the Inuit of the far north, who traditionally get their vitamin D by eating seal meat and fatty fish.

Follow the 
for vote
by mail

Broward County's official vote count for the August 23 election showed voters preferring to use Vote-By-Mail (VBM) ballots, with 136,413 VBM ballots cast out of 260,678 (over 50%). However, more VBM ballots would have been counted if voters had followed the instructions.
Poll workers closely monitor voting during the early voting period or on Election Day. Each step is explained and monitored. Unless the voter has to cast a provisional ballot, the voter knows before leaving the site that their vote has been counted. In exchange for convenience, when a voter uses a VBM ballot, they assume the responsibilities of the poll worker and must follow the voting instructions exactly. It's not hard. The voter just has to plan ahead!
To mark the VBM ballot, use a black ink pen (not a permanent marker) and fill in only one circle per race. Place the completed ballot in the privacy sleeve. Then place the privacy sleeve with the ballot inside the return shipping envelope. Be sure to sign the outside of the envelope where indicated. Without this signature, the ballot will not be counted. At least 113 VBM ballots in the August 23 election were not counted because the return envelope had not been signed.
There are two ways to return a completed VBM ballot. You can mail it. The return shipping envelope is pre-addressed and postage-paid. Mail it no later than Saturday, October 29. The ballot must arrive at the Supervisor of Elections office by 7 pm on Election Day, November 8. An Election Day postmark is not enough. VBM ballots received after 7 pm on Election Day are not opened and therefore not counted.
If you don't want to mail the ballot or it's too late to do so, you can drop off your completed VBM ballot at any of the 24 early voting locations from October 24 to November 6 between 7 am and 7 pm. Visit for locations. Each location has a special VBM ballot box that is monitored at all times by two Supervisor of Elections employees. At the end of each early voting day, the ballot box is emptied and the VBM ballots are taken to the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office in Lauderhill, where they will be counted.
You cannot drop off your VBM ballot or those of your family members at a precinct on Election Day, November 8! There are only two locations where VBM ballots can be dropped off on Election Day: the SOE office in Lauderhill or the one in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Many people don't want to put in the effort or don't have the time to drive to these locations, which means these ballots won't be counted.
However, if you are the voter who drops off your VBM ballot at your precinct on Election Day, you will be allowed to vote in person. Simply exchange your VBM ballot for a new ballot and vote.
Voting by mail is convenient, but you need to plan ahead to make sure your ballot is counted!

Es mi momento
de diversión

-. Los niños y sus familias participarán en artes y manualidades organizadas, deportes, juegos y más
   * Cada semana es diferente con nuevas actividades.
-. 3 a 6 años.
   * La participación familiar es obligatoria; máximo 3 personas por familia
-. Viernes, 13 de enero al 17 de febrero
-. 6:30 p.m a 7:30 p.m
-. $30 por miembro de la familia residente de Coconut Creek; $40 por familiar no residente.
   * La tarifa es para todos los participantes de 3 a 6 años.
   * Solo pago con tarjeta de crédito; actualmente no se acepta efectivo ni cheques.
-. Celebrado en the Community Center, 1100 Lyons Road
-. Registro Detalles :
   * El registro está en curso hasta que esté lleno; cupo limitado a 12 participantes.
   * Regístrese en línea en o sin cita previa en el Community Center or at the Recreation Complex, 4455 Sol Press Boulevard.
   * Debe tener una cuenta de WebTrac antes de registrarse en línea.

Para obtener ayuda con la configuración de una cuenta de WebTrac, comuníquese con el centro comunitario al 954-545-6670.
Para obtener más información, llame al 954-545-6670

o visítenos en


a new 
by VBM
Liga de mujeres.png

Using Vote By Mail (VBM) ballots to defray your right in elections has become the favorite way to vote in our elections. BUT, if you wish to continue voting using ballots by mail, you MUST file a NEW application with the Broward County Supervisor of Elections. This applies to ALL registered voters.
We have always had to make new applications for vote-by-mail ballots, but previously, one application was good through two general elections. With the new election laws, an application is only valid through a general election, which just completed in November 2022.
Visit and click on the large banner on the home page. Or you can call 954-357-7055. Either online or over the phone, you will need to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number or your Florida driver's license/ID number.
For those of you who live in Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Miramar, North Lauderdale, or Pembroke Park, the urgency to request a VBM ballot is even greater. Municipal elections are scheduled for these cities on Tuesday, March 14. Also, there is NO early voting period. You must vote a VBM ballot or on Election Day at your precinct location.
The deadline to request a VBM ballot be mailed to you is 5:00 p.m.  on Saturday, March 4. The list of polling places for these cities can be found at, but remember that you CANNOT drop off a completed VBM ballot at a precinct on Election Day. However, you can exchange it for a new ballot and vote in person.
As with any election, make a plan! Municipal elections are just as important, perhaps more than county, state or national elections.
For more information about the League, our activities, and our programs, visit

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Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Support for our advertisers
Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Kings Point in the City of Tamarac, October 2021
Latin Connection Event- October 2021
Interview with singer “Orlando Contreras” at “Bites n Sips” in Coral Springs, Oct. twenty-one
First Business Fair, Post Pandemic.
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Coral Square Mall Tour
Tamarac Senior Center durante la celebracion de su Primer Aniversario
City of Sunrise- Event dedicated to Hispanic Heritage month, October 2021
Miramar Latin Music Festival, celebrating Hispanic Heritage month- October 2021
Carlos Gonzalez interview
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