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Carlos Innocent
a painter 
that is inspired 
in the community, 
and nature

Destacando el talento e innovacion de dos jovenes Hispanos
Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Kings Point in the City of Tamarac, October 2021
Interview with singer “Orlando Contreras” at “Bites n Sips” in Coral Springs, Oct. twenty-one
Latin Connection Event- October 2021
Primera Feria de Negocios, Post Pandemia.
Miramar Latin Music Festival, celebrating Hispanic Heritage month- October 2021
Carlos Gonzalez interview
Tamarac Senior Center durante la celebracion de su Primer Aniversario
City of Sunrise- Event dedicated to Hispanic Heritage month, October 2021


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Pompano Beach celebrates 
again his Grand Parade 
Annual Christmas Boat

December 10
at 7:00 pm

Pink Up Lauderhill Event


With the Business Breakfasts
face-to-face, the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce returns to its meetings 

Desayunos pompano.png
It is certainly a relief for businesses to be able to share in person and with people from other companies and members.  about its products and services, as well as its promotions.
"It is pleasant to meet again and to be able to see and talk with all those people without having to do it through a screen," expressed several businessmen after a year and a half without having been able to meet due to the pandemic.
Event held at the Peruvian restaurant Saxsay de Tamarac

Reactive Latin Connection
your activities in the community

Un premio bien merecido
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-01 at 6.18.26 AM.jpeg
La directora del Directorio Hispano, Miriam Rodríguez, fue galardonada con el premio Raízes por su larga trayectoria y dedicación a la comunidad hispana a través de su medio de comunicación. Felicidades!

The helpless
your space
in the paint

We have always seen in painters their creativity focused on mountain landscapes, seas, rivers, structures, figures, abstract images, sunsets, and sunrises, among other inspirational themes, and they have managed to establish themselves in their genre.
But there is an artist who has dedicated herself to painting the homeless of Miami, all those rejected people with whom no one talks or shares. It seems strange and out of the ordinary but it is so. It's about Vered Pasternak.
“I feel like the homeless are invisible in our society and I want to give them a voice, and be visible,” says Vered. “I make friends with them, they are people from my neighborhood. When they see my painting they ask me who are the homeless people I paint and I really make friends with them to get to know them better. With this I do not intend to remove them from their world, but rather to talk with them and listen to them, ”the painter tells us. 
We met Vered during an exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of the Arts and with whom we had the opportunity to chat.
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When navigating between two cultures

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Top 10 Tips
to avoid an infestation
of iguanas
in private properties 

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Hispanic Directory Promotion
Coral Square Mall Tour

from Broward County 
increase the hours
service at 12 locations


Mass in honor of Bernarda Irene Torres Buenaño, Legionary, exemplary and vibrant woman in the Catholic community of Margate

Who is the owner of the beach? 
Depends on state law
and the tidal lines.


Hallandale Beach joins the global movement
to chart the path to net zero emissions by 2050

New Broward Program Helps Pay 100% Rent
and Utilities Expired to Financially Troubled Tenants by COVID-19

Logo Broward.png

Scholarships available
for high school

Argentina, the country
where nobody knows anything

By effort
of the Biden Administration

Families in the United States
they will receive $ 300 a month for each of their children

Coral Square Mall Tour

Animal Care opens a new pet care clinic

Colony West Golf Club inaugurates its new
and renovated facilities in Tamarac

The Health Foundation
of the Americas
launches a fund for community programs with the support
by Centene Charitable Foundation

Logo Fundacion.png
Every Thursday starting
from 3:45 pm, free and in Spanish

Coral Springs Medical & Dental offers geriatric activities for residents

by Coral Springs

Starting every Thursday at 3:45 pm, that medical center will have classes for stretching, flexibility and support group for caregivers and all residents of Coral Springs and its surroundings. They are free and in Spanish.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and is led by an instructor. In addition, and for a limited time, you can get a completely free dental exam and x-ray. To participate, you must attend a 10-minute talk before the start of the activity

Caregiver Support Group

The support group is for families, couples, and other caregivers of adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, brain damage, and other chronic health conditions. The group provides a safe place to discuss the obstacles and benefits of caring for a sick loved one.

Stretching and Flexibility Class for beginners: (Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Stella)

A class that is safe, healthy for your heart, and gentle on your joints. You will enjoy sitting and standing exercises that are designed to increase your balance, flexibility and range of motion, with the support of chairs that will be at your disposal.

To confirm your participation please contact Dr. James Cassidy 954-362-5456 or via email drcassidy@hgdoctors.com

Sandy-Michael McDonald, Director of the Broward County Office of Small Business and Economic Development

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

From the Reinfeld / Cabrera / Tison Law Firm

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

The new crazy 20s: “After
a time may come from the pandemic
of sexual debauchery and economic waste "

Resource guide

for the family

Broward county
offers rental assistance
for qualifying residents
affected by Covid-19



Ernesto Morales


Ernesto Morales

Of course there is our own shame, it is that which makes us blush when we make a mistake against certain people to whom we owe, at the very least, respect and deference. It is the classic "blunder" that does so much damage to those of us who are ashamed and forces us to flagellate ourselves like exorcists, so that our conscience assimilates once and for all what our attitude towards others should be. 

Norys Campis

Norys Capin

Here is the unmistakable mystery of man: great in dreams and scarce in possibilities. Generous, yes, in conquering happiness from an unlimited point, although it is not always successful to achieve such purposes. In all this swirl of negative situations, he struggles to find his own boundaries despite risks and objections. 

Mercedes Moresco


I write this article in the last week of October, while organizing Spanish classes with Halloween vocabulary and games for my students who already know much more than saying witch in Spanish. Yesterday I finished decorating the front of my house with the illuminated ghost path, the pumpkins with a huge smile and the occasional natural cobweb that I left there as an authentic detail, worthy of any Halloween. And yet, Halloween is not a Latin party. 

Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda

After 4 years of a disastrous Republican administration headed by Donald Trump and a continued divisive and polarizing politics thanks to dirty racist speeches that appealed to the lowest passions of the human being, an honest man, a politician, comes to the White House career who has dedicated his life to the service of the United States of America and to noble causes that advocate for an improvement in the living conditions of more than 300 million inhabitants of this nation, a man who intends to continue the principles of democracy that gave rise to what today we call Western civilization.


In our Printed Medium you can also read:

In Coconut Creek

Gold Coast Logo.png

where dance, good taste and diversity
of beats lean
At his feet

If there is a place of good taste, with an atmosphere of mixing so many rhythms, and where  Cause to step foot, it's Goldcoast Ballroom in Coconut Creek.
For many years, this great room where you really come to dance, has also been the scene of well-staged shows staged by dance professionals who have paraded through other ballrooms worldwide demonstrating
  which takes them years to perfect.
And for dance lovers, Goldcoast Ballroom offers every Sunday from 5 to 8 pm its Latin music space where dancers and fans of
  salsa, bachata, meringue and ballads at all skill levels. The entrance fee is $ 15 per person.
Goldcoast Ballroom is open daily for dance classes and their regular activity nights.
  It also offers its spacious and elegant room for celebrating Quinces, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events.

1415 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33063

Breast cancer: which ones 
are the symptoms 
what else should alert you

Early detection is important when it comes to achieving a favorable prognosis, which is why experts insist that women must know their body to detect the signs of risk. Do you know how to recognize them?
The incidence of breast cancer does not stop. With data from 2018, the Health Organization (WHO) classifies it as the most common among women around the world: up to 16% of the female population suffers from it.
And the pattern is repeated in Latin America.
According to data from the Pan American Health Organization, this cancer is also the second leading cause of death from this disease among women in the Americas, a territory that includes Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States and Canada. Each year there are 462,000 new cases and up to 100,000 people die.

But the statistics show a worse scenario for women in Latin America and the Caribbean, where 27% of new cases and 16% of deaths are registered, compared to 24% and 14% in the United States and Canada combined.
And the forecasts are not at all promising. By 2030, the incidence of breast cancer is expected to increase with twice the number of cases in Latin America and the Caribbean than in the United States and Canada.
  That is why early detection is essential. Recognizing anomalies is key to obtaining more favorable forecasts.
These are the symptoms you need to be most alert to, according to experts.
1. Skin changes
The appearance of a lump or hardening of the breast is a typical sign (but not the only one). They are generally not painful, so it is important that the woman palpate and explore the breasts frequently and thus be able to identify the changes.
2. Malformations
Changes in the shape of the breast should also alert. And here are variants. The malformations can be the sagging of one or both nipples, asymmetric breasts or even if the movement of the breasts is different from one to the other.


3. Pain and discharge

If a breast hurts, it is a sign that something is wrong so try to identify more symptoms and go to the doctor if something is out of the ordinary, but remember to distinguish it from the discomfort or tenderness in the breasts that some women experience during menstruation.
Also a very clear warning sign is if when you squeeze the breast, fluid comes out of the nipple. Sometimes it can be blood, other times a clear liquid.
Although risk factors cannot be detected for all women, the WHO does identify some indicators that can make women more prone:
- Hereditary factors
- Prolonged exposure to estrogens, either due to late menopause, pregnancy near the age of 40, or prolonged use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapies.
But the best thing is that you make regular visits to the doctor to ask any questions and learn to know your body well.

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