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Tamarac Senior Center durante la celebracion de su Primer Aniversario
City of Sunrise- Event dedicated to Hispanic Heritage month, October 2021
Miramar Latin Music Festival, celebrating Hispanic Heritage month- October 2021
Carlos Gonzalez interview
Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Kings Point in the City of Tamarac, October 2021
Latin Connection Event- October 2021
Interview with singer “Orlando Contreras” at “Bites n Sips” in Coral Springs, Oct. twenty-one
First Business Fair, Post Pandemic.


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Remembering Bernadette
one year after his departure

Paying tribute to one year since his physical departure, family and friends attended a Mass offered on April 23 at St. Vincent Catholic Church in the city of Margate.

It should be remembered that Bernadette was President of the Church's Legion of Mary and was active in her community by organizing the popular Three Kings Festival for the resident children of Margate and members of the Parish, as well as in various activities of the Legion in Broward County.

But, on April 25, just days after the Mass in his honor was celebrated, Father Volmar Scaravelli, of Brazilian origin, who had the honor of presiding over it, died of a heart attack. Father Scaravelli had also given the blessing to the legionnaire in her Hospice bed, Glorita, and who is still clinging to life.

Peace to the Remains of Bernadette and Father Scaravelli!

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Featuring Broward Small Business and Economic Development Director Sandy-Michael McDonald

Broward County Latin Entrepreneurs 
held its meeting of professionals 

University of Miami Graduates Most Hispanic Psychologists in Florida


Carlos Innocent
a painter 
that is inspired 
in the community, 
and nature

Highlighting the talent and innovation of two young Hispanics
Un premio bien merecido
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La directora del Directorio Hispano, Miriam Rodríguez, fue galardonada con el premio Raízes por su larga trayectoria y dedicación a la comunidad hispana a través de su medio de comunicación. Felicidades!

The helpless
your space
in the paint

We have always seen in painters their creativity focused on mountain landscapes, seas, rivers, structures, figures, abstract images, sunsets, and sunrises, among other inspirational themes, and they have managed to establish themselves in their genre.
But there is an artist who has dedicated herself to painting the homeless of Miami, all those rejected people with whom no one talks or shares. It seems strange and out of the ordinary but it is so. It's about Vered Pasternak.
“I feel like the homeless are invisible in our society and I want to give them a voice, and be visible,” says Vered. “I make friends with them, they are people from my neighborhood. When they see my painting they ask me who are the homeless people I paint and I really make friends with them to get to know them better. With this I do not intend to remove them from their world, but rather to talk with them and listen to them, ”the painter tells us. 
We met Vered during an exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of the Arts and with whom we had the opportunity to chat.

Top 10 Tips
to avoid an infestation
of iguanas
in private properties 

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Hispanic Directory Promotion
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When navigating between two cultures

Integration is the healthiest
and most positive
option for the immigrant

Coral Square Mall Tour

from Broward County 
increase the hours
service at 12 locations


Who is the owner of the beach? 
Depends on state law
and the tidal lines.


Hallandale Beach joins the global movement
to chart the path to net zero emissions by 2050

New Broward Program Helps Pay 100% Rent
and Utilities Expired to Financially Troubled Tenants by COVID-19

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Scholarships available
for high school

The parties and the strangeness

By effort
of the Biden Administration

Families in the United States
they will receive $ 300 a month for each of their children

Coral Square Mall Tour

Animal Care opens a new pet care clinic

Colony West Golf Club inaugurates its new
and renovated facilities in Tamarac

The Health Foundation
of the Americas
launches a fund for community programs with the support
by Centene Charitable Foundation

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Every Thursday starting
from 3:45 pm, free and in Spanish

Coral Springs Medical & Dental offers geriatric activities for residents

by Coral Springs

Starting every Thursday at 3:45 pm, that medical center will have classes for stretching, flexibility and support group for caregivers and all residents of Coral Springs and its surroundings. They are free and in Spanish.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and is led by an instructor. In addition, and for a limited time, you can get a completely free dental exam and x-ray. To participate, you must attend a 10-minute talk before the start of the activity

Caregiver Support Group

The support group is for families, couples, and other caregivers of adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, brain damage, and other chronic health conditions. The group provides a safe place to discuss the obstacles and benefits of caring for a sick loved one.

Stretching and Flexibility Class for beginners: (Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Stella)

A class that is safe, healthy for your heart, and gentle on your joints. You will enjoy sitting and standing exercises that are designed to increase your balance, flexibility and range of motion, with the support of chairs that will be at your disposal.

To confirm your participation please contact Dr. James Cassidy 954-362-5456 or via email drcassidy@hgdoctors.com

Sandy-Michael McDonald, Director of the Broward County Office of Small Business and Economic Development

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

From the Reinfeld / Cabrera / Tison Law Firm

The importance of certifying

your business
with Broward County
The opportunities are immense

The new crazy 20s: “After
a time may come from the pandemic
of sexual debauchery and economic waste "

Resource guide

for the family

Broward county
offers rental assistance
for qualifying residents
affected by Covid-19



Ernesto Morales


Ernesto Morales

The indolent swarm in society, that is, their presence is somewhat higher than we would like. You just have to look at the news for a moment and notice how there are people of both sexes who ignore -voluntarily or involuntarily- the suffering of others. I must clarify that indolence is not the name of any disease, but of an unconscious attitude that certain people suffer on certain occasions and, for some unknown reason, it has become a kind of pandemic. 

Norys Campis

Norys Capin

Trying to scrutinize the perfect meaning of the word "reconciliation", I find myself in the need to expand the theme and bring the effervescence of its luminous feeling to the surface. It is to go step by step, until reaching a resolution, ending "the time of anger" -which we talked about last month-. Although reconciliation encompasses endless renewals tied to the heart and life, it is also necessary to know that in it the spirit is stabilized and thoughts and doubts are pacified to become an oasis of calm and self-initiation. 

Mercedes Moresco


Austerlitz is a novel by the German writer WG Sebald, published in 2001. It tells the story of a man who discovers his past through a hard and difficult path of recognition. In a way, the novel recreates the myth of the modern hero that Joseph Campbell spoke of.

Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda

A kind of nihilism runs through the Republican army and threatens democracy in the United States. Something similar to what happened in Germany at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. 

Carlos Madama


The newspapers of the world show the images of the madness. Images without faces and without parts of their bodies; images of the innocent victims of the mental debauchery of a blind and deaf person who insists on continuing to play soldier like when he was a child and bombing the supposed city he had invented in a part of his living room with marbles. The difference is that back then the war ended when his mother called him to wash his hands and go to lunch. Just there the little iron soldiers went to a special box  where they fit perfectly accommodated, while the plastic ones went to another, to a common box, where they were stacked one on top of the other regardless of the conditions.


In our Printed Medium you can also read:

Los beneficios de tomar sol para el corazón, el ánimo y el sistema inmune
(y durante cuánto tiempo se recomienda hacerlo)

Básicamente, sin la luz solar directa, nuestros cuerpos no pueden producir vitamina D, una sustancia que realiza una serie de funciones importantes en nuestro organismo.
Todo el mundo sabe de la importancia del protector solar. Pero la verdad es que nuestros cuerpos necesitan sol.
La luz solar puede mejorar nuestro estado de ánimo, disminuir la presión arterial, fortalecer nuestros huesos, músculos e incluso nuestro sistema inmunológico. Y una breve exposición es suficiente para cosechar todos estos beneficios.
El poder del sol
"Cuando el sol brilla sobre la piel, la radiación alcanza una molécula de 7-dehidrocolesterol. Convierte el 7-dehidrocolesterol en previtamina D.  Después, la previtamina D tarda varios minutos en convertirse en vitamina D. Es la temperatura de tu cuerpo la que hace esta segunda transformación", explica Ann Webb, profesora de radiación atmosférica en la Universidad de Mánchester, Reino Unido.
Necesitamos vitamina D, por ejemplo, para que nuestro cuerpo absorba el calcio y el fosfato de los alimentos; ambos minerales son vitales para tener huesos, dientes y músculos sanos. Y no importa tu edad.  Un estudio reciente incluso mostró que tomar vitamina D mejoró la fuerza muscular en los atletas, posiblemente al estimular el crecimiento de las células musculares.
Pero los beneficios de la vitamina D van más allá de fortalecer nuestros huesos y músculos.
"Parece haber alguna evidencia de que contribuye al sistema inmunológico, además de ayudar a proteger contra algunas formas de cáncer y enfermedades autoinmunes como la esclerosis múltiple", agrega Webb.
Investigaciones también muestran que las personas con niveles muy bajos de vitamina D tienen un mayor riesgo de padecer enfermedades cardíacas, diabetes y demencia. La vitamina D es tan esencial para nuestra supervivencia que puede ayudar a explicar la apariencia de la piel clara.
Cuando nuestros ancestros abandonaron África, tenían la piel oscura para protegerse de la alta incidencia de la luz solar en la región. Pero a medida que se expandieron al hemisferio norte, más fresco y oscuro, su piel se aclaró a través de la evolución, probablemente porque se habían adaptado a necesitar menos luz solar para producir vitamina D. Cuanto más al norte se va, más claro tiende a ser el tono de la piel, con la excepción de los inuit del extremo norte, que tradicionalmente obtienen su vitamina D al comer carne de foca y pescados grasos.

"The story of Gabriel,
a dyslexic child "


Comment in the  El Aragüeño newspaper of the city of Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela, about the book.

"The story of Gabriel, a dyslexic child", is the most recent literary work of the Venezuelan writer Jorge Luis Rivero Contreras @ jorgelriveroc1, a man who has spent a good part of his life dedicated to security issues, as he has been  Official of the Municipal Police of Chacao and criminal lawyer, worked in Amnesty International Section Venezuela.
This book introduces readers to the reality of people with dyslexia and how, by not being understood, they become the objects of ridicule and even abuse. This objective is achieved through a first-person narrative by Gabriel José, a boy with dyslexia who tells us about his life from childhood to adolescence.
It is this character (inspired by the life of the writer) who will let us know him and tell us about his experience when taking the first steps in formal education and how his feelings and reactions were before and after knowing he was dyslexic, as well as those around him .


Dyslexia is a learning disability in reading. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading fluently and without errors. They may also have difficulties with reading comprehension, spelling, and writing. These difficulties are not related to the intelligence of the individual.

In addition, through his story, Gabriel José introduces us to the political history of Venezuela in the 70s, 80s and 90s; giving us details of events that marked that era; and how a naive and generous society was erected in the country, which clearly seemed to work, but which in turn was a breeding ground for the events that have happened  subsequently.
In the text, the protagonist also provides techniques, tips and tools that he learned from his own experience and that allowed him to overcome his learning difficulties. Hence, the book, in addition to having a recreational nature, has an educational functionality that can be used by parents, family members or educators to understand what dyslexia is and how to treat people who suffer from it with patience and maturity. This book can be found in your preferred digital bookstore or in amazon in physical or digital version.

Dyslexia is so frequent that some experts begin to see it as another variant or characteristic of the person, rather than a disorder, although even today, in the most generalized opinion, it is considered a Specific Learning Difficulty.

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