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Alexander Levitt,
a funeral home with eighty years
serving the community

About Jonathan Duran, Manager of Funeral Services at Alexander Levitt

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A very community and bilingual funeral home that serves the Hispanic community and its traditions.


"The most difficult thing in the operational part that we have had to live has been the pandemic because we had to adapt to our new way and make arrangements, as well as offering virtual services for relatives who could not travel or for protection did not feel comfortable leaving their houses, ”says Jonathan Duran, manager of the Alexander Levitt Funeral Home in Tamarac.

What would you recommend to businesses starting in this same field?
I would recommend to other businesses that are starting at this time that they always remember that we are here to serve the community during the most difficult moments, and they have to remain adaptable to any change that comes our way and to be able to offer solutions to any situation.

What makes them different from others in the same industry?
What makes us different from others in the same business is us. Our employees. As I tell them, we do funeral arrangements like any other funeral home, but the service, care, and the way we do and feel during those times cannot be matched.

What message would you send to the Hispanic community about the preparation they should have about your services?
I believe that over the years the Hispanic community has been learning the importance of pre-planning their funeral services and not letting their children or family have to make decisions without them knowing what they really wanted themselves.
Alexander Levitt has a young man in front of the funeral home who provides all services to the community and offers payment facilities for his clients.
Jonathan has Dominican and Puerto Rican roots.

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