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The Health Foundation of the Americas
launches a fund for community programs with the support
by Centene Charitable Foundation

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The Health Foundation of the Americas (HAF) of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health announced the launch of the Equity Fund for the Hispanic Family. The $ 100 million fund aims to promote equity in the health and well-being of Hispanic families across the country. Centene Corporation through its foundation The Centene Charitable Foundation have committed to matching the first million in corporate donations to the fund, and called on companies and foundations to contribute to the initiative and play an active role in reducing the lack of equity faced by Hispanic communities.
"By investing directly in communities and strengthening resources locally, The Health Foundation of the Americas can better meet the needs of Hispanic families," said Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS, president and CEO of La Health Foundation of the Americas. "We look forward to working with Centene to ensure more equitable outcomes in the Hispanic community. The stakes are high for Hispanic Americans and failure to act is not an option."
"The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the health and economic inequalities facing Hispanic communities across the country," said Michael F. Neidorff, president and CEO of Centene Corporation. "By emerging now into a post-pandemic world, we have been given a clear opportunity to close the wellness gap that too many Americans face. We hope that businesses and foundations will join Centene in supporting our ongoing efforts to provide opportunities for Hispanic communities. , the largest minority group in our nation, while looking for innovative ways to ensure fairness within their own organizations. "
The Equity Fund for the Hispanic Family will benefit from the expertise of The Health Foundation of the Americas staff, with decades of experience managing various national health and human services programs. The Health Foundation of the Americas will administer the funds to a variety of communities that will include centers with large numbers of Hispanics, as well as emerging population centers and rural and urban communities.
For more information about the Equity Fund for the Hispanic Family, visit
About The Health Foundation of the Americas

The Healthy Americas Foundation (HAF) seeks to improve the health of individuals and families in the Americas by innovating, incubating, and investing in designed and community-based efforts. HAF's initiatives are based on the experience of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and its many partners. HAF encourages community-driven efforts based on and celebrating the role of culture; it redefines health not only as the absence of disease; and nurtures the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Given its health mission, HAF does not accept funds from tobacco companies, alcoholic beverages, or sugary beverages. For more information, visit
Contact: Adolph P. Falcón,, 202-797-4341

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