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When the will and desire to serve come together in one person

Laurita López, a volunteer who goes beyond an assigned task

His family is the best team when preparing an event, although he recognizes and appreciates the great collaboration of his colleagues

Talking with Laurita López is like navigating a world of options and ideas that would seem difficult to mesh if we didn't know who we were talking to. And it is that her optimism and perception of her work as a volunteer has no buts or limits.
25 years ago, after receiving an invitation from a Coral Springs executive to help in the celebration of May 5 that celebrates the Battle of Puebla in Mexico, Laurita was in charge of entertainment, and thus joined the Multicultural Committee of the city. . “I love this group because it gives me the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and traditions.” It is worth mentioning that the committee is still in force and organizes emblematic events in the city such as International Dinner Dance and Worldfest, to name a few.
She was also part of the WOSO Club, a group of women of Hispanic origin whose purpose was to collect funds to grant scholarships to Latino students. He participated in the choir of the Catholic Church of St. Andrew and the welcome with which they organized the first Latin festival.
But, what is the dynamic that Laurita implements to organize the designated task?
As soon as they inform me about the event, the first thing I do is tell my family and we get involved in our task making our contacts with musical and dance groups, looking for decorations, and everything necessary that this type of activity involves.
Laurita López, of Mexican origin, has received recognition awards for her volunteer work, including the Lynne Johnson for the city of Coral Springs, among many others.
What would you recommend to people who want to volunteer their services?
That they look for what they like the most so that they can give the best of themselves. The place for volunteers in this country is huge, you just have to explore it. It is important that they are informed of what their community needs, and thus participate and help.
Laurita has been in this country for 41 years and came following her sisters who already lived in New York, Texas, and Florida.
"I have always felt that I have the necessary support to prepare a good event with my family and colleagues," he assured

Laurita with her husband, children and grandchildren, receiving the Lynne Johnson Award for outstanding volunteerism
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